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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Stakes Are High In This Week's Episode Of Teen Wolf, "Killer Game"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/22/2014 9:47 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Stakes Are High In This Week's Episode Of Teen Wolf,
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Shane Avery

Senior Staff Writer


Another week, another thrilling ride in Beacon Hills!! After the big reveal last week that Garrett and Violet were working for the Benefactor, this week's episode kicked off with Violet on the hunt for yet another supernatural being. She managed to trap a young blonde girl on a bus but, fortunately, she was able to escape Violet's clutches...... Only to run into "help" from a passing Garrett who proceeded to kill her!! And there's your usual, amazing Teen Wolf cold open!! We got caught up with Scott and Stiles, who were bringing Papa Stilinski up to speed on the deadpool surrounding all supernatural beings. It was revealed that they needed two other "cipher keys" to be able to unlock the rest of the names. All of that was being left to Lydia, who had parked herself at the beach house listening for the words. The boys deduced that whomever stole the Hale family fortune was funding the killings, and with Garrett and Violet on the loose doing their boss's bidding, it was a race to find out it was them before anymore of our beloved gang end up on a slab. After a hot workout (let's keep these up, TW), Liam was informed that the next scrimmage game was going to be against his former school. His day got worse when he got a visit by Derek, although it was all part of Scott's plan to show Derek how angry Liam truly gets. I really do love the growth from Scott (Tyler Posey) over the course of the 4 seasons, and the interaction with Derek telling him to take on the role of Alpha is incredible. Meanwhile, Stills was a sleuth on a mission. During Coach's class, he was looking at photos of the blonde girl's body and realized that, from the weapon used, the killer is a lacrosse player. Even after being urged by Stiles to cancel the upcoming game, Scott refused. Violet and Garrett meanwhile infected his dagger/lacrosse stick with some extra deadly wolf's bane, which would be enough to take out an Alpha. It was revealed however, that Scott isn't on their radar.... YET. Liam nearly reached his explosive breaking point once again when the opposing team arrived . After an intervention from the boys, Liam finally confessed what really happened at his old school: The car he demolished actually belonged to his old coach, and he was benched for the remainder of the reason. Liam was brought up to speed on the suspected lacrosse player who was at Lydia's beach house the night of the party and confessed he may not have known who ordered the keg, but GARRETT was the one who paid for it! Before we get to the game, though, Sheriff and Parish were visited by loony bin resident Meredith who claimed she was looking for Lydia. Derek and Chris Argent were catching up on the Kate drama, with Chris revealing he had his suspicions that his sister was in fact alive, and claimed he would keep her safe. Derek asked him not to...and revealed that after what Kate did to him, he was... LOSING HIS POWER. It was time for the big game though!! Scott was keeping his eye on Garrett, but of course that would leave Violet wide open to make her move. Stilinski and Parish brought Lydia and Malia to the station to see Meredith to get the help they needed in deciphering the final 2 code words. Kira showed off her kick-ass skills in the game, securing a goal; but unfortunately Coach benched her when she didn't pass. Being a scrimmage, she had to. Lydia began to lose her patience with Meredith when she wasn't getting the information out of her she needed. When the number they needed came up short, Lydia exploded demanding more. Meredith swore that's all she had. Chris Argent meanwhile received an unwelcome visit from Crazy Mexican Lady, who approached with a goon of her own, guns drawn. After a rough collision on the field and one member of the opposing team being taken off injured, Scott put two and two together that Garrett had picked out his next supernatural target: Liam. After Meredith was taken back to the asylum (where she BELONGS), Lydia seemed defeated,  but Malia was there to help. She thought that maybe the few numbers they got from Meredith could have stood for letters and managed to figure out the next word. It was revealed that Brett (Liam's former teammate) was actually a supernatural being, and Violet trapped him in the locker room. Scott came to his rescue only to have Violet attack him from behind. She was no match for Scott though, who managed to knock her out. Lydia then found a new name on the deadpool: Parish. I KNEW HE WAS SOMETHING!! Crazy Mexican Lady has seemingly got her hooks into Chris now unfortunately, and he seems poised to help her take down Scott and the gang. But will he? Another stellar episode this week with LOTS of twists and turns!! What did you guys think? Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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