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The Season Opener Of Grey's Anatomy Seals Our Fate For The Year Ahead

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09/27/2013 5:53 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Season Opener Of Grey's Anatomy Seals Our Fate For The Year Ahead
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Rosie Clarke Staff Writer

Well my dear Grey’s fans, we made it to season 10! It’s a pretty awesome milestone for a television series to hit and an even more amazing milestone for us to hit. By us I mean we poor folks who stuck with Grey’s Anatomy through the cast feuds; favourite character killings (*cough* Mark and Lexie *heartbroken cough*); the ridiculous, perpetual Meredith-centered tragedies; and of course, the many frustrating character choices of Shonda Rhimes (exhibit A: Arizona would never have cheated! *Calzona forever*).

Season 10 launched last night with a brilliantly engaging, relentless and suitably nostalgic two-hour premiere. I was thoroughly impressed. And I don’t say that lightly.

The episode picked up from where it left off - a montage of clips accompanying Dr Webber’s ominous voiceover about how a surgeon’s life begins when they get their first white coat. “It seems fitting it should be on me when it ends,” he heart-wrenchingly states.

We see a few seconds of Callie walking away from Arizona, disgusted, we see Meredith and Derek fawning over their new son, the interns looking troubled, the storm raging outside. Owen anxiously traipsing around the ER, April and Jackson sharing a tense moment, Bailey paging Webber, and finally, amid sparks of electricity we see Dr Richard Webber himself lying in a burnt white coat and a pool of water.

I kind of love it when they rope another character in to do the opening/closing episode monologues because you immediately know that shit is about to get real. This one was particularly effective because it felt like a bit of a throwback to Richard’s “take a look around” speech from the pilot. Props for them season one feels.

One of my favourite scenes came next: Bailey cuddles baby Bailey, Christina whips out the camera phone to document the moment and Arizona gushes about the baby to Meredith while Callie death stares her wife from two feet away. In the middle of this my Grey’s loving friends, Callie reminds us all why we love her so much when she totally slut shames Arizona in front of everyone.

“Who’s Dr Boswell?” Christina asks innocently. “She’s the woman Arizona slept with last night.” That’s right, Callie went there.

Now I am certainly not normally pro-slut-shaming but do love this moment, if only for the total flashback to that epic moment in 4x05 when she spilled the sordid beans about Izzy and George in front of everyone. #RIPIzzyAndGeorge

Calzona drama...

Dr Boswell makes no appearance, so the premiere is uber focussed on Calzona, which I think saved this storyline. In the first episode, Arizona didn’t seem to understand the magnitude of her actions; she kept asking Callie to talk to her, and at one point she told Alex she was planning on using some weird ortho metaphor about how sometimes you have to break bones before they can heal properly... Alex swiftly tells her, “maybe you should stick with ‘sorry I’m a slut’”.

For those of us who love Arizona, it’s a crying shame this storyline seems to have turned her into a slut... then again, when we first met Arizona she was the girl who had slept with every lesbian in Seattle Grace so maybe it isn’t such a departure?

What I think they pulled off terrifically in the second episode though, was making Arizona realize the magnitude of what she’d done. Callie becomes even more distraught and after refusing to talk to Arizona yet again, she leaves the hospital in a rage. When Arizona goes home later on she finds Callie’s clothes missing and much to her anguish, Sofia’s clothes are missing too.

She later confronts Callie at the hospital and Callie explains, “Sofia and I will be staying at Mer’s again tonight. That’ll be two nights with me, you can take her the following two nights, and we’ll switch off like that until we can figure out a real schedule.” This is the moment that we along with Arizona begin to realize that Arizona’s actions in last year’s finale might have just broken their little family apart for good.

It might just be the most gut-wrenching thing ever when Arizona comes round to Mer’s begging to see Sofia for five minutes.

MerDer drama...

We don’t get many scenes with them together but they do both have interesting plot points. Well... Derek operates on the intern, Heather Brooks (you might know her better as Mousey thanks to the infallible Christina Yang) after she electrocutes herself by running into the pool of water Richard Webber is lying in. Sadly Mousey dies on the table. Derek is bummed. Meredith says “oh Derek...” and sympathetically sends him home with Zola where he remains for the rest of the ep.

Meredith has a fairly hectic storyline for someone who can’t leave their bed because they’ve just had major abdominal surgery. We get lots of great moments where the originals (Christina and Alex) come to visit her and share in some sorely missed banter.

 Richard and Mousey are eventually found and brought to the surgical wing. Owen makes Bailey and Christina go find out what Richard’s health directive says about extraordinary measures. Shock of all shocks: it turns out that Richard made Meredith his next of kin.

