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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Who Or What Is The Puzzle On This Week's 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

10/03/2014 10:54 am
PopWrapped | Television
Who Or What Is The Puzzle On This Week's 'Grey's Anatomy'? | Grey's Anatomy
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Hey fellow Grey's fans!  Welcome to episode 2, "Puzzle With a Piece Missing". This episode is really "A day in the life of Maggie". What went down? Read on to find out: The episode opens with Maggie doing the voiceover. She seems a bit lost. As she starts her day at the hospital, the tension between her and Meredith seems really intense. Jo and Maggie...and Bailey Jo is with Maggie today and they begin doing rounds. One of the patients has cancer and asks Maggie to please let her die. The patient wants to sign a DNR, but her daughter, the power of attorney, will not allow it. Jo tries to explain to the daughter that this might be best for her mother, but Maggie pulls her away and is NOT happy. #givingherthebusiness Bailey joins them right after this and they are talking about one of the patients they saw on rounds who has a kidney stone as well as some heart issue. Maggie wants to run some genetic tests concerning the heart problem and Bailey offers to run them in her genetics lab...the only problem is that it's closed. Bailey, however, has a key. Alex, Dr. Lebackes, Maggie...and Jo Alex and Dr. Lebackes (Dr. Butthole) are doing a surgery in a surgical suite that is rocking and rolling. Maggie is noticeably uncomfortable when she comes in for the cardiac consult. She lets it slip that Alex is coming back to the hospital and Lebackes is caught off guard. In fact, he ends up firing Alex on the spot. Maggie is furious that Jo did not tell her she was supposed to be discreet about the Alex thing. So furious, in fact, that she kicks Jo off of her service. Owen and Maggie After kicking Jo around, Maggie is kicked around herself a bit by Owen. It seems she took it upon herself to take a look at the genetics of the McNeil family (AKA Three Kids with Heart Disease Family) and Owen is angry, and probably a bit offended, since this family were all Cristina's patients. He tells her to leave them alone. Derek, Meredith, Zola and Maggie Zola says hello to Maggie in the cafeteria, much to the obvious chagrin of Meredith. Derek tries to smooth things over a bit, but Maggie brings up his Washington, D.C. job to congratulate him.  (Yikes...again, quite awkward.) Richard, Amelia and Maggie Maggie makes her way across the cafeteria to Richard, who is talking to Amelia. Richard makes the introduction and Amelia tells her that Derek is her brother. Amelia takes her leave and Maggie tells Richard that she is shocked that Meredith has an adopted daughter because she wants to kind of hate on Mer, but kind of sees that Mer is pretty amazing. She then asks Richard if she should talk to Mer and Richard tells her Mer is more than she has bargained for but implies she should do it. She also asks Richard if he knows the story of Ellis and why she gave her up. Before he can answer, Jo runs in and brings some type of test results that Arizona needs to know about. Arizona, Callie and Maggie When Maggie goes to find Arizona, she finds they need to work on a patient who has a heart issue and will need to deliver her baby early, so both Maggie and Arizona need to be on the team. A C-section is eventually done and Arizona takes the baby to another OR for surgery she needs. Maggie get's the mom's heart working then runs into the OR with Arizona, who is losing her tiny patient. Maggie talks her through it and Arizona saves the baby. Alex, Jo and Maggie Jo tries to talk to Maggie about putting her back on the service but is interrupted by Alex, calling Maggie "Dr. Blabbermouth". Maggie simply walks away, leaving the couple fighting. Owen, Jo, Maggie, Jackson and Bailey While in the ER, Maggie is paged by Owen, who has talked to Bailey about Maggie wanting the genetics test run in the lab. They explain that the genetics program has been discontinued, but Maggie says that was a stupid decision (Yikes!) and makes them look like morons (Double Yikes!) #maggiefootinmouthagain Meredith and Maggie Obviously Maggie is already having an overwhelming day, and then she runs into Mer. She stops Mer and demands she listen to what she has to say, when they are interrupted by a random singing telegram, of course. We then see her talking to her parents again, telling her that she thinks it might have been a mistake coming to the hospital. Amelia and Maggie It seems like the only person who is really accepting of Maggie is Amelia. They almost seem friendly. Together, they even solve the mystery of one of their patients. Amelia also tells her to give Mer a chance. Bailey and Maggie Bailey calls for Maggie and tells her that she isolated the mutation in the genetics lab that Maggie was looking for. She eventually meets with the McNeil family, along with Owen, to explain what they found. Owen later thanks her for doing the tests. Maggie and Mer Meanwhile, Maggie gets a page that her almost-DNR patient is being saved by Meredith after going into heart failure again. Maggie pushes Mer out of the way and slowly gives chest compression until the patient gets her wish. Mer is visibly angry and walks out of the room. A bit later, when Maggie is speaking with Owen, Mer interrupts them to tell him Maggie let her patient die. Maggie tells them she did everything in her power. Mer walks away, but Maggie follows her and explains the situation. They tell the daughter the news, together. Callie and Arizona Arizona tells Callie she is going to pass on the fellowship so they can focus on having a baby, but Callie says, no, she was wrong to make Arizona choose that path. Arizona is going for it. Maggie's day finally ends as she checks on the patients she saw today, then invites Jo to come back to her service. Before she leaves, she drops the bomb on Meredith by saying "My mom was Ellis Grey." She briefly tells her the story and Mer, well, she doesn't take it well...she asks what she is after and says that she is either wrong or lying. She tells her to stay away from her. (Genetics lab next week, anyone??) Join me next week for another exciting episode of Grey's Anatomy!

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