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The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere: Different Town, Same Vampire Problem

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/06/2014 3:48 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere: Different Town, Same Vampire Problem

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

It’s been a hot, long, grueling summer without any new Vampire Diaries to keep us company on Thursday nights.  But luckily for us, the premiere date was moved up one week  from its original scheduled date, and we finally got to enjoy all the twists and turns we’ve all grown to love so much.  Sure, there may be some lads with sexy accents missing from Mystic Falls but considering The Vampire Diaries had me hooked way before their arrival, this premiere was welcomed with open, loving arms.  And in case you forgot what went down last May, don’t worry because Stefan Salvatore’s got you covered.
Previously on The Vampire Diaries...
Everything that’s happened to Stefan is love’s fault, but really what I think he meant to say is that it was all Elena’s fault.  She’s the reason he came to town and also the reason he left, when she finally chose Damon as her one true love.  Bonnie did a bunch of expression  magic, brought Jeremy back from the dead and ended up killing herself in the process.  Elena shoved the cure down Katherine’s throat and made her human.  And the shocker of all shockers, Silas revealed his true form and turns out he’s Stefan’s doppelganger.  Oh, and he locked poor Stefan in a safe and left him to drown at the bottom of a lake.
“I Know What You Did Last Summer” opens up with Elena and Damon, who are super in love and having lots of sex at the Salvatore manor.  Elena has also been keeping in touch with Bonnie through email because she thinks she’s out having some grand adventure when really she’s been dead and only talking to Jeremy the whole summer.  Caroline is busy packing for college and talking to Tyler on the phone—I guess he’s been helping a wolf pack in Tennessee and that’s why he’s been MIA.  Matt and Rebekah are having a threesome in Amsterdam and Katherine is not having a good time as a human.
At the Salvatore manor, Elena is reading an email from Caroline when her mind goes back to Stefan.  She tells Damon that she has a weird feeling that something bad is going to happen—they live in Mystic Falls, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.  When Damon leaves, her finger dances over Stefan’s name on her contacts list but ultimately decides not to call him.  Cut to Stefan at the bottom of the lake as he comes back to life and drowns all over again.
Jeremy’s explanation to how it’s possible he’s not really dead?  Drugs.  His plan is to tell people he was only looking for attention and faked his own death.  Meanwhile, Caroline shows up to pick up Elena so they can head to college together.  I’m guessing the reason they’re going to Whitmore College and not a big university is because they never really attended high school.  At college, Elena tells Caroline she’s been thinking about Stefan and Caroline tries to convince her to call him.  She waves her Stