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The Power Of Three Is Back: CBS Eyes A Charmed Reboot

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/25/2013 8:52 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
The Power Of Three Is Back: CBS Eyes A Charmed Reboot
Media Courtesy of Charmed Wiki

Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Within 24 hours of an announcement that Murder, She Wrote was getting rebooted, a Charmed reboot was announced. Alyssa Milano, one of the stars of the long running series that ended in 2006, tweeted the news to her Twitter followers, asking for thoughts. According to the Vulture, it is a “re-imagining of the original series" by CBS, who owns the rights. There are not many details about the reboot at the moment. Apilot script has been ordered from Chris Keyser and Sydney Sidner, who are named as co-writers. Unsurprisingly, neither of them have ties to the original show. This is not the first show that we have seen get rebooted. It is highly likely this will garner some strong reactions from fans and actors alike. Milano later tweeted that "It feels too close," which are my feelings on the matter. This is almost like a few years ago when they announced Buffy coming back without Joss Whedon at the helm. It was too soon, and fans went crazy. Charmed  has not even been over for ten years, so it is in a similar boat to Buffy. Charmed has a strong fanbase. It was a popular, important, long running genre show about witches and magic. There have been many shows using witches, there are several now. Charmed came around right when it was starting to become popular, it helped that type of show be popular. Rebooting the show could work, after all, Charmed ended on a good note. In the final scene, the audience got a glimpse of the sisters' children and their futures. It would be cool is if they based the show around the children or grandchildren. This will allow them to keep some elements, instead of just completely revamping everything. Sometimes reboots work, barring that they make it past the pilot, sometimes they flop big time. Personally, I thinks we need some new blood instead of just all these reboots.


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