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The Results Are In! Who Helped/Hindered Percy Jackson The Most?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/30/2015 12:25 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
The Results Are In! Who Helped/Hindered Percy Jackson The Most? | Percy Jackson
Media Courtesy of Disney-Hyperion

Hello, Percy Jackson fans! Here’s the long-awaited article about who helped and hindered Percy the most throughout his struggles. Before we made the poll, we had intended to write about characters outside of the trio because they obviously helped more than they hindered. We had wanted to take an unbiased look at the characters who, at first glance may seem to help, but have have actually hindered. Thus, we didn’t include Annabeth or Grover because they clearly only help.

The results have been tabulated, but, before we begin, we want to introduce ourselves and hopefully you'll agree that our opinions matter!

Meet Raechel Odom & Erica Jackson!

Percy JacksonMy name is Raechel, I’m an avid reader of Riordan’s and sort of a mythology buff. My favorite character in the series is Nico di Angelo (so guys, if you took the poll and your favorite character wasn’t on there, don’t feel left out because I didn’t even include my own!), I have a small* crush on Poseidon (*as small as the sea), and I love twitter followers, so follow me! @Padf00t_lol

Percy Jackson

My name is Erica.  I’m new to the Riordan universe but I’m completely in love!  I am a huge fan of Chiron, and I credit that to my avid love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Anthony Head.  I hope you enjoyed our poll and we can’t wait to reveal the results!  Follow me on twitter!                 @EricaC318


graph (1)Erica:  I hate Gabe because he was an abusive asshole.  He did keep Percy's Demigod smell under wraps but Percy's Mom made that happen, not Gabe.  Also, he sent the cops after Percy which really didn't help in the quest.

Raechel: Yeah, Gabe kind of sucked.

Percy Jackson Disney-Hyperion

Lukegraph (2) copy

Erica:  Luke pretended to help Percy when really all he did was get him ready for Kronos.  Luckily, Percy didn't fall for Luke's tricks.  Luke pretended to be Percy's friend and teach him to fight then gave him the flying shoes but it was all a trick and Luke's a jerk.

Raechel: Yeah, I think these actions would be evocative of a son of Hermes’. Hermes is the god of boundaries, easily crossing through them, so I think it makes sense that it would be his son to transition to the dark side.


Erica:  Clarisse is a bully but that's all.  She didn't help and she didn't hinder.  She's literally just a bully.

Raechel: Guys, bullies are mean. I hope you’re not a bully, because then you’re mean.

Percy Jackson Disney-Hyperion


Erica:  Chiron helped the most because he trained ALL the great Greek heroes and he's my favorite.  I'm basically in love with him, in the form Anthony Head.  Chiron may not have always told Percy everything but it was with the best intentions.  He didn’t want Percy to be weighed down by the enormity of his quest so he held some of it in for himself.  I really think other than the members of the trio, Chiron is the most helpful. Be sure to check out my solo piece for Chiron when it comes out in a few weeks!

Raechel: Yeah, I think you might be biased! But I mean, he did train Achilles, so he’s pretty badass.

[gallery ids="90597,90598"]

Zeus/Poseidonzeus-pos graph

Raechel: Like Erica was with Chiron, I’ll probably be biased. So, Poseidon caused a couple problems for Percy along the way (you know, aside from abandoning him) but it seems that Zeus really caused the problems here. Poseidon’s claiming of his son caused some animosity at the camp, but nothing too serious. Zeus, on the other hand, immediately blamed Percy for a crime with no evidence against him at all. However, in the end Poseidon helps win Sally’s freedom from Smelly Gabe, so we can’t be too mad; five points to Poseidon! And none for Zeus.

Erica:  I agree with both points here.  Poseidon needed to cause a few kinks because that’s what parents do.

