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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Top 6 Take The Stage On The Voice: Who Scored And Who Missed?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/02/2013 10:33 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Top 6 Take The Stage On The Voice: Who Scored And Who Missed?
Media Courtesy of The Voice Tumblr

Bec Heim & Erika Rivera
Managing Editor & Senior Editor

Welcome to the Top Six!

One team is already knocked out of the game.

Now it’s down to three with Blake down to one team member, Christina down to two, and Adam still keeping three.

Oh dear Cee-Lo looks pissed.

Let’s see what happens shall we?

Bec's Take:

“Rich Girl” sung by Cole Vosbury: Blake gives Cole a brand new guitar. OHMYGOD Cole’s Dad looks like Blake a little bit! This song should be in Cole’s wheelhouse. This is a solid performance and Cole fits it comfortably. It is not, however, spectacular. It’s serviceable and solid. I liked it. Don’t get me wrong. Cole doesn’t take any chances though, which is a shame. Ha. I love Adam grooving out. Blake said that Cole was perfect and that he was born ready. He loves that Cole concentrates on what is important. Cee-Lo wants to share custody of Cole. Adam thought it was a solid performance.

“Redemption Song” sung by Tessanne Chin: Adam thinks that this “unofficial” Jamaican anthem would fit her perfectly. Adam wants it to be simple, powerful, and emotional. Reggae is not a genre I know well. It’s simple but impactful. I can’t really say anything that I haven’t said a million times. It’s quiet when it needs to be and it hits with those long notes when it needs to. It’s lovely and beautiful. Honestly what more can I expect from Tessanne at this point? Adam loved that she “carried the flag” and he was immersed in it. He thinks that people understand the potency and the power. Christina thought it was like a lullaby in the best way because she got lost in it.

“Story of My Life” sung by Matthew Schuler: Oh I hate it when Matthew’s voice is quiet and raspy. I hate to say this but I’m bored. I don’t know if this was the best song choice in the world for Matthew. There’s nothing here that I feel is interesting. The laser light show is distracting. Matthew’s voice is well good but not the best. I was bored watching it. I didn’t like the choir part. Christina thought it was the Heaven’s parting and the stage suits him. Adam pronounces the Blake the One Direction expert and respects that he hasn’t tried to surpass “Hallelujah.”

“A Change Is Gonna Come” sung by Will Champlin: He dedicates the song to his wife and little girl. The opening from the piano to the mic is a bit awkward. But oh once he gets to the mic…damn. It’s gorgeous. That lovely rasp to his voice overtakes the song with so much emotion. Not as good as “At Last” but it sounds great. I’m so much more engaged with this performance. Adam loved the opening and the courage of Will to tackle this song with grit. He also loves his genuine emotion in the song. Cee-Lo loved his ambition and reaching and wanting to be better. He thought it was a great job.

“I Fell In Love With A Girl” sung by James Wolpert: He dedicates this song to his Dad. For some reason, James looks uncomfortable onstage. I do dig the song though and the honesty in his voice. He is not hitting everything though. I prefer his Blind Audition more but I like the simplicity. That’s the problem when you do the same artist twice. It leads to comparisons. It was a good cover. I liked watching James perform it.  Adam loved the different genre and the direction he took with the music. He did hear some issues but he didn’t care. Blake hears the full on ten in his voice and didn’t hear the mess-up.

“Cry Baby” sung Jacquie Lee: Why do they give her these things? I’m sorry, stop giving her songs about heartbreak. Just give her something else. Please? Christina wants her to show her soul and to not second guess herself. Jacquie is going to be completely vulnerable. Her outfit is really distracting. I think this song may be a bit too old for her. Please, she keeps doing the same powerhouse thing. It’s boring watching the power at this point. I feel like I’ve seen this before. That last note though? That was stunning and may have blown out my eardrums. Christina does some serious campaigning and uses a fallen over mic stand as a metaphor for her heart. She loves seeing the confidence and is like a proud mama. Cee-Lo loved it. Adam does not want to see Jacquie with her heart broken.

“Better Man” sung by Cole Vosbury: Cole dedicates it to his “first love.” It’s one of Cole’s grittier and raw performances. He just sounds so good with this kind of vibe. Then there is that great moment of roughness. It just sounds so good and honest. I like it a lot and so wonderfully simple. It was also really safe. Blake thought it was beautiful and awesome. He loved that Cole is showing dimension to his voices and the character in his voice. Cee-Lo feels bittersweet about losing him but loves seeing Cole grow and open up to the world. Christina thought it sounded too raspy and needs to hold back a bit.

“Unconditionally” sung by Tessanne Chin: She dedicates the song to her divorced parents for teaching her unconditional love. This song is actually pretty perfect for Tessanne. It has those quiet moments. It has a lot more big, soaring moments though which suits her voice. She absolutely nails those big moments in the song. I mean what can I say? It rocked out loud! I loved the background and the raining flower petals. It rocked so hard. Damn Tessanne! She has earned her place in the finals. Adam wasn’t worried about her doing a Katy Perry song and he loves that she is showing range. Blake loves that she is a world class vocalist and could sing with the best.

