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'The Mirror Has Three Faces' On This Week's Pretty Little Liars

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/14/2013 6:00 am
'The Mirror Has Three Faces' On This Week's Pretty Little Liars

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Previously on PLL we saw Mona go back to Radley, Jenna almost drowning to death, and Red Coat creeping into the DiLaurentis House. I’m still not over last week’s episode so I’m eager to see what kind of predicament the girls get in on this week.

On this week’s episode, “The Mirror Has Three Faces”, our four favorite liars are first seen sneaking back to class after a failed attempt at visiting Jenna in the hospital. While Aria’s concern is graduating high school (which is something I always forget) the other girls are more concerned with talking to Jenna and Shana about the mysterious and fearsome CeCe Drake.

While the girls argue about whom to trust more – trust no one – Emily receives a text. Hold your breath, it’s not from “A”, but one could argue it is way worse. Mrs. DiLaurentis offered to let the Fields family stay at the DiLaurentis home, the Hellmouth of Rosewood. While Emily is hesitant, Hanna pushes it and says it’s their way in to find Cece.

Dr. Wren is back and Mona is having none of it. Wren shows her a picture of a family on a farm to see how she feels about it and Mona is just sassy and snarky. Mona keeps up the act and says she killed Wilden because he was bothering the girls, but Wren isn’t buying into the bull. Mona doesn’t trust Wren anymore because she found out he was keeping secrets. And Mona stopped taking her meds according to the Doctor. But really, I’m sitting here wondering where everyone’s loyalties lie. Wren and Mona were on a team together once, but now not so much. What secrets are they both hiding? This stare down was too intense.

Toby gets his package, the one we saw in the last episode. The music sheet was accompanied by this message from “A”: “Leave the lamb alone and go for the lion. Kisses. – A.” As Spencer points out later in the episode, “A” is telling Toby to go straight to Dr. Palmer.

Emily and Spencer return to Ali’s room and it just oozes creepiness. Emily freaks and Spencer wants her to see it as an opportunity. Yeah, an opportunity to get haunted, or more like watched by “A” all day and night. Mrs. Di comes in and makes it even more awkward having a moment with the dresser and clothing that belonged to her late daughter. It’s sad and creepy at the same time.

Hanna wants to go to Radley to talk to Mona and Caleb still doesn’t trust the bitch. Caleb calls out Hanna for being desperate and going to the enemy. “Mona is not the enemy anymore,” Hanna yells back. Caleb’s right though. At this point, you can’t trust anyone.

Wren and Hanna meet again and there’s awkward tension.  Wren discloses that a young blonde went to visit Mona the night before. It wasn’t Hanna, so that means it was probably Cece. After Hanna leaves, Wren makes a call and he’s sketchy as ever: “We have a problem. I’ll take care of my end, you take care of yours.” Who’s on the other line?

Spencer and Toby go back to solving the mystery death of Toby’s mother. The music sheet titled “Any Time” is a song that Mrs. Cavanaugh played all the time. And once again Spencer has to choose between helping Toby and helping her best friends. Clearly keeping this secret is getting to Spencer and Toby keeps on pushing it.

Earlier in the episode Ezra was off and broody and the next scene explains why. Ezra finally did a paternity test so he could fight to keep Malcolm with him. But here’s the twist: Ezra is not the father of adorable little Malcolm. It turns out that Maggie had a one night stand back in the day. Ezra starts to get emotional because he fell in love with Malcolm – we all did.

Wren is on a roll with his creepiness this episode. He watches Haleb make out in the street after Caleb and Hanna argue about telling Veronica Hastings that “A” has returned. Caleb reiterates that he wants to keep Hanna safe from the enemy that is, “everywhere and nowhere.” Although I was a bit creeped out by Wren’s stalking, I have this little feeling that Caleb was on the other line with Wren. Maybe they’re both teaming up to take down “A” or maybe I’m just way off base.

Wren then goes and meets Veronica to warn her about Mona saying that she is going to turn on all of them.

