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The Mindy Project: 04x26, Homewrecker

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

07/17/2016 7:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x26, Homewrecker | Mindy Project
Media Courtesy of indiewirecom

The latest season of The Mindy Project receives a thrilling conclusion with the final episode Homewrecker...

Well, Mindy lovers, we have finally made it to the end of another enthralling season of The Mindy Project. It has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs regarding our favorite gynecologist and her eccentric love life, and this episode didn't feel the need to change the pattern in any conceivable way. This week brought us over the top declarations of love and the resurgence of many suppressed feelings--not necessarily in that order.

As a long time fan of the hot and heavy chemistry between Mindy and Danny, I have always had a soft spot for the guy. Even when he's acted like a complete ass. So when his handsome face showed up at Mindy's apartment I was initially thrilled to see him. Then it became clear that he was on a mission to let Mindy know that he was getting married to his nurse, Sarah. Forget the fact that with months of dating he could never bring himself to propose to Mindy, it's bad enough knowing that she is still in love with him and he is hyper aware that he's about to seriously break her heart. Pretty safe to say that I wasn't feeling so warm and fuzzy towards Danny anymore.

Of course, Danny doesn't have the guts to go through with what he has to tell Mindy and opts to drop an invitation to the wedding in her mailbox. It's the old M.O. for Dr. Castellano and reminds me of the time he had to tell Jeremy he was going to move to San Francisco with Mindy and ended up giving him his watch instead. The guy likes to throw words around but doesn't seem to have the conviction behind them. I tried to forget that the letter had been sent, but the knowledge that it was going to pop up later in the episode had me on edge for the rest of the final episode The Mindy Project. Unforgivable...

We next find Mindy in her office with her new best friends Whitney and Chelsea. The trio have planned a hot and heavy trip to Miami and are revving to go. Jody walks in to apologize to Mindy, again, about having chlamydia. The girls basically boo and hiss him out the door. Down but not out, Dr. Kimball-Kinney slinks off to his office to devise a new way of getting on Mindy's good side.

Somewhere around this time, the fire alarm begins to sound in the Shulman offices. Colette, the volunteer firefighter, runs to a closet that has smoke streaming out. She uses the fire extinguisher to put it out and we realize that the items burning were Mindy's clothes. Mindy runs into the closet to find out that her beloved clothes had been pushed up against a hot pipe and caught fire. She admits that she has to leave her clothes there since she had to convert her own closet at home into a nursery for Leo. Jody watches the interaction from afar and gets a calculating look on his face.

Soon after, Mindy finds out from Tamra that Leo has been suspended from his school. Mindy rushes to meet Danny so they can have a meeting with the headmaster. Turns out that Leo has bitten a girl on the arm and there is a no tolerance policy. After a few snarky back and forth comments between Danny and Mindy, they get into the school elevator--which promptly breaks down. With nothing else to do while waiting, they begin to start talking about all of the relationships they've had since breaking up. Danny is as picky as ever and even admits he thought one woman was trying to poison him. Mindy starts to get more comfortable being in the elevator with Danny and admits that she had to keep away from him because she was afraid she still had feelings for him.

Danny starts doing the staring at her mouth thing, and before we know it he's in the for head grab and kissing Mindy for all that she's worth. They end up sleeping together in the elevator and an awkward situation has just been ramped up to eleven. I honestly don't even know what to say. It's not clear how long they are locked in there, but it's safe to say that Mindy has missed her flight to Miami.

Meanwhile, Jody has decided that the way to make things up to Mindy is to build her a walk in closet while she's in Miami. He enlists the help of Morgan and Colette and decides to tear out a decorative spiral staircase in the living room to make space for the closet. Morgan ends up doing something very "Morgan" and manages to cause extreme damage to the floor of the upstairs apartment. Jody goes upstairs to have an uncomfortable conversation with the owner as Colette and Morgan talk downstairs. Jody comes back down to let them know that everything's going to be fine because he bought the upstairs apartment for Mindy. As an apology? As a... I got nothing. It's an over the top move in an over the top situation.

After getting out of the elevator, Danny walks Mindy back to her apartment. The perfect time to tell her that he's a jerk for sleeping with her and that he's getting married, right? Wrong. He walks away with a big satisfied smile on his face. Mindy calls out to let him know that she loves him and he tells her he loves her back. Turning back down the street, Danny's smile turns to worry as he starts thinking about the invitation to the wedding that is waiting for Mindy inside...

Mindy walks into her apartment to find that Jody has put in a pull-down staircase to the upstairs apartment. He cajoles her up the stairs and has her imagine the most perfect nursery for Leo. He admits that he bought her the apartment and that he thinks he's in love with her. Mindy's response? "Holy, shit." I think that just about sums it up perfectly. The camera pans down to Mindy's kitchen and the stack of mail waiting for her--Danny's invitation right on top. To be continued in the next season of The Mindy Project...

My favorite quotes this episode:

Danny (commenting on Leo living in Mindy's unclean apartment): "No, it's not that bad! Look, I think this could be good for him. Good for his immune system. He doesn't need to go to the park to roll around in the dirt. He'll do it right here. Right?"

Whitney (to Jody as he tries to apologize to Mindy): "Stay away, Mr. Chlamydia!" Chelsea: "Yeah. I don't want to get chlamydia until I'm in Miami."

Morgan (to Jody after agreeing to break into Mindy's apartment): "All right, I'll do it. But, if she gets mad...I'm gonna take the fall for you. Cause I love you."

Mindy (to headmaster of Leo's school): "If anything I think my son's biting because he inherited an anger problem from his father." Danny: "What? What am I angry about?" Mindy: "I don't know...your mom, your dad, me leaving you, your guilt based religion, doping in baseball, Mayor de Blasio..."

Jody (to Colette): "Well, if people were always worried about what seemed weird we'd never know how delicious pig's feet were, would we?"

Danny (to Mindy while stuck in the elevator): "I'm from New York. I got this." Pushes the elevator button. Mindy: "That was your plan?! to press one?!" Danny: "That usually works." Mindy: "That did nothing. I could have come up with that trick."

Mindy (to Danny): "This is my fault. I'm well over the weight limit. Every Saturday morning when I told you I was going to spin class, I was in line for cronuts. They're just so cakey. And now I weigh four thousand pounds!"

Morgan (to Colette): "What is taking your brother so long upstairs?" Colette: "Maybe Mr. Horowitz has a daughter and Jody's sleeping with her. That happened every time I lost a Frisbee in a neighbor's yard and he'd go get it."

Jody (to Colette): "I just want to apologize for what I did to her. Well, this seemed like the best way." Colette: "You slept with our brother's wife and all you gave him was an Edible Arrangement."

Mindy (to Jody as he shows her the new pull-down stairs in her apartment): "Is that Narnia? I don't want to go. It's for nerds. Seal it up!"

Mindy (to Jody): "Jody, what have you done? I can't afford this place. I need to saving up for my retirement. There is no way that Leo is going to support me when I'm old. His bitch wife is going to hate me!"

So, that's about it from this end of things. I've really enjoyed going on this journey with you. Did you feel that Season Four of The Mindy Project was everything is could possibly be? What do you think about the cliffhanger and who are you rooting for? I look forward to your comments down below!


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