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The Queens Present "Shade: The Lack-Luster Rusical" On This Week's RuPaul's Drag Race

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/19/2014 12:20 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Queens Present
Media Courtesy of The Wire
Courtesy of The Wire Courtesy of The Wire

Boxxa Vine Staff Writer @BoxxaVine

Boxxa Vine here, with a glass of Franzia and a bunch of cross-dressers on my television. Let’s get to the shade, the T, and try to understand what the hell Trinity K. Bonet is saying this week. Mini Challenge: Female or She-Male Mini Winners: Ben De La Crème and Adore Delano Main Challenge: Live production of Shade: The Rusical Team Ben: Courtney Act, Bianca Del Rio, Darienne Lake, Gia Gunn, and Trinity K. Bonet Team Adore: Milk, Laganja Estranja, Joslyn Fox, and April Carrión Being a musical theater buff and a drag queen, I instantly screamed when they announced this challenge, half because of excitement and half because they didn’t save it until I made it onto the show. With two professional singers competing, this proved to be not a battle of two teams this week but just a battle between Courtney and Adore for the win of the week. Courtney was a semi-finalist on Australian Idol in its first season and Adore was on the seventh season of American Idol. Both seem to be gunning for the main challenge this week like men always do with a good ‘ole pissing contest or, well, who’s the loudest contestant in the work room. Team Ben takes the stage for rehearsal and Courtney seems to get flustered right off, not quite performing to the standard she has set herself up for as a singer. Next to the stage we have a round of Clue, and I think I know whodunit: Gia with the lack of comedy on the main stage, yet another dropped line of comedy gold. Or was it Trinity with the bad attitude in the dance section? “Sorry if I suck, I suck”: Trinity once again comes across as very much wanting to be a star but not ready to do what they want of her on the show. When entering RDR, a queen should always realize these are the challenges, and you either rise to the occasion or you go home. Team Adore to the stage, and once again the star singer of the team comes right off as a trembling mess, but April proves to be even more of a mess when it comes to singing. With April being in the bottom two last week, it really doesn’t look good for her. While Team Adore is on the main stage, Team Ben is still having it out with Trinity for her lack of decorum and general nasty tone when it comes to both the other queens and the challenges given thus far--wanting to learn but in the end pulling defense when she messes up. If you want to learn, go to school. If you want to show off your talents, starting doing what is asked of you each week. Day two and it’s time to get ready for both the live performance of Shade: The Rusical and the main stage runway, which this week is Tony Awards Glamour. Gia has her daily moment of vapidity with her lack of knowledge of what a Tony Award is. I can forgive the loss of the DeLorean reference but this is going too far for even me. Get a grip, get a life, and get a damn book, girl. The idols, Courtney and Adore, finally have their conversations and let out about their time on Idol, with Courtney letting out her love of being the first out gay person and the first drag performer on any Idol season. Adore tells of how Idol actually asked her to edit herself to be better received by the public. Gia reveals that she is actually a theater queen, as she has been a Kabuki performer since she was five years old. So the culture is there, but the brain can’t quite put it to use. Here she is boys, here she is world, here’s Ru--taking the stage to introduce this week's guest judges, which include Lucian Piane (writer of Shade: The Musical and RuPaul's producer) and Sheryl Lee Ralph (actress, singer, activist, and from the original Broadway production of Dreamgirls), as well as weekly judges Michelle Visage and Santino Rice. So here we go, onto the main stage and home before dark. ACT I: Courtney takes the stage and my attention as she channels Julie Andrews in Thoroughly Modern Millie, and her voice comes off even better then her look. Gia and Darianne kind of fumble their duet parts but Gia performs, much to my surprise, quite well as a comedy queen and Darianne’s choice of a raspy Harvey Fierstein voice works quite well. Ben pulls out villain and body all in one with a stunning face and plenty of skin showing. Courtney and Ben really dominate their team, as the other four seem to have a hard time with harmony and working together. ACT II: Adore brings a completely revamped Penny to the stage, with both the vocals and attitude to pull off head bitch of the ball. Here comes the problem, in my opinion, with RDR: you really have to be well defined and rounded in the right ways to win. Can’t sing? Here’s the boot, and that is what looks like is going to happen to April. With not all the queens having vocal training, harmonies gets jumbled and the production level goes down. This challenge really only highlights the main two roles, leaving the other girls to kind of just slip by and hope they aren’t the worst at the choreography or vocals. Milk comes out in her Cats-inspired ensemble, and while not seeming to be the best singer, she develops a character and voice to make it work. In the end, everyone does a Rent-style number, with Courtney taking the stand-out notes and center stage. That concludes Shade: The Lack Luster Rusical. Back to the main stage in a much briefer-than-normal runway, and it's sequins, and sparkles, and gowns OH MY! The first set of girls to leave the stage are the safe girls (Bianca, Milk, Joslyn, and Laganja), leaving the rest of the girls high or low. Trinity immediately goes in with her defensive "I’m learning battle royale", which seems to be her answer for everything. Several times, it has been said that this isn’t a “School for Girls”, and this is another moment of shape up or ship out, girl. Get it together or get your bags packed. Here’s a shocker: Michelle hating on the color green. This has been said, wear green and Michelle is going to put you in a lower “score”. I’m unaware if some of these girls don’t watch the show and notice the “unwritten Drag Race rules”. Critique count too, Adore was told to cinch and here she is again with a tight dress and less-than-adequate representation of how her body “should” look in a dress of that cut. Winner: Courtney High: Adore and Ben Low: Darraine Bottom two: April and Trinity Eliminated: April

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