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Exclusive: The TVC Releases Video For 'Move Up' Featuring Connor Foley And Talks His Future

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/28/2016 5:53 am
Exclusive: The TVC Releases Video For 'Move Up' Featuring Connor Foley And Talks His Future | TVC
Media Courtesy of The TVC

Get ready to dance along while you watch The TVC feat. Connor Foley's hot new music video for their single "Move Up!"  This song is fun and really well made!  Watch the video and then check out our chat with The TVC below.

PopWrapped:  First of all, the song is great!  What was the inspiration behind it?  

The TVC:  Thank you! This is a song that I'm really proud of, so it means a lot! Connor and I wrote "Move Up" in a couple hours, so it's a very immediate song, that has a certain energy we trying to capture. After that first night of us just writing the lyrics and melodies and tracking his vocals, I spent some time just tweaking the arrangement, and adding other musical elements to it. We write together a fair amount, because one of my favorite things as a producer/songwriter is to be able to write with songwriters who have great voices. It speeds up the process, because we don't have to imagine what it would sound like if someone else sang it, because we're both right there in the room singing and recording our ideas immediately. My inspiration for The TVC always starts with the vocals. Connor has this really soulful voice and he can kind of do any genre he wants so I wanted to highlight his vocals in a unique way. So once I knew I wanted to make a rootsy, bluesy track with a modern edge, we just started throwing out lyrical ideas, and coming up with a concept which became "Move Up".

PW:  Are you planning a tour or some local performances?

TVC:  Yeah, definitely. I'm always looking for ways to do this music live, and I would love to tour in the future as soon as it's possible. I'm still honing my music and figuring out my space as an artist, but I'd jump at any opportunity to get to perform this music live.

PW:  Did you have an idea of what you wanted the video to look like or was it someone else’s vision that you loved?

TVC:  I was a film major in college, which doesn't validate me as a filmmaker, but definitely has an impact on me as a musician. I personally love music videos, and think it's important for me as an artist to represent my music in a physical, and tangible way, and since I don't always have the time or resources to just go out and tour my songs, I see this as a way of sharing myself with the people who hear my music. I was very hands on with this video since to me it sets the scene for my music, and how I see it, so a lot of the ideas came from me talking with the co-director Micah about my vision, and him giving me the freedom to make stylistic choices that represented The TVC. This video was my way of introducing myself as an artist first and a producer second, so that was kind of my inspiration for this video. I'm close with Connor so I knew he'd be comfortable having fun with it, and the idea of us not taking ourselves to seriously. I worked with two of my long time friends Micah Hamilton and Evan Schneider on this video, and they did a great job of bringing my ideas to life and capturing my weird aesthetic, and ideas.

PW:   How was it working with Connor Foley?  

TVC:  It's always a blast working with Connor, and that's why there's a few more collaborations coming down the pipe between Connor and I. I've known Connor since he was in high school and I was a freshman in college, so we've grown a lot together. It's usually very casual when Connor and I work together, he's the perfect blend of someone who cares deeply about music, but doesn't let that get in the way of his ability to connect with the people he works with. There's a lot of trust between he and I, which I think is an important thing to have when you write music with someone. I'm always excited to see the next step in his career, and it feels great to have captured our comradery and goofiness in this video.

PW:   Who were your musical inspirations?

TVC:  I'm always listening to everything, but I grew up listening to alternative/indie rock in high school, and more recently I find myself listening to so many different artists from all over the spectrum. I remember reading something about Michael Jackson and how he would read the charts every week, and then go and listen to every song on the top 100 chart or something like that, that tells me that he valued what was going on in pop culture. I think it's important to me to listen to the legends as well as stay as fresh and up to date, so I know where music came from and where music is going. My goal is to follow the song, so I take the most inspiration from the song itself, and then figure out where that song should go, and just not get in the way of the process. For "Move Up" I was trying to make something that sounded exciting, percussive, and a little bit of throw back to soul/blues and rock n' roll, but really I can take my inspiration from anywhere, and it's more about curating the sounds that inspire the process to create something cohesive and interesting. Drums are the first instrument I learned, so hip-hop, and indie rock are kind of my favorite things to produce, and I think that's kind of evident in the song a little bit.

Big thanks to The TVC for taking the time to chat with us! Keep up to date with upcoming projects by following him at his website and on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud!


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