Mr. D

Raechel: Dionysus later plays a pretty big helping role, but in The Lightning Thief he didn’t have much of a role at all. Of course he was at camp and he interacted with Percy, but he never actually hindered in one way or another. He teased him and refused to call him by his actual name but he never actually stopped Percy in any way. It’s pretty clear that Mr. D has a severe dislike for Percy’s namesake, but as you’ll find out later, he may not feel the same about Percy.

Erica:  Agreed, not much to say about him until later on.

Medusagraph (3)

Raechel: Although Medusa had intentions of turning the trio to stone, I would argue that she ultimately helped Percy. Medusa grants Sally Jackson her freedom by turning Smelly Gabe to stone and helping Sally afford tuition to university, part of Percy’s new school, and a new apartment; therefore giving her an entirely new life. It’s because of Medusa that Percy and his mother have a new, happy life, free from Smelly Gabe (but not the monsters, although, I think I would take them over Gabe).

Okay, I think I’ve changed my mind to 90/10, can I do that? Yes!

Erica;  Medusa really was an unsung hero.  Yeah, she did try to turn them to stone but that’s what saved Percy’s mom, like you said.  Yay Medusa!

Hadesgraph (2)

Raechel: Hades helped and hindered a pretty equal amount, and I couldn’t decide what side of the spectrum he fell on, so I threw him in the middle. When Zeus’ Master Bolt was stolen, Hades’ Helm of Darkness was as well; Hades, however, kept it a secret, and later joined Zeus in the blame for Percy. In retaliation, Hades kidnaps Percy’s mother. Hades is also to blame for the attempted murder of Annabeth, Grover, Luke and Thalia: his rage got the better of him after he had found out Zeus defied their oath, too. Yes of course, Hades could be perceived as bad because he did all of these things, but in the end, the Lord of Darkness returns Sally to her son, only after helping the boy realize where the bolt really was. Plus, it’s always seemed that humans are just playthings of the Gods, so Hades killing people in rage, or even just trying to, fits the mythology aspect pretty well.

Erica:  I totally agree.  He had bad intentions but then he realized what was happening and fixed it all which equaled it out.

Sally Jackson

Raechel: It seems that mothers always have their children’s best interest at heart, but I think that intention may have actually hindered Percy in his quest. Because Sally neglected to tell Percy who his father was, even though she knew, she put him in harm’s way. It does seem fairly obvious, however, that Sally loves Percy very, very much. Even though Gabe had been abusing her, she repeatedly pissed him off by making Percy blue food, knowing Gabe’s dislike for the abnormal. Not to mention, she’s the one who eventually decided to change Gabe’s exterior to match his stony interior, so she’s got that going for her. I think that's the reason why we couldn't decide upon a percentage for her.

Erica:  Sally does love Percy and that’s what makes it so hard to decide with her.  She wanted him close, though, which is why she withheld the information about his father, which was selfish in my opinion, as he could have been safe at Camp Half Blood.

Percy Jackson Disney-Hyperion

Aresgraph (3) copy

Erica:  He helped the trio but only for his own personal gain which was to lead Percy to Tartarus and ultimately to his death.  Luckily, Percy prevailed.  Ares is an egotistical jerk.

Raechel: Just like his daughter. Hey, I’m just saying!

Even though we had decided not to include any of the trio in the list because we thought it was too obvious that they helped, we do feel the need to give Annabeth Chase an honorable mention. Since we didn't include her in the poll, many (and by that I mean hundreds) of people thought Annabeth was the winner for most helpful. We think she’s awesome, too! So awesome that we’re devoting an entire piece to her! Keep an eye out for it!

So, here's what you've all been waiting for: the results for the fan vote of who helped and hindered the most are in. Chiron was obviously the winner with 600 votes for most helpful (out of 1348) while Luke had 344 (out of 1059).

We want to sincerely thank everyone that took the time to contribute to this piece. There is no better way to gauge the impact of a series and its characters than true fan interaction. Stick with us as we continue to pay tribute to Percy Jackson and the 10th anniversary of The Lightning Thief throughout the rest of 2015!


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Percy Jackson Disney-Hyperion


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