“When A Man Loves A Woman” sung by Matthew Schuler: Christina wants him to do a classic soul record. It’s…okay. I’m sorry. It does feel like that Christina is trying to get him to one-up his Hallelujah moment. I don’t know. I just feel like Matthew’s voice is so clean for this song. It was okay. I was bored mainly. Christina’s boobs are back to distracting. She loves the performance and the range of it. Blake thought it was great.

“Hey Brother” sung by Will Champlin: Adam wants Will to do a genre defying song because Will defies genres.  Adam wants Will to wait until he’s comfortable for the banjo to come out. Will wants to lie out his heart and soul on the stage. Will goes right out with that banjo. I liked the song and I think that Will did a great job with it. He figured it out and Adam loves the blend of style. Adam loved that he nailed the long notes in the song. He wants to hear more and wants to do more with Will. I loved this performance over the first one of the night. Blake loved the banjo and the song choice.

“The Voice Within” sung by Jacquie Lee: Jacquie dedicates the song to her coach for inspiring her. Oh God Jacquie’s upper register. She always gets pitchy with it. She also has issues with songs that are quieter. Yes there are some great power notes for her. It is, however, not her best performance. The instruments are overwhelming her along with the chorus. It is really cute that Christina is lipsynching along. But mostly? Bored again. Christina is very struck to hear her “mini-me” sing that. She says that it’s a struggle to find yourself in the business and relates to Jacquie. Christina sees so many things that will come for her.

“I’ll Do Anything For Love” sung by James Wolpert: Adam wants him to go theatrical with this. James is going to delve into his background. Adam wants him to go all out. …HOLY HELL JAMES! This is so over the top and awesomely cheesy that I adore it. Just so much bonus points for going all out there James. I really can’t complain about what I just witnessed because I witnessed awesome. Adam reveals that James is sick and that he nailed it. He thought he did amazing. He had nothing to worry about because he did it well. Cee-Lo loved the performance and thought it was cool.

Erika's Take:

I’m going to be doing something a bit different this week in light of my regular recapping style. I’ll be grading their performances as things are getting down to the wire and giving mini critiques.

Team Blake: Cole Vosbury: “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates:


. I normally love me some Cole but there wasn’t anything spectacular about this performance. Hopefully he steps it up for the next one.

Team Adam: Tessanne Chin: “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley:


. Tessanne never fails to give me chills, and this performance was so beautifully stripped down to really let her vocals shine.

Team Christina: Matthew Schüler: “The Story Of My Life” by One Direction:


: Matthew started off a little rough by being too soft in the beginning but made up for it with those amazing high notes. I hope his second song is stronger.

Team Adam: Will Champlin: “A Change Is Going To Come” by Sam Cooke:


. I loved his rendition of “At Last” last week so this performance didn’t come off as quite as strong. Still another solid performance from him. I’m sure he’s going to bring it with his second song.

Team Adam: James Wolpert: “Fell In Love With A Girl” by the White Stripes:


. I thought this arrangement was a little weird. His voice is kinda losing its sparkle for me. He definitely needs to bring it for the second round.

Team Christina: Jacquie Lee: “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin:


. Jacquie left her heart on the stage. Minus a rough note at the end, the youngest competitor held nothing back. Topping this one is going to be rough.

Team Blake: Cole Vosbury: “Better Man” by James Morrison:


. I really was wishing for Cole to have a moment tonight but he stayed in his safe zone, which would be comforting but everyone else is giving it their all tonight. He’s going to be in danger for sure.

Team Adam: Tessanne Chin: “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry:


. HOT DAMN. Tessanne shut it down with that performance. She cemented her place in the finals with those vocals. I love me some Katy Perry but Tessanne just sang her song better than she did. JUST WOW.

Team Christina: Matthew Schüler: “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge:


. I think Matthew has unfortunately peaked. He kinda floundered at the end of the song with his high notes, which is unfortunate since I was looking forward to seeing his soulful side.

Team Adam: Will Champlin: “Hey Brother” by Avicii:


. Will really can’t do any wrong in the competition. With this performance, he showed the world that there isn’t a genre of music he can’t handle. Definitely headed to the finals as this was the stronger of the two performances tonight. Also, banjos are cool. Thanks, Blake.

Team Christina: Jacquie Lee: “The Voice Within” by Christina Aguilera:


. Not as strong as her first performance. She had a few rough moments and struggled a bit. Might have overreached a bit.

Team Adam: James Wolpert: “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” by Meatloaf:


. Adam couldn’t have picked a better song for James.This song is awesomely cheesy and amazing at the same time. James redeemed himself with this one for me.

Join us tomorrow to see who moves on!!


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