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The Originals Are "Reigning Pain In New Orleans" For The Mid-Season Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/04/2013 10:32 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Originals Are
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

This week on The Originals, we see the aftermath of Klaus' victory over Marcel. The hybrid is back in his kingdom, taking over the home he once had. He gives a beautiful toast at his first dinner back home, while Marcel and his loyal vampires have to sit and tolerate Klaus. It’s interesting to see Marcel bow down to Klaus, but he’s being a good actor so far. “Do whatever it takes to stay alive,” Rebekah tells Marcel in a secret meeting in the garden and Marcel’s not giving up without a fight. The vamps remain loyal to Marcel and continue to question Klaus, but Klaus proposes a werewolf hunt in the bayou in attempt to gain their trust. They’ll take it for now, but I don’t think it’ll gain much. Elijah and Rebekah head over to the quarter to save Hayley from Klaus’ control, but she claims she’s fine and doesn’t need any. She may be safe, but her potential family back in the bayou isn’t. All she wants is to meet her family and that won’t happen if they’re dead. “You wanna help me? Help my people.” Elijah is all for it, since he’s clearly smitten by Hayley and Rebekah loves her big brother too much to not help. After a little awkward interaction between Klaus, Marcel and Cami, Klaus comes clean about everything and everyone he used in order to take down Marcel. But it’s not like he didn’t already know it all especially with having Rebekah on his side. Cami, however, is one smart cookie. Klaus may have compelled her to forget, but she put a recording device and left notes for herself. As the new king of the quarter, it is time for Klaus to meet and maintain relations with the human faction. Introductions are made and rules are reiterated. But we all know that Klaus doesn’t really follow rules or threats especially those made by humans. Later on, the humans disagree with Klaus’ terms and attack. Clearly they know nothing of the Original hybrid. When Elijah and Rebekah save Hayley’s so-called pack from (annoying) Diego and the rest of the vampires, they find Eve. Eve’s pack is safe, but she tells the Mikaelson duo of the new wolves that are heading into town to see the miracle baby. She claims they should be kept alive. The attack the faction set upon Klaus and his “people” clearly pissed him and Marcel off. A fake meeting is called and the humans aren’t scared, but they should be. The slaughter begins and Father K is kept alive to start a new faction. After the slaughter, Klaus opens up to Marcel claiming that his reasoning for taking the throne wasn’t purely just to take it. It was to protect his child and his deal with the witches. Also after admitting he was jealous of Marcel’s power and the loyalty he gained, Klaus offers Marcel to rule by his side as equals. This actually shocks me a bit and I wonder if there are other motives behind his newfound decision to share the throne. After a little argument with Klaus over her fate after the baby is born, Hayley speaks to Davina, who is now moved into Klaus and Marcel’s home. Davina is scared to go back to the attic to retrieve her violin, but Hayley reveals that Agnes, the witch elder, is dead. She was still under the impression that the Harvest was still in effect and the witches were still looking for her. Davina doesn’t know who to trust anymore, but quirky Josh comes in and reveals that Hayley was telling the truth. The person she trusted the most has been lying to her and clearly stuff is about to go down. At the werewolf front in the bayou, Rebekah and Elijah make a discovery about the special wolves that Eve told them about. A ring that once belonged to Esther Mikaelson hung around the neck of one of those werewolves. Klaus may now have a link to finding more about his blood father; however he doesn’t want anything to do with it. “I’ve had enough of family to last me a lifetime. Why would I possibly want anymore” aka he doesn’t want any more heartbreak. But wait! It’s just a front. He goes to Father K and asks him to protect the group in the bayou. “If the vampires find out I’m protecting them, it won’t sit well.”Father K agrees to help protect them on the grounds Klaus gets Cami to leave town. He complies and visits Cami. They share this intense moment and Klaus shares some past heartache with Cami. She feels for him and seems to understand but Klaus just wants Cami to be safe. “Knowing what you’d do about this world will only get you killed, and I cannot allow that.” And for the last time, he compels her to forget and leave. I just can’t. Now onto the other relationships, Rebekah is jealous because once again Marcel chose Klaus over her. It makes me think that she should’ve just listened to her older brother about being with Marcel.  Then there’s Hayley and Elijah exchanging thank you’s, advice and promises. Seeing Elijah so smitten just warms my heart. Elijah and Klaus share a brotherly moment. He apologizes to Klaus about accusing him of having ulterior motives. Looks like the Mikaelson are patching up their broken family once again as Klaus invites Rebekah and Klaus to join him when they’re ready. “It is after all our family home.” They should reunite soon because I sense something bigger is coming and they’re going to need all the support they can get from each other. The final scene shows Davina running to Cami asking for help. Since Klaus compelled Cami to forget everything, she has no idea who this young girl is. But that’s not a big deal for Davina; she goes straight to reversing Klaus’ compulsion. Well, so much for leaving New Orleans… The Originals is getting better and better if you ask me and I definitely can’t wait to see what’s next for the Mikaelson family and the hybrid baby. I have a feeling Davina is planning something big for Marcel. But alas we must wait until January 14, 2014 for the next episode. See you then my Original family! Always and Forever, Adele


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