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The Plot Thickens Under A Full Moon In This Week's Teen Wolf

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

07/14/2014 11:34 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Plot Thickens Under A Full Moon In This Week's Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of MTV/Teen Wolf

Shane Avery

Senior Staff Writer


Let's see if I can recap this properly for you all.

Last week Scott was warned by Crazy Lady in Mexico that if he ever bit an innocent, there would be Hell to pay.

And yeah......

Scott had to do that in order to save Liam's life at the end of last week's episode. So where do we go from there?

Well, this for starters.
Courtesy of Courtesy of

Poor Liam.

Scott panicked after biting Liam and stored him at his house, but it didn't take long for Liam to get the jump on Scott and Stiles and took off into the night.

Unfortunately, Peter was having a worst night than our boys.

Arriving at Derek's loft looking for him, he wound up taking an axe to the chest from The Mute who only said he was then going after Derek!!

Before we found out the fate of Peter though, it was school time and Scott and Stiles managed to track down Liam. After some awkward explanation (and kidnapping allegations), Liam revealed the bite on his arm had fully healed, and stormed off. The boys then pow-wowed with the rest of the gang and decided that with the full moon approaching, they couldn't take any chances with Liam turning.

Kira went into flirt mode and wound up falling on her face in the process, but managed to convince Liam to attend a house party at Lydia's cottage.

Derek meanwhile, was going into helpful brother mode as he came to Peter's aid. He informed him that the axe was laced with wolfs bane, and had to be burned out.


Thankfully, it worked and now Peter and Derek are trying to figure out what The Mute wants with them, particularly Derek.

Kira and Liam were on route to the cabin, and with the moon breaking, it was a race against time. The rest of the group (including Malia and Lydia) were awaiting their arrival at the cabin when Stiles informed Scott the reason Liam got the boot from his old school:

He went ballistic on a teacher's car with a crowbar. Kid's got serious anger issues!!

Trying to soak everything in once he arrived, Liam didn't really have time to react as he began to turn from the full moon.....just as all of Beacon Hills High arrived to the door in search of the party!!

Lydia did her best as hostess (who throws better parties?) as Scott & Kira handled Liam out by the dock and Stiles managed Malia in the basement to restrain them from the full moon.

"Teen Wolf" then took a very interesting turn as 2 of Liam's friends (one of which is other lacrosse player Garrett; other his girlfriend) were revealed to be in cahoots with The Benefactor.

Lydia then discovered, after cleaning up a mess upstairs of the cottage, that the bedroom was sound proof, which seemed to confuse our beloved banshee. As she began to take it in, mysterious faces began coming out of the walls which in the opinion of yours truly was one of the creepiest moments in the shows history!!!

Kira and Scott had bigger problems though as Liam broke through his restraints and took off into the night. Stiles wasn't faring any better with Malia as she struggled to break free as well. She ordered him to run, before she broke the other chain.

In a nice change of events, Papa Stilinski teamed up with Derek to investigate The Benefactor, and wound in the high school. They weren't alone long, as The Mute found them and made a beeline for Derek.

Scott was on the hunt for Liam though, and found him in the woods. They weren't alone long though when none other than Chris Argent came to the rescue and scared Liam off when he was close to killing Scott.

Derek was fighting for his life against The Mute with Sheriff doing his best to help, but it didn't matter as a VERY pissed off Peter showed up and ripped The Mute apart.

After getting some words of advice from Mr. Argent, Scott eventually found Liam and began to help him understand that he's not a monster, and that he was there to help him.

Bigger issues have officially arrived to Beacon Hills though.

Lydia and Kira finally figured out her previous scribbles and code......and what it really meant.

A dead pool of names. ALL of the supernatural names in Beacon Hills (including Scott, Derek, Malia, Kira, AND Lydia) are officially on a hit list.

So who exactly IS The Benefactor? Who are Garrett and his girlfriend working for?

And will our beloved gang ALL make it out alive?

Hey, at least Stiles is safe right?

What did you guys think of this episode?

CRAZY good right!?

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