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The Mindy Project: 04x21, Under The Texan Sun

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

06/06/2016 2:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x21, Under The Texan Sun | Under the Texan Sun
Media Courtesy of Byron Cohen/Universal Television

As soon as this week's episode was titled "Under the Texan Sun," I knew that Peter had to be involved one way or the other. In a complete breath of fresh air, we finally got a full episode dedicated to the wacky friendship between Peter and Mindy. It ended up being way too much fun and it was also way too short of a time with these two besties. Either way, the entire episode was really rather noishe!

Peter calls Mindy to remind her that she (drunkenly, of course) booked a five day vacation to Texas the last time Peter was in New York so that she could really have some time in his life. Typically, she doesn't remember a moment of her decision and tries to beg out of going. Peter isn't having any of it and keeps bugging her until she decides to go ahead and go.

Before she leaves New York, though, she has to drop Leo off for some boring time with Danny. But, surprise: it's not Danny who opens the door, but rather a really hot woman named Eliza who seems to be very chummy with Danny and Leo. Mindy is instantly worried and slightly jealous. Upset as she is, she manages to get herself to Texas anyway.

Peter takes Mindy on a tour of the house, in which apparently all furniture is for show, no television is allowed and all meals are currently vegan. The besties bond over a found chicken nugget in Mindy's pocket and everything in life feels great again. Well, for me anyway, I just love these two so much! Lauren takes Mindy aside in a (very limited) attempt to become friends and asks her to find out what's going on with Peter - something just doesn't seem right with him. Mindy agrees to find out what's going on.

Vacation gets off to a rough start for Mindy the next day when everyone is at work and she's left alone to fend for herself. Well, not completely alone - Rosa the housekeeper is there, as is the really hot pool boy. Mindy immediately offends both people and repeatedly ends up falling into the pool. Rosa guilts her into walking to the grocery store to get popsicles for Henry, where she finds Peter hanging out in some kind of superstore. Turns out he hasn't been working because he'd rather be at home hanging out with Henry. He's been feeding plot lines from Grey's Anatomy to Lauren as a way to convince her he has a job. It's like I was watching an old episode of Married With Children. Mindy takes Peter home and tries to get him to confess to Lauren.

Meanwhile, Lauren is completely angry with Mindy because apparently the pool boy is actually a Yale educated, award winning water feature artist who was in the midst of putting together a spectacular grotto in the backyard. Mindy's harassment causes him to quit in disgust. Lauren makes Mindy apologize to Diego when he is invited back for dinner. She makes a patented Mindy apology and explains that she's kind of wacky because she just wanted to feel sexy after seeing the woman that was in Danny's apartment (and apparently, all over his facebook page). Diego understands and has great advice for Mindy. He agrees to finish the job.

During dinner Lauren finds out about Peter and wants to argue with him about it. Mindy starts to go upstairs when Lauren tells her she'd be much more comfortable yelling at Peter if she didn't know Mindy could hear her. Perhaps she could go out for a walk? Cut to Mindy walking on the side of a busy road, fearing for her life. Diego stops to pick her up and some heavy flirting begins. Peter calls her to come back to talk to Lauren, and Diego takes her back.

Mindy talks to Lauren and quickly realizes that Lauren is pregnant. She's been worried about how Peter is going to handle the news. He, of course, is completely thrilled and would like nothing more than to stay home and hang with Henry and a new baby. Hooray! This week's crisis is averted. And all without too much use of a heavily mentioned pumpkin bong! Lauren and Peter go off to get chummy and Mindy is left to hang with Diego - who is more than ready to take her somewhere to make her forget about Danny.

Just when she's getting ready to hit the road with Diego, Peter shows up and tells Mindy to get ready to order some barbecue. Lauren has lifted the ban on meat and it's time to get their eating on. Mindy decides to stay with Lauren and Peter instead than going out with Diego and for once I am really questioning her decision to hook up with someone. Diego's so hot that even Peter would sleep with him! The episode ends with Peter and Mindy deciding what to order, and it's a beautiful thing.

Favorite quotes this episode:

Peter: "You gotta come to Texas, bro. The median weight is like 300 pounds. They'll think you're anorexic!"

Mindy: "Okay, don't touch the pool boy. I'll just pick up my Huevos Rancheros or waffle con ice cream or whatever you've prepared." Rosa: "I don't work for you." Mindy: "It's fine. I will leave you and go watch some daytime TV." Rosa: "There's no TVs in the house. But why don't you read a book?" Mindy: "A book?! Why don't you go to hel... I'm so sorry. I went too far."

Peter: "She doesn't watch TV so she doesn't know any better. It's a victimless crime. It's harmless, like dropping trash into the ocean."

Diego: "Break ups can make you a little crazy sometimes. When I found out that my ex-wife was dating again I cut her face out of all of our family photos and then blended them into a smoothie and drank it. I know, total cliché, right?"

Mindy: "What are you talking about? I'm walking on a dirt road in Texas in the middle of the night! Dick Cheney could be around here looking for some pheasants. You people are crazy! Chainsaw massacres, Scalia dies here mysteriously..."

Mindy: "Damn, dude." Peter: "Damn, dude." Mindy: "You heard that, right?" Peter: "I'd have sex with that guy." Mindy: "Holy, shit." Peter: "It was hot." Mindy: "That shit was hot." Peter: "Let's get some ribs."

So we have ourselves another random episode that didn't have anything to do with anything, but it was still as entertaining as ever. Twenty three minutes of sexual harassment, cussing, tofu, feisty domestic help, Grey's Anatomy, popsicles, pratfalls, Prius product placement, hot gardener/pool boy/water artist, Texas barbecue, Morgan dabbing, and one bona fide pumpkin bong. I'd say that all bases were covered this week. Let me know your thoughts and favorites from "Under the Texan Sun" down below!


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