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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Mindy Project Recap: Christmas Party Sex Trap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/03/2013 11:46 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Mindy Project Recap: Christmas Party Sex Trap

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

The holidays are upon us and no one is more excited than Mindy! She starts off her day by stopping in for a Christmas tree to fill the office with yuletide cheer. However, transporting a tree to the office via NYC transportation is no walk in the park. Aggravated while dragging the remnants of the tree behind her, she arrives to find the rest of the staff decorating a fake tree. She loses her temper, and chucks out her tree out the back door in a fit of rage. It looks like someone may be getting coal for Christmas. Reed has returned after a time at a holistic weight camp and is back to his smaller physique. Mindy and Cliff have become commute buddies since he’s been shacking up with Heather. Mindy finds out that they have been fighting a lot, and decides to use this information to her advantage. She decides to throw the building Christmas party so that she can get closer to Cliff. Now is thee chance for Mindy to make her move. Danny disagrees with this idea upon seeing Mindy’s real motive, and uses this opportunity to reveal that he is, in fact, her secret Santa and gifted her some medical gauze. The rest of the staff is excited but this year there would have to be some stipulations; no gluten since Tamara has Celiac disease, and no alcohol since Peter is trying to curb his party boy ways. Danny makes a point to remind everyone that at his holiday party last year, he had sexed a Christmas tree. Mindy reluctantly agrees. Peter and Reed decide to be sober buddies for the holidays. Peter will stop Reed from carb-loading and Reed will stop Peter from funneling a beer. It seems like a fool proof plan. Danny tries to hide the fact that he would be creating another Gingerbread masterpiece. On the way out, Danny and Mindy bump in to Brendan (the midwife) and his new girlfriend, Maria Menounos. He wastes no time flaunting his relationship and Mindy feels compelled to tell him that she is dating a lawyer (Cliff) in the building. Post elevator disaster: Danny calls Mindy out on her Christmas party sex trap. She doesn’t even try to deny it but instead gives him her fool proof way to land herself a man. First, she has to talk to the coolest guy in the room, to make Cliff jealous of course. Next, is to do a sexy rendition of Santa Baby in order to really catch his attention. Followed by needing some air, where she would casually ask him to join, they would share a passionate kiss. The party has arrived and Mindy has found her way around the dry party debacle - The Wine Rack! For those of you who have never heard of this amazing invention, it’s like a camel back water bottle but it holds wine and increases the size of your bust (until it’s gone. But hey, you’ll be pretty buzzed at that point so who cares right?). But I digress, Mindy needs some help filling her jugs so naturally she asks for Danny’s help. He once again just shakes his head at her ridiculous antics. Cliff arrives and Mindy scrambles to put her sex trap in action. She descends on a poor unknowing soul who doesn’t realize he has to play along. Peter begins to fret because he wants to talk to Maria Menounos, but has no idea how to approach a lady while sober. Reed attempts to talk him up but it doesn’t compare to the liquid courage. Mindy tries to escape to the pipe room to evaluate her plan and runs into Danny who is still creating his Gingerbread house. He then offers Mindy a stapler as her secret Santa gift and she is less than thrilled. She was just letting him know that her sexy routine is coming up. Cliff runs into Brendan and asks if he has seen Mindy. The two get to talking and it dawns on Brendan that this must be Mindy’s new beau. He mentions it and Cliff denies it, but now thinks that Mindy has moved on. Brendan takes the time to throw in a few jabs at Mindy while he can. Back in the lobby Mindy is about to start her ‘impromptu’ Santa Baby performance when she realizes Cliff is nowhere to be found. He actually left the party, and she calls off her performance once she finds out. It's ok though. Maria Menounos steps right on it and kills it all while Peter falls more in love. Luckily for him, Brendan is disgusted by her performance and they break up. While this is happening Reed has come into contact with frosting and feels himself beginning to slip, he needs his sober buddy to help him. Peter is now concerned with finding a drink to take the edge off so he can bag his dream girl. Both men are at a loss. Peter hears about Mindy’s wine rack and runs off to find her. Reed on the other hand finds Danny’s masterpiece and dives right in. Danny goes to find Mindy after her failed sex trap. She’s in her office polishing off what’s left in her wine bra, defeated. She admits that she was a bit pathetic with all she went through to get a guy to kiss her. Instead of giving her a long speech Danny Castellano did the best thing ever, and I hope it will be gifted to death. Danny’s real secret Santa gift to Mindy was learning the entire dance choreography to Aaliyah’s "Try Again". He performs it for her to cheer her up. The look of awe and appreciation on Mindy’s face is priceless. She hugs him and tells him just how much she loves it. And for a split second, I thought that they would finally kiss, until Peter busts in trying to get some boob wine and Reed walks in carrying the carnage of what was Danny’s Gingerbread house. It’s moments like these that I really wish I could work with these people. Peter is out of luck on the wine but since he was sober he was able to drive Maria to her gig in Connecticut, she even offers to let him spend the night. Mindy uses her fresh air line on Danny, but unfortunately he has been spooked and declines. While on the terrace Cliff arrives, he is all worked up that Mindy has a boyfriend and he has to come clean that he likes her. At first she tries to come clean that it was always him but she stops and she finally gets her kiss. As Danny watches from the window…Happy Holidays!


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