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The Mindy Project: 04x23, There's No Crying In Softball

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

06/21/2016 9:31 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x23, There's No Crying In Softball | No Crying
Media Courtesy of Decider

What makes the funniest and most fun The Mindy Project in several weeks? A heady cocktail of DeLauriers, Shulman and Associates staff and Dr. Ledreau--in shorts! It's been a while since I've laughed out loud so much during a Mindy episode and I am nothing but grateful.

Although, ultimately, the episode was still rather light on plot, it really did get back to the basics when it comes to using the comedy arsenal at its disposal. Morgan and Jeremy are hilarious hang dog characters, Colette is happiness, and Beverly is crotchety goodness. Throw all of these character types into one stew and it comes out gloriously delicious. Am I sounding a little too rah-rah-rah about the entire experience? You betcha! I'm just happy to have something happy to write again.

This week starts with sassy Mindy walking into the office to tell staff how great her weekend was. They get one version of events while viewers get to see what really went down--a long, and seriously busy sex visit with Drew, the football coach from last week. I never really gave any real thought to the idea that Drew might be a recurring character, so I wasn't really sure how I felt about him getting dropped on us this week. He's cute and all, but does he really fit in with everyone else?

Mindy decides that she can't afford to let her co-workers know that she is, in fact, dating Drew and so begins a patented Mindy lie that gets blown up to unnecessary proportions. But what a fun location to frame the lie--a Central Park baseball field where various departments of the hospital are trying to outplay the others. At first Mindy declines to participate (again, because she doesn't want anyone to know about Drew--who is currently in town) and, duh, she doesn't like baseball.

Cut to several minutes of baseball (uh, softball) hilarity as the OB/GYN team lead by Morgan and Brandon take on the Dermatologist team. Jody has declined participation and sits in the shade with his lady love wearing the most adorable hat. Probably a bit more suited to a Kentucky Derby party, but it was pure Jody. Colette starts off as pitcher but has an unfortunate incident (to be discussed when I get to the B plot) and Morgan has to take over. You know how that was destined to go. It's not looking good for the OB crew.

Down by one woman, Mindy is cajoled into the game by Morgan. She spends her time in right field calling Drew to embellish her lie. The team wins by forfeit (sunscreen's a lie!) and Mindy tries to escape only to find out that they now have to face the dastardly Orthopedic team. Drew calls Mindy to find out where she is, because he's been sitting in Serendipity for an hour trying to withstand the withering stares of Disney princesses. Drew decides to surprise Mindy at the hospital with a bear claw (this guy is really starting to get on my good side) and finds out that she's at the game. He heads over to the field to confront Mindy.

Mindy comes clean to Drew and explains how she's afraid to let her friends know about their relationship because it will be too hard to explain everything to them when it ends. Drew doesn't seem to think its going to end any time soon. Awwww. He forgives Mindy (rather quickly, I think) and decides to help coach the team to a victory. Brendan is impressed with the "handsome man with leadership skills" and the team pulls together a victory. Colette finally asks what everyone is wondering and Mindy finally reveals that Drew is her boyfriend. Hooray!

The other story line played out during this episode involved Colette and Jody. Apparently, she isn't a fan of Courtney and is irritated by how Jody has seemed to change a lot since he began dating her. Jody and Courtney try really hard to get Colette to come around but it doesn't work. Everything comes to a head at the softball game when Colette accidentally (on purpose) throws a ball at Courtney's nose. All three rush to the hospital, and Jody and Colette hash things out in the waiting room while Courtney is being worked on. Neither side is giving an inch and poor Courtney is in the middle of the family drama.

So, that's it for this week. Drew seems to be planning on staying a while and I'm really glad. He fits in well with the rest of the crew and is very funny. He seems to have a good handle on keeping Mindy from getting too crazy and he really looks to have the hots for our beloved Mindy. It was so great to see such fun characters from the past and any time the show can add an extended montage highlighting the exploits of the most dysfunctional group of characters out there, it's a good thing.  Let me know what you thought of this week's episode down below.

Favorite quotes from this episode:

Beverly to Shulman staff: "Fifteen percent of us are going to Hell? Seems low."

Morgan to Mindy: "All I care about is that you're there little lady. Okay? Cause you would always show up when Dr. C would play. You are our streaker! I need you to take them out."

Tamra to Colette: "What's so bad about this girl? What is she, a gold digger? Heartless? Black skinhead? Which Kanye song best describes her?"

Collette to Courtney: "Oh sorry, it's just medical professionals. We mostly play Operation. It gets real technical."

Morgan to the team: "There she is...The perfect replacement, okay? A-Rod's ego, Jeter's libido and Babe Ruth's love of hot dogs right there."

Jeremy to Mindy: "Mindy, please don't make us forfeit. I just need one piece of good news for my Christmas letter to father."

Collette to Jody: "Again, it was an accident. I swear!" Jody: "That is a lie. You have perfect aim. You're the only woman I've ever met who can use a urinal."

Duncan DeLaurier to Drew: "My arms are weak. I'm on a hunger strike against fracking."

Drew to Mindy as she's running after a fly ball: "Mindy! Don't let that seagull get that churro!!! Go! Go! Go!"


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