Mr. DiLaurentis files for divorce and Mrs. DiLaurentis opens up about seeing Alison everywhere. We also learn that Mrs. Di totally shipped Alison and Emily: “I wish that Ali could have returned those feelings. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to love her than you.”

While in Philly to watch a match that Jake is participating in, Aria follows a lead that Caleb found on Cece. She finds a girl who knew Cece and Alison. The girl reveals that Alison was the one that got Cece kicked out of school, at least according to Cece. The revelation is that Cece hated Ali and her “she-devils” aka the four girls. While they had no part in getting Cece kicked out, the older blonde assumed differently.

Hanna pays a visit to the DiLaurentis house to see Emily, but no one appears to be home. As she looks around the eerie house, she sees one of Alison’s most prized possessions: the jewelry box with the creepy music. While Emily and Mrs. Di are not around, there is another person home. Red Coat in an Ali mask makes an appearance leaving Hanna unharmed and clueless. Remember, the mirror has three faces.

Spoby visits Dr. Palmer and he recognizes the song they bring him. He simply replies, “That is a good one. Unfortunately, I don’t play.” As Toby continues to talk to Dr. Palmer, Spencer plays the song and the Doctor thinks it is Mrs. Cavanaugh. Spencer tries to get Dr. Palmer to talk more about the blonde girl he kept mentioning to Toby, but visiting hours are finished. “Can you please show Mrs. DiLaurentis to my office?” It sounds like the dangerous blonde girl that went to Radley wasn’t Cece or Alison.

Veronica visits Mona off the record. You put two sassy women in one room and stuff is about to go down. Veronica threatens Mona to make sure she doesn’t mess with her family and the rest of the girls, but Mona doesn’t seem fazed. I spy a plan brewing in Mona’s mind, once again. That girl is cray.

Spencer and Hanna bring up Dr. Palmer to Mrs. Di, but she swears she doesn’t really know him. Cue the Ali flashback. Ali is playing the piano when Mama Di comes in and almost smashes Ali’s hands. Mrs. DiLaurentis is pissed off. “Is that what the two of you do when you aren’t braiding each other’s hair? Figure out ways to scare the hell out of me?”

First reaction: The two of you, did they just reveal a twin daughter? Don’t get your hopes up. Cece dressed up just like Alison and showed up at Radley claiming she wants to stay. “This friendship is toxic.” According to Mrs. Di, they were different that other girls. Instead of wearing each other’s clothes, they wore each other’s personalities. What kind of games did these girls play? They’re also cray.

Another revelation in the Wilden case: Veronica is no longer Ashley’s lawyer. Someone anonymously went to the court and accused Mrs. Hastings of obstruction of justice. She was accused of bullying Mona into confessing. Is it Mona’s plan or Wren’s plan?

Whilst all this took place, Aria found time to spend time with Jake among all the drama. She wants to graduate and have a relationship while “A” is tormenting her friends? WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES, GIRL? But the part that broke my heart is when she declined Ezra’s phone call earlier in the episode.

In a short scene, Wren is seen sitting in Radley talking on the phone. He tells the other person that he’s shocked about his former “almost mother-in-law” and her lapse in judgment. All the while he’s coloring in the drawing he showed Mona which now features a brunette in a red coat. He says, “You can’t trust anyone.” And I don’t trust Wren. What’s his deal?

Mrs. Di and Emily go into the basement to find out someone has been staying there. Mrs. Di thinks nothing of it, while Emily stays behind a little more to discover the holes in the ceiling/floor. And from the look on her face, she knows that Red Coat/A has been staying there creepin’ around the DiLaurentis house.

The final scene, which is always what the fans look forward to, features “A” creeping around what’s left of Emily’s house. “A” plants the infamous shoes that were supposedly used to kill Wilden in the rubble. I’m sitting here convinced that “A” really hates Emily this season. “A” hates everyone, but Emily’s got it rough.

There you have it! Whose side is Wren on and where the hell is Cece? Some things revealed, but too many questions unanswered that will keep us going until next week’s episode.

The summer finale airs in two weeks, but next week we’ll see that “the hoe is going down” when “A”/Red Coat makes an appearance at the school dance.

See you next week, bitches.




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