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The Mindy Project: 04x24, My Kid Stays In The Picture

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

06/30/2016 11:23 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x24, My Kid Stays In The Picture | My Kid Stays in the Picture
Media Courtesy of Jordin Althhaus/Universal Television

After many months of wondering how The Mindy Project was going to address/handle/incorporate the addition of a little Castellano into the fold, the show's writers finally found a way to fit him in perfectly. Little Leo was made to be a star! And with a mother who lives and breathes pop culture and desires fame more than (dare I say it) bear claws, he's more than ready for his shot in the big leagues.

A daytime soap is looking for a little one to play a bi-racial baby and Dr. L is convinced that it's time for Leo to go in for his first audition. She does everything she can to prep him for his big moment, even going so far as to recruiting (fanboy) Jeremy into giving Leo acting advice. Jeremy heads over to Dr. L's apartment to impart his wisdom upon the little love and we find out that he actually has a television acting credit under his belt. He's more than proud to share that he played the role of "Fondled Man" in an episode of Law & Order: SVU. Sounds like the right man for the job.

A very well dressed Mindy heads into the casting office the next day when she is seated next to Kathy and her little cherub, Noah. Kathy seems all smiles and pleasant to Mindy, completely convinced that Noah is going to be the "Hero" baby (the main baby in the shoots). A producer comes out and dismisses all of the babies except for Leo and Noah, and Mindy is fit to burst. Leo and Mindy come back the next day. Leo is picked as the Hero baby and he shoots his first scene. Kathy is stunned but somehow manages to hold her dismay in check. Could her capitulation have been too easy...? Mindy begins talking to Kathy about her concerns over a story line that she feels the show has already done and the, oh so helpful, stage mom encourages her to give her opinion to the show writers. It can only make the show better...

Mindy gives her advice to the head writer and everything seems to go well. He's obviously not happy with her comments but he doesn't seem overly upset. The next day, Mindy goes back to Shulman and Associates and gathers everyone to watch the show in the meeting room. It's a shock to everyone when Noah is featured and not Leo. Mindy tries to figure out what went wrong and starts recalling her day to Jeremy. He points out what Kathy did (and didn't he already warn her not to trust a stage mom!) and Mindy is seriously angry. There's nothing to be done this time but I don't think she'll ever make the same mistake again.

In the meantime, Colette continues to refuse to talk to Jody because he's still dating Courtney. She trades positions with Morgan so that she can become Mindy's nurse instead of working with Jody. Mindy immediately starts ordering her about: brush Mindy's hair 200 times, get a cake that says "Break a Leg" for Leo, and bake a Brie. Colette is not liking the new arrangement at all, but has no interest in working with Jody either. After a failed attempt to staple a picture of Leo onto a cake and taking three tries to bake the brie properly, she fumes off to talk to Jeremy to see if she can be his nurse. He agrees and Tamra is unceremoniously shipped off to work with Mindy. Or so everyone thinks. It turns out that she has no interest whatsoever working for Dr. L and tells (not asks) Jeremy that she is still his nurse. He fumbles apologetically and immediately takes her back. Colette is back to square one with Mindy.

In the course of conversation (and disagreement) Colette accidentally finds out from Mindy that Jody had slept with their brother Forbes' wife Ann Marie. She immediately rushes in to confront Jody, when who should walk in but Forbes himself. The siblings are flabbergasted to see him as neither of them knew he was coming. Turns out that he was invited by Jeremy to help solve the tension between them. But Colette is so angry that there isn't much that Forbes can say to calm her down. She manages to keep her lips shut about Jody and Ann Marie and storms off, but Jody is overcome with guilt and he confesses to Forbes, who then procedes to punch him in the face.

So this week, not only did we get an A story line and a B story line but we got a very small C story line in there as well. Mindy is still dating recruiter Drew and things seem to be going so-so. He doesn't seem as thrilled to be coming back to the city when Leo's around and Mindy is beginning to notice. When he finally does meet up with Mindy he promptly tells her how much he loved Leo on the show, not knowing that Leo was never on it. Mindy confronts him and he lets her know that he kind of feels like he's already put in his time with Leo and just wants to be with her. Of course, Mindy can't accept anyone that can't accept Leo wholeheartedly and the two break up. I'm actually kind of sad about this because I thought he really fit in well with all of Mindy's friends.

Mindy heads into work and is stressing out in her office when Jody comes in to see her. At first she wants to blow him off but then she notices his damaged face and is appalled. Jody brushes off her concern and takes a moment to let Mindy know how disappointed he was that Leo didn't make the show, that he's obviously extremely talented and that he should keep pursuing his acting career. Mindy is overcome with feeling as he talks and she goes in for a kiss.  A good and proper kiss that seems to surprise them both...

Favorite quotes from this episode:

Mindy: "Hey, Morgan! I need you to get some baby lifts for Leo before his audition. Just find the store where Danny gets his."

Morgan (about Mindy): "You know she refuses to eat round cakes because there's no edges that have extra frosting, right?"

Morgan (to Colette): "But, I gotta tell ya, I love working for your brother. He gave me this thing called a 'break.'"

Mindy: "Oh my God, Leo! You did it. You're going to be famous! Don't forget about me! Don't let me steal all your money! I love you! Squeeeeee!"

Mindy (to show writer): "I'm a writer, too. My exotic memoir "Tussled Sheets" was printed at a Kinkos."

Forbes (about Colette): "Jody, what has gotten into her? Kimball-Kinney women don't go insane until their forties."

Jody (to Colette): "Sleeping with Anne Marie is the worst thing I ever did, and I once shot and ate a bald eagle."

So we finally got some real movement in the Mindy/Jody saga and it was substantial. Not as Earth shattering as when Danny swooped in on Mindy on the plane back in Season 2, but very satisfying for those of us that have been waiting for something, anything, to happen. I look forward to whatever next week holds.

Also, I just wanted to mention that I thought Mindy's costume and make-up choices this week were superb. I was a little thrown by the one brown outfit that seemed straight out of the 70's, but there's no denying that she wore it well. Let me know what you thought of this week's episode and if you're happy that there might finally be a worthy story line for Jody and Dr. L. See you next week!



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