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The Mindy Project: 04x25, Freedom Tower Women's Health

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

07/04/2016 12:04 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x25, Freedom Tower Women's Health | Freedom Tower Women's Health
Media Courtesy of Examiner

There’s kissing, kissing, and more kissing amongst our favorite our favorite OB-GYN’s this week and I couldn’t be smiling more about it! Not only do we get tons of lip locking, we get the hilarious return of one Mr. Daniel Castellano and fond remembrances of how much personality he brought to The Mindy Project in the past. He’s still the same crotchety, old fashioned man we love (and hate) and he’s got a doozy of a secret he’s keeping from the gang. But more on that later…

We pick up right where we left off last week with Jody and Mindy in the middle of their first kiss. They are both rather stunned with the developments and Mindy immediately apologizes for what’s happened. Jody is fairly tongue-tied and flees the moment. Mindy thinks that he’s not interested, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jody fled so that he could immediately call Courtney and have a serious talk about their relationship. He’s ready to end it with her and start with Mindy. Courtney thinks he’s ready to propose. It’s a story that’s been played before but we know that in the Mindy world, the whole disaster will be played for major laughs.

Courtney proceeds to tell everyone she knows that she’s sure that Jody is going to propose, while Mindy tells Morgan about her kiss with Jody. Morgan lets it be known that Jody has been into her for months but manages to not let it slip that Danny warned Jody away from her. Mindy realizes that she has to stop kissing people in the office and then swoops down to give a couple of good smackers to Morgan. Morgan! The world surely must be ending! Morgan runs to tell the rest of the Shulman crew that Mindy and Jody kissed and everyone seems to be on board. Even Colette, who is just happy that Jody won’t be continuing a relationship with Courtney. Morgan shares what he knows about Dr. C, and Jeremy decides to talk to Danny about it. Of course, Morgan goes with him.

Danny’s new digs are in the Freedom Tower and his offices houses a large amount of baseball memorabilia for a women’s health clinic! Dot (Annette’s best friend—maybe) is manning the phones. Danny sees Jeremy and Morgan and rushes them into his office. The guys waste no time trying to convince Danny to lay off of Jody and to just let Mindy go on and do what she’s going to do. At this point, a mousy, yet attractive blonde nurse walks in and demands that Danny tell her what’s going on. Morgan is flabbergasted that Danny would let a nurse call him “Danny” and Danny is forced to admit that the nurse is allowed to call him that because she’s his girlfriend, Sarah.

Sarah is furious with Danny for keeping tabs on Mindy’s life and she storms out of the office. Morgan and Jeremy leave Dr. C confounded in his office and decide to take off—but not before Morgan plants a big kiss on Danny’s lips. Sarah follows Morgan and Jeremy to the subway and begs them to take her to Mindy. She’s convinced that she needs to meet Mindy in order to assure herself that Danny and Mindy are finally finished. They grudgingly agree to take her back to the office.

In the meantime, Courtney walks into Jody’s office completely pissed off to find out that he has given her chlamydia. At first, Jody tries to deflect and use it as a way to get Courtney to break up with him, but she decides to forgive him. Jody is so desperate to hook up with Mindy that he finally just comes clean to Courtney—he doesn’t want to get married--he wants to break up with her. She rages out into the office to announce to Beverly and Tamra that Jody has chlamydia. He’s is mortified and begs the women not to tell anyone. They decide that texting doesn’t count and proceed to text the information to everyone they know—including Morgan and Jeremy, who are still on the train. What are they going to do now?

Sarah finally gets to meet Mindy during a consultation and Mindy thinks she’s found a new friend. Sarah starts asking about Mindy’s old boyfriend and Mindy admits that she still thinks about Danny and his private parts. Sarah angrily reminds Mindy that his parts aren’t hers anymore and Mindy agrees. Sarah leaves the office and thanks Morgan for giving her the chance to know that Mindy and Danny are truly over. It’s especially important because she isn’t just Danny’s girlfriend, she’s his fiancé!

Later, Mindy and Jody start talking and they agree to meet up that night for a date. Jody tries to postpone the date for 7-10 days (or the length of antibiotic cycle) but Mindy is quite demanding. They have a lovely dinner and Jody tries to end the night with a fairly large kiss outside of her apartment. Mindy isn’t having it, however. She corrals him upstairs and fairly attacks him for sex. He wants to do the right thing, but he’s superhot for Mindy and goes against his better judgement. Turns out she doesn’t have any condoms, and he spends a few frantic moments trying to find something that would work. Yellow scrubbing gloves? No. Plastic sandwich baggie? Yes! How about a baggie with a banana inside? He tries to convince her to hook up in the dark, but she won’t have any of it. Jody is a desperate man…

While Jody is searching in the kitchen, Mindy gets a text from Morgan about the chlamydia. She is horrified and stands in wait for Jody so that she can confront him with what she’s learned. She asks him to leave and Jody heads to the door, still wanting to hook up with her. His parting words? “My mouth still works.” Mindy tells him to go and the moment passes on.

Favorite quotes from this week:

Morgan (about Jody): “Do you like him?” Mindy: “I don’t know. Maybe. I mean, I know I’m attracted to him. He’s old and handsome like Bob Dole, but he’s not dead like I think Bob Dole might be.”

Tamra: “Dr. L sure has a type--co-worker’s who are annoyed at her all the time.”

Jeremy: “Danny doesn’t make the rules here anymore. I do. That’s why I’m able to wear my high heeled men’s boots.” Morgan: “These are for men?”

Danny: “Morgan, I told you that Mindy and I don’t have joint custody over you. You get to stay where you work.”

Beverly (after finding out Jody has chlamydia): “It’s really going to change the way I picture you peeing.” Jody: “Please, can you keep my diseased loins a secret?”

Mindy (as Jody looks for a condom): “Meanwhile, I will put on underwear that doesn’t have mustard stains on it.”

Danny (about Sarah): “But, I’m in my forties now. I don’t want the rollercoaster. I don’t even want Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Maybe the monorail. That’s good enough for me. I’ll just sit there and look out the window, watching other people having fun.”


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