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Politics PopWrapped | Politics

When It Comes To Race, Ignorance Should Not Be Bliss

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

08/01/2015 12:21 am
PopWrapped | Politics
When It Comes To Race, Ignorance Should Not Be Bliss | race
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Do white people realize how ignorant they sound when they try to speak on race? With very few exceptions, they are completely ignorant to the state of race relations and the effects of a system of discriminatory practices enforced at every level and turn of society.

The reason they're ignorant is because the system doesn't discriminate against them; it benefits them. The system inherently is rigged to favour white people at the cost of people of colour. Because you don't experience these problems, you don't know what you're talking about. The ability to offer your opinion on something you know nothing about because you don't experience it has a very specific name.

Does the term "white privilege" ring a bell?

When you have no idea what you're talking about because of the PRIVILEGE afforded unto you on the basis of your skin colour in a system that discriminates against those who don't have your skin tone, yet feel the need to share your opinion from an advantaged viewpoint and people still take you seriously, that is the epitome of white privilege.

I saw a relative of a staff member's family trying to dismiss this issue by saying all he had to do was follow the rules and her white daughter was in that same situation and got away safe and sound.

*heavy sigh*

To talk about your white daughter getting pulled over and walking away when a black person is in the same situation and doesn't have the luxury to be treated like a human being, that isn't a matter of "following rules" (nevermind said rules specifically favour white people/discriminate against people of colour and especially black people), it's a matter of your WHITE daughter being allowed to get away with more shit because of her WHITE privilege in a system that caters to WHITE people. Nevermind that you presume the black person did something wrong/was at fault, when the rhetoric "we don't know yet, let's wait for more details...don't rush to conclusions..." is simultaneously brought up.

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Smells like a colossal amount of double-standard horse shit.

It's like you don't know how stupid you sound. Do you understand this?

It's like a man who has never been sexually harassed talking about how "it's not that bad" when speaking with a woman who has been sexually assaulted from puberty, if not before.

It's like a straight person who has never once, not a single day in their life, experienced discrimination or oppression based on their sexual orientation, telling a queer person that homophobia/biphobia/queerphobia doesn't exist.

It's like a cisgender person telling transgender people that "transphobia doesn't exist" and that if they conformed to their physical sex instead of their gender, they wouldn't have a problem, depression and body dysphoria and everything else be damned.

It's like a non-Muslim person telling a Muslim person that "you shouldn't wear your religious attire in public if you don't want people to harass you" or "if only your religion wasn't so savage/backwards/medieval", as though the onus is on Muslim people to not practice their peaceful religion instead of people to not be discriminatory assholes, as though "Freedom of Religion/Speech!" only applies to white people who want to express hypocritical homophobic views.

It's like saying that cancer isn't that bad, despite you never having had cancer nor you're being a doctor.

It's like saying all you have to do is work hard and be dedicated to becoming successful when you were born into wealth and never worked a day in your life.

It's like trying to tell other people what they experience.

It's like being a complete fucking idiot and not realizing it because you're so ridiculously ignorant thanks to your white privilege (WHICH LITERALLY ALLOWS YOU THE *PRIVILEGE* TO BE IGNORANT), that you feel you have a say in things that don't fucking concern you.

Every fucking day, day in, day out, I see this bullshit and it is grating.

White people: you don't get to decide. You don't get a say. You don't get shit because you already have everything else.

#BlackLivesMatter isn't about you. It never was, never will be. And yet you tried to make it about you, with #AllLivesMatter. Literally no one said #AllLivesMatter until #BlackLivesMatter started trending. No one tried to emphasize that UNTIL it became a matter of supporting black lives. Then #AllLivesMatter became a thing to counteract and undermine and dismantle #BlackLivesMatter.

You're making this about you. It never was. But if you're going to try and make it about you, prepare to be brought to tears when you hear some ugly truths.

I'm not here for your shit. I used to be, back when I didn't know better. Back when society made me think you were better, made me want to be like you.

But I'm not. I never was, and I never will be. And I will not sacrifice who I am, my roots, for your pleasure. I will not have my trunk broken for you to rest your feet upon a patio. I will not have my branches snapped to give you shade and respite.

Throw your white temper tantrums, point your white fingers and scream, "Reverse racism!", cry your white tears. They only serve to water the great tree that is me and make me stronger.

To try and silence me is foolishness. Don't you know the world is my audience?



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