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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"The Race To Space" Is On This Week's Masters Of Sex

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/07/2013 11:06 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of The Movie Network

Jamie Harsip

Content Editor

"Race To Space" Masters of Sex picked up again at home with Gini as she’s getting ready for her day. Clearly she has spent the weekend ruminating on Dr. Masters’ proposition, because the sequence is cut with imagined sequences of her giving the doctor her response – which, by the way, is no. Subsequently, Gini’s kids are finally introduced, with a focus on her son, Henry. He is obsessed with comic books, his favorite being of the same name as this episode – “Race to Space.” All of Gini’s consideration ends up being for naught, though, since Provost Scully has cut the study. Evidently someone had told the provost that the study had moved onto observing couples, rather than just individuals, as they go through the four stages of sexuality. Masters is sure it’s Dr. Haas who told Scully, and he blames Gini. As a result, Masters fires her and sets her up to send in candidates for her own replacement. I think that’s a little harsh, and Gini’s day is only made worse when she receives a call from her son’s school. Henry has been suspended. Meanwhile, Masters walks in on his wife as she gets into her medical gown. He unceremoniously announces that he, rather than Ethan, will be acting as her doctor. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be there. Masters has a nurse come in to do the first part of the procedure on Libby, as he has to see to another patient. What a great husband. As Masters leaves, he runs into Ethan, who wants to know why he’s been taken off his mentor’s wife’s case. Masters doesn’t explain, just says that Ethan is untrustworthy and disloyal. It seems Masters’ other patient was Betty. And no, she wasn't in the hospital. He shows up at her house – and by “house” I mean brothel – to talk about the canceled study. Evidently he has a hair-brained scheme to move the study to the aforementioned “house.” Personally, I can only see this going badly. Anyway, Masters and Betty strike up a deal: He can do the study there as long as he pays the girls double their usual rate, doesn’t include their johns, and gets Betty a job at the hospital. Gini brings her son over to the hospital following his suspension. She spots Ethan, and after sitting Henry in a corner she approaches him. Ethan says he’s sorry, for what seems to be something like the hundredth time, but Gini is not having any of it. Ethan claims not to have told Scully about the study, and it seems like Gini actually believes him. Regardless, she tells him to stay away from her. Apparently William did agree to Betty’s terms, because the first thing he asks Gini to do is to (quietly) order two movers and a van for that evening. And even more obvious, Betty is behind the gynecology department’s reception desk. Meanwhile Ethan is still one hundred percent stuck on Gini. He’s following Jane around the cafeteria waxing morosely about how Gini is the one missing out. He says he’s a catch, and to prove his point goes over to a pretty young nurse and begins to flirt with her. Masters must be dedicated to his work, because this guy does not look anywhere near comfortable being in a whorehouse, even if it’s for science. Luckily (or, well, the opposite of that) his demonstration of his machines for the girls is cut short by the cops. Meanwhile Ethan is trying to convince the pretty nurse from earlier to give him a blowjob. She says, “My mother always told me not to put anything in my mouth if you don’t know where it’s been.” In the end, she says she cant do it. Ethan has her get dressed to go home. Oh, and did I mention that while the poor girl was trying to bring herself to actually do it, Ethan was imagining it was Gini instead? Yeah. This guy is kind of a scumbag, and according to Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays Ethan, it won’t be getting better anytime soon. Masters is bailed out of jail by Police Chief Duncan, who says he owes Masters for basically giving him children. Libby, meanwhile, is not so kind and accommodating. She is livid. He finally has to tell her about the study, in more than the vaguest of terms. She seems to take it better than one would have expected – although the alternative was her thinking her husband was patronizing the brothel he was found in. So I guess him watching people have sex and masturbate all day (for science, of course) isn’t THAT bad. Betty and Gini run into each other in the OB/GYN department. Betty lets it slip that the study has been going on at the cathouse. I sense a plan forming for Gini. After all, as Betty says, Masters definitely needs her help. Dr. Langenham sits down at Jane’s table in the cafeteria (where everyone is smoking, which is super gross) and strikes up a conversation. It turns out, even though the study has been disbanded (to their knowledge), he wants to sleep with Jane again. Somehow I’m not shocked he says this would also be for science. Jane, however, ain’t having any of it. She reads a passage from The Second Sex about female sexual empowerment, and leaves. Badass. That night Gini has to tell her son she can’t stay and read with him; she has to work. Henry had been waiting and hoping to read the last issue of Race to Space, a comic book series, with her. Regardless, she has to go. Gini shows up at the whorehouse and is greeted by Betty. Meanwhile, Ethan is in the front seat of his car, screwing some girl. Bernadette, I believe, was her name. And boy, is she a dirty girl. Ethan was looking for another girl who, like Gini, would give him a blowjob, and he definitely found one. Once again he imagines it’s Gini going down on him, but alas. At the end of it all, he still does not have her. Tough luck, douchebag. We also get to see a short fantasy sequence of what Masters was hoping for from Gini in terms of his proposition. Like Gini’s from the beginning of the episode, we see her walk up to Masters and bring up the proposition, only this time she says yes. In her words (well, his words coming through her mouth), it would be “good for the study, good for science, and good for something else.” Yeah, he’s into Gini. Obviously. Masters tells Gini to talk to Betty that night before the study started. Betty told him that she wanted her tubes tying surgery undone. She didn't explain why, but Masters flat-out refuses to do it. He wants Gini to talk Betty out of it. When Gini talks to Betty, though, she can’t bring herself to do it. It turns out Betty has found a man. Yes, she’s a lesbian, and yes, she loves Helen, but she has a chance to turn her life around. She met the man at church, and he fell for her. He’s rich, and kind, and he doesn’t know what she does. As far as he knows, she’s a sweet girl who works at the hospital. Betty asks Gini why she had children. Gini says that it’s because she knew she’d feel like a failure if she didn’t and she knew they would be the only things she would truly be able to love. Doesn’t Betty deserve that, too? Gini tells Masters that he should reconsider his decision to refuse Betty the surgery when he drives her home after the study concludes for the evening. After she gets out of the car and walks to her door, we see that Ethan is parked just down the street, watching her. Really, this is getting creepy. Gini walks inside and greets her babysitter. It turns out the sitter had read the last issue of Race to Space with Henry. Sadly, it looks like Gini not having time for her children is going to become a trend. She lets the sitter know that the next day she’ll need to stay late again, as Gini has to work late again. The episode ends with Gini reading the first part of the comic book. It’s about a boy who feels out of place on Earth, who decides to fly to the moon. The question is, will the moon be everything he hopes it will be? Will it be worth leaving everything he had on Earth? It’s a fairly trite metaphor for Dr. Masters’ study, but we’ll take it. The sequence is pretty cool. Be sure to tune in next Sunday at 10 PM on Showtime for Masters of Sex.


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