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"The Overlooked" Rage On This Week On Teen Wolf

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/06/2013 4:22 am

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

A storm is blowing into Beacon Hills and things aren’t going to be good. This episode was setting up to be action packed, which is a good break from the information overload of the past couple weeks but alas it wasn’t all battles. The dots are starting to connect ,and oh what a tangled web everyone weaves.

Scott and Stiles beat Jennifer to Derek’s apartment and now he knows and boy is he not happy. The only thing that is keeping Jennifer alive is that she is the only one who can save Cora, not to mention can lead them to Stilinski. They all have to resign to the fact that they need her.

At the hospital, Cora is worse for the wear vomiting black goo and mistletoe. The crew head over hoping to find some answers. All they find is a can of whoop ass. The twins are there and morphed into that crazy super-wolf. While the attack is happening, Jennifer uses this moment to break-free and run away. Too bad she runs right into Deucalion and Kali. Back in the elevator and upstairs for her. She needs Scott and Derek just as much as they need her right now.

Allison, Isaac, and Argent are all still at the school and soon realize they are needed at the hospital and set off to join the fight. In trying to secure the hospital, Mrs. McCall runs into Deucalion and is soon taken hostage. In a different wing we hear the twins arguing on how to handle their situation. They need to get rid of Jennifer.

During some down time, Scott has to come clean to Peter and Derek that he is indeed on track to be a true alpha. Jennifer strikes a deal, she will help them if they can get her out if the hospital safe. They begin to think of a plan to distract the twins in order to remove Cora. The final vote is Peter and Scott will distract as Stiles, Derek, and Jennifer get Cora to the ambulance. The plan works until Jennifer discovers the dead driver and Kali waiting. However she refers to Jennifer as Julia. Both Derek and Jennifer run and find solace in an elevator.

At the same time, Deucalion used Mrs. McCall to cut the power in the hospital leaving Derek and Jennifer stranded between floors. Oh jeesh, what a perfect opportunity for her to spill her guts. Derek texts Scott to ask for help. Deucalion sets Mrs. McCall free, calling it his gesture of good will. His only instructions are to find her son.

Cora stopped breathing, and Stiles steps up to the plate and performs CPR. She takes a breath again, and for a moment, all is ok. Stiles begin to vent to the unconscious Cora. Sometimes he wonders if he really is just there to find the bodies and is useless. Chin up Stiles, you just saved Cora; you’re not useless in our book. Peter is pretty beat up after distracting the twins so Scott puts him in the ambulance with Cora and Stiles and heads back in alone.

He’s not alone for long; the super-wolf finds him, and it looks like he’s done for when Mama McCall comes out from nowhere and gets them with the shock paddles stunning them. While the mother son duo set off to find the others, Jennifer is telling her side of the story. Julia Bicari was her name, and she was an emissary. Not just any emissary, but Kali’s. When she killed her pack, Kali came at Julia leaving her badly wounded and near death. With just enough strength, Julia dragged herself to the stump of the Nemeton, which had been charged by a virgin sacrifice. Who was sacrificed? Paige. When Derek put her out of her misery, her blood soaked the roots of the ancient tree and gave it enough power to keep Julia alive long enough to be found.  

What is the most interesting is, Kali walked away from Julia knowing she was still alive. She loved her and could not finish her off. She rather have her die slowly with some sort of peace then mutilating her even more. Deucalion is furious with this fact, and they set off to find her.

The argent trio find Scott, and they meet up with their others. Their goal is to get the generator on to free Derek and Jennifer/Julia and get Cora help. They realize that once the power goes on, they will hear the elevators. Damn their supersonic hearing! Allison steps up to the plate and offers to act as bait. She is a badass brunette after all. Isaac gets in the car to go grab Cora while Allison and her dad take aim at the twins and Kali.

Before the power is restored Jennifer/Julia reveals her motive. All her sacrifices have been for one reason: to destroy the alpha pack. Because they overlooked her much like mistletoe is overlooked (see myth below). So she had to take a few innocent lives. She is saving more in the long run. She reveals the answer to the last question that Boyd asked Derek: What happens to werewolves during a total Lunar Eclipse? The answer is the key to destroying the Alphas: they lose all their power.

The power comes back on, and Cora is loaded into the car and almost ready to leave. Stiles finally begins to put things together and realizes something. He takes off to find Scott. They find Derek passed out in the elevator, and Jennifer/Julia is gone. Scott takes off to find his mom while Stiles is screaming hoping Scott will stop and listen. Peter is urging Isaac to go but he is hesitant to leave without Scott and Stiles but begrudgingly goes.

Scott gets to the roof to be met by Deucalion, not his mother. He quickly learns what Stiles was trying to tell him. Mrs. McCall, Scott’s mother, a parent, or better yet a guardian has been taken as a sacrifice. No wonder Deucalion let her go. Scott is now his for the taking. And he goes willingly hoping to save his mother and Stiles’ dad. Stiles pleads with him not to go but it’s too late. Scott crossed over.

We only have 2 episodes left until the summer finale and I don’t think things are going to be wrapped up nicely with a pretty little bow!

Also this week, we learned the myth of the mistletoe:

A Norse legend centering around the son of Odin, Baldur, he was the most loved of all the gods. To protect him from harm his mother, Frigg, made all of nature (plants, wildlife, elements, you name it) promise to do him no harm. However she overlooked one little plant… The gods lines up to shoot arrows and throw daggers but nothing seemed to harm Baldur. That is until Loki, the god of mischief, fashioned an arrow out of the forgotten plant: Mistletoe. It killed Baldur, and Frigg was heartbroken. From that point on she vowed that whoever presented her with mistletoe she would bestow a kiss upon to make up for overlook the plant and it would never be used as a weapon.  Also that we will never overlook it again.


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