This revelation sees Meredith making a bunch of decisions about Richard’s health, when to operate, but most importantly we get a genius moment where Alex and Christina argue the pros and cons of making Meredith their next of kin (person).

Jackson’s mother also comes in ranting and screaming about how much all the surgeons suck; she tears Bailey down a couple of pegs and announces that as soon as the storm ends she wants to move Richard to another hospital... Bitch please, we all know Richard would rather die in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace Mercy West formerly known as Seattle Grace Hospital, than anywhere else!

Meredith totally gets that so I guess that’s why Richard made her his next of kin. #TotesAdorbs, there’s a perfect moment at the end of the premiere where Meredith stands up to Jackson’s mother (Dr Avery) at Richard’s bedside just as he starts to open his eyes.

“He picked you to be his girlfriend and we’re all very happy about that but he picked me to be his family. Nobody said I’d be good at it and he knew that but he picked me anyway. I’m the family.” Then she sees Richard opening his eyes and just smiles and says “hi”.

Ah man it’s just the cutest moment they’ve had and they have had lots of cute moments! The “I’m so sorry” hug of season five, anyone?


We get surprisingly little of these two I must admit. Jackson seems very annoyed by April throughout both episodes and eventually - after they awkwardly officiate the wedding of a couple of patients - Jackson tells her to marry the other guy if she wants and to just leave him alone.

April then re-proposes to Matthew AFTER she’d already admitted to wanting to say no to his crazy proposal. Matthew then said yes. I’m not sure what this says about his self-esteem.

I’m guessing/hoping we’ll see Jackson crash their wedding during the mid/season finale... Just so Shonda can cover all the soap style cliches - I mean she’s already covered pretty much every possible way a person can die.


We know this is going to be Christina’s last season so we want Christina at maximum level Christina. We want the snarky comments, the general disregard for human emotion, the awkward hugs and the twisted sister moments. This is why I am so happy she broke up with Owen last season he just made her a more boring character in my opinion and now we’ll get to see her deal with more exciting storylines than “Owen wants kids but I don’t”.

We get some awesome Christina scenes in this premiere so if she’s been your fave from day one you’ll be pleased. Bailey ordering her to “hug me back” might have been my favourite... then again “to be clear, I am happy to do the dishes but there is no universe in which I generate dinner,” takes the whole damn cake for me.

Annoyingly she hooks up with Owen a couple of times then cries on his shoulder about how hard it is for her to break up with him. But in the end she tells him she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Good girl Christina, just say no!

Oh yeah, she also saved Richard’s life (hence the “hug me back” demand from Bailey). How many coworker’s lives has she saved at this point? I totally want to work with Christina Yang.

Alex and Jo...

They have some sweet little interactions that mostly involve Jo asking Alex about what rooms in the hospital he hasn’t slept with all her intern friends in. Not many, according to Alex. This doesn’t seem to put Jo off.

Jo and the interns also have some heavy lifting in the premiere which was interesting to watch (for once). Mousey’s death makes them all realize how little they’ve all bonded when they are tasked to come up with a single story about her to tell her mother when she comes to hear the bad news. They end up telling a story Meredith told George’s mom about George which was a nice touch.

We also get to see Jackson’s girlfriend, Stephanie (AKA Grumpy), make a speech to her fellow remaining intern friends - Jo, Shane (Dopey, Happy, Weepy) and Leah (Perky) - about how they are all they’ve got because “nobody else will take us”.

We like the camaraderie Grey’s... Y’all interns better stick together. #MoreSeason1Feels

Shonda’s death threat...

Okay. I hated the promos for the premiere and I detested all of the “someone will die” teasing because I still have PTSD from the plane crash tragedies. #NotEvenKidding

However, I actually enjoyed the teasing in the episode last night... I mean it really felt as though anyone could have died. Meredith had several moments where she gasped in agony without anyone seeing, which immediately made me think we might get another mere Meredith-cliffhanger even though I know better than to think they’d ever kill her off.

At one point early on, Christina actually utters those fateful words: I really feel like I’m gonna die today. Christina have you learnt nothing these past ten years?! SERIOUSLY

Of course we all knew Richard wouldn’t actually die, so when we saw Mousey get electrocuted it became pretty obvious she was on the out. Shame. Mousey was wicked!

 All in all...

A great start to what promises to be a bloody spectacular tenth season of Grey’s Anatomy!  We should definitely watch Yang closely in her final year as Shonda will surely throw some curve balls her way and there are that many relationship dramas going on at the moment it’s like when did MerDer become the show’s stable Monica/Chandler? Love it though.

Excited to be recapping Grey’s this year guys! See ya next week.


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