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The Mindy Project Recap: L.A. May Not Be The City Of Angels For Some

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/15/2014 12:27 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Mindy Project Recap: L.A. May Not Be The City Of Angels For Some

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

It seems only fitting that the Shulman and Associates gang are heading to Los Angeles (as I just returned from the City of Angels myself). Reed is sending Mindy, Peter, Danny, and Morgan out west to learn the latest in cosmetic procedures, and Mindy and Peter are thrilled. Of course, Danny hates LA and has vowed to shut himself in his room the whole time. Boo to you, Danny. Cliff comes over while Mindy packs and reveals that his building in being sold and he’s going to be out of an apartment. Nonchalantly, she asks him to move in. I mean it solves his problem, right? And he did sound like he was hoping she’d offer. Instead, he freaks out and says he’ll have to think about it. On the plane, Danny admits to Morgan that the real reason behind his hatred of L.A. is because his father lives there. His biggest fear is that he'll run into him at some point and he wants to avoid that at all costs. Mindy admits to Danny that she had asked Cliff to move in. Danny agrees it is a bit fast but tells her not to worry about it. When they get to La La Land, Peter admits that he was going to confess his love to Maria Menounos. He even bought her a necklace to do so. Mindy assumed that it was only a one night stand but Peter assures her it meant so much more. The pair stumble into a boutique sneaker shop which just so happens to be owned by Mindy’s ex-fiancé Casey. Big leap right? One minute a pastor, next a DJ, now a sneaker designer. He tells Mindy how awesome his life is. Mindy of course elaborates and says that she is living with her hot lawyer boyfriend. He doesn’t believe but humors her and invites her to his sneaker launch party. Danny learns that he’s been checked out of his nice swanky hotel by Morgan and subsequently moved into the local YMCA with him. Morgan urges him to start living and have a good time. First things first, Morgan takes him on a tour of the Old Western Village that he loves so much. Morgan then takes this moment to lay on him that he called Danny’s dad and set up a dinner date for the following evening. Peter heads to the set of Entertainment TV to woo his lady love Maria. Instead, he is met with Pat O’Brien (remember him?!) and things don’t go so well. He learns that Maria is actually in Hawaii with her boyfriend, and when Peter goes to take out the necklace, Pat screams that he has a gun. Peter is promptly tackled to the ground. Did I mention this was on live TV? To cheer him up, Mindy agrees to head to Casey’s pool party. Cliff calls to tell Mindy he found a place. She was a bit upset that he didn’t want to live with her and he still waffles not giving her a definitive answer. He is adamant about one thing though; for her to not see Casey. Mindy agrees, but still goes through with going to the party. Once she arrives, Mindy does everything in her power to avoid Casey. In doing so, she gets stuck next to Kevin Smith, who insists that they are friends because they are both ‘big people’. She’s offended but stays because it keeps her away from Casey. She heads to the edge of the pool and her phone dies. Left with nothing to do, she decides to go for a swim. In the meantime Peter is about to get to meet someone from Entourage and he is beyond excited. Except he gets a text from Morgan looking for a place to stay for the night. He heads out to give Morgan a room key and they both can’t get back in to the party. Casey joins Mindy in the pool and he assumes that they are going to have sex. It's at that moment when she realizes just how good she has it with Cliff, even if he doesn’t want to move in. During this time, Danny is pacing in his 2x4 room looking for Mindy’s council. After drinking a subsequent amount of liquor he sits on the bed and dials one more number. I don’t know about you but I was positive he was going to come clean about his feelings for Mindy. Instead, he calls his father. Mindy plugs her phone in and is greeted with several missed calls from Cliff. She calls him back and he sounds distraught. She quickly tells him that she doesn’t need him to move in, and that she's happy where they are. Cliff counters with the fact that he was going to say yes, let’s do this. But, unfortunately for her, there are cameras all over the party and they capture her pool moment with Casey. Cliff can no longer trust her. He works in divorce and he knows how this will eventually end. And with that the episode is over. This is the second time I’ve had to watch Mindy go through with a break-up and it breaks my heart. Hopefully, next week will be a lighter episode.


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