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The Seven Deadly Sins Get A Macabre Spin On Last Week's Face Off

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/15/2013 6:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Seven Deadly Sins Get A Macabre Spin On Last Week's Face Off
Media Courtesy of SyFy

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

Face Off  has seemed to moved past the foundation challenges, as last week's episode soared right into the spotlight challenge and started off in a church. Judge Glenn Hetrick looked out of place in the gorgeous yet creepy cathedral as he and Mckenzie Westmore told the remaining contestants that the mortal sins would be this week's challenge. The artists are asked to create a character to inhabit the sins. Laney chose greed. Roy chose pride. Frank chose gluttony. Tate chose sloth. Laura chose wrath. Eddie chose envy. Miranda chose lust. As an added challenge, the artists have to incorporate the color of the sin into their make up. The artists had thirty minutes to design. Frank automatically decided to go the obvious route and create a fat suit for gluttony. Laney chose for her character to be boiling in oil for eternity and incorporate money into her concept as most people who are greedy are materialistic. Tate went a Dante's Inferno route and was inspired by a crown in the church. His character is to be bound by snakes to a stake with a crown on top signifying the eye of God watching. Eddie's character is a demon and has committed the sin of envy and because of that, he is turning into the church he was unfaithful to. Laura’s concept sees a person tearing away her face to reveal an angry demon inside. Roy's sin is also interpreted as vanity so his character is a woman who has destroyed herself trying to make herself pretty. Lust is described as being swept into a whirlwind, so, Miranda goes with a demon with sweeping horns. Her color is the color of the demon. Roy's purple pride will be bruises upon the woman's face. Tate's blue will be his highlight colour. Laura's is red and will show as blood upon the torn away face. Day one ends with no big mess ups. Roy is worried about Frank going the obvious route and Eddie is slightly worried is concept is too abstract but neither of them change anything going into the second day. Day two brings troubles for Miranda as she gets her pieces molded but the mold cracks and the pressure washer busts. She asks for Frank's help but gets yelled at. In the end, Tate helps her. Later in the house where they all live, Roy pulls Tate aside and tells him it's time start looking after himself and not other people. Day three sees Tate's cowl in pieces. In addition to having to paint the snakes in his concept and the make up, he also has to piece together the makeup. Miranda's piece has a “second skin”. A second skin is when the foam and the latex aren't meeting properly. She has to cut the entire second skin off and re-piece her cowl together. Roy's make up struggles and instead of having real stitches, he has to paint stitches. Tate is behind as well and towards the end of last looks, Miranda just starts slapping paint on her model. Laura, Eddie, and Laney were all safe. Tate won top looks and Miranda was also safe. Roy and Frank were bottom looks and the judges lambasted Frank for his un-originality. In the end, Frank was sent home. There are only two rookies left and four veterans left for this week's challenge, which airs tonight on SyFy. [gallery ids="13727,13726,13725,13724,13723,13722,13721"]


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