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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

"The Offer" Causes A Fuss On This Week's Episode Of 'Arrow'

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/23/2015 4:28 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
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After leaving with Ra’s Al Ghul offering Oliver to take his place and going on yet another hiatus, Arrow finally returns this week to put an end to our misery. If you’ve been patiently waiting for salvation, “The Offer” will definitely give it to you, so let’s see what we got. It all kicks of with Ra’s setting Oliver free and trying to convince him to join the League of Assassins, claiming that the Arrow will end up being the villain in Starling City at some point. At the same time, Thea has set Nyssa free to kill her, but fails to convince her that she murdered Sara. All of a sudden, Laurel and Roy rush in the lair and get her down, so as to keep Ms. Queen/Merlyn safe, who lies about Ra’s daughter getting out of the cage on her own. Meanwhile, Ra’s himself introduces Oliver to the life-giving Lazarus Pit and further tries to get him to accept his offer, but the vigilante prefers to walk away, along with John Diggle and Malcolm Merlyn. Back in Starling, Thea finds Oliver at their apartment and is glad he’s back, but is less than happy when she notices Malcolm on the couch. Even though she still wants nothing to do with him, her brother insists that he stays until he gets better. Later on, John implies that Ra’s wouldn’t simply let them go unless he had something else in mind, but Mr. Queen doesn’t really want to hear it. The first of flashbacks comes in and finds Oliver trying to keep the Yamashiros’ son safe, with the latter suggesting a potential location of his parents. The reality check finds the Arrow team back at the lair, with lots of questions about the vigilante’s comeback. However, all he does is set Nyssa free and change the subject by rushing after the next criminal case. The Arrow is joined by the Arsenal and the Black Canary on the field, managing to prevent a robbery from happening. However, the main bad guy, one with sealed lips called Murmur, gets away from the scene and the team is left with a bunch of diamonds. When the arrested ones are delivered to Captain Lance, he trashes the Arrow for keeping Sara’s death a secret and puts an end to their collaboration. Felicity is working on the ATOM suit and getting flirty with Ray, before Oliver interrupts. Even though their bad romance makes an appearance for a moment, he gets her to identify Murmur for him and shares the guilt he feels after Lance’s cruel words. Laurel pays a visit to Thea and shares a couple of caring words about the case with Malcolm, even though the latter wishes she never knew he was her father. Soon as Laurel goes away, Merlyn wakes up to face his daughter’s anger and even dares her to kill him. In the meantime, Nyssa confronts her father over letting Malcolm live and protests over Oliver asked to be the next Ra’s. She clearly wants the position for herself and thinks she’s being punished for loving Sara, making an unsuccessful effort to kill her father. Back at the lair, Roy goes after leads in Murmur’s case, while Oliver shares Ra’s offer with John. The vigilante apparently thinks he could be making more of a difference as Ra’s, obviously affected by Felicity and Lance. Back to his apartment, he has a talk with Thea about her new, evil nature. Soon as she’s out, Malcolm gets up and is informed about Ra’s offer, which doesn’t come as a surprise since Oliver survived his sword. Right before a text gets the vigilante to rush out, Merlyn implies that the offer can’t really be denied. In another flashback, Oliver takes Maseo’s son to the gardens he thought his parents would be, before realising that they’ve been expected to go there. The present finds Oliver at the lair, with Felicity trying to talk him out of accepting Ra’s offer, suggesting that he needs to figure out his purpose. Roy and John soon jump in with clues of Murmur’s next potential location, so Arrow and Arsenal are on the way. Laurel visits her father in an effort to fix things between them, but he doesn’t seem ready for it. They’re soon found in danger though, as Murmur’s gang unexpectedly hits the police station. With Laurel already at the scene, Arrow and Arsenal on the way and Nyssa arriving out of nowhere, a badass fighting sequence follows and the day is saved, with Murmur down for good. Detective Lance further expresses his bitterness towards the Arrow, but the vigilante is no longer interested in being thanked. As the team is back at the lair, Oliver thanks Felicity for helping him refocus on his purpose, making clear that he won’t be leaving their work in Starling to become the next Ra’s. Things between them get just a little intimate, when she reveals that his will for her to be happy requires him being in her life. Ray calls just in time to ruin the moment and we’re taken to one more flashback. In this one, Oliver further tries to keep the Yamashiro boy safe, when he runs into Shado! Back to real time, Nyssa and Laurel agree to grab dinner and remember Sara, with the former offering to train the Black Canary. Oliver tells Maseo that he wants out of Ra’s offer, but his old pal warns him that a “no” doesn’t come without consequences. At the same time, a troubled Thea visits Roy asking to stay the night and it doesn’t get love for things to get intimate. If you know what show you’re watching, then you’re perfectly aware that the curtains never fall in a non-spectacular way. This time around, Ra’s Al Ghul jumps at some criminals’ base dressed as the Arrow, murdering the most and leaving one alive to spread the word. That son of a bitch! With a lot to process at the moment, I don’t really need to tell you not to miss next week’s episode of Arrow and everything; we all know you won’t. See you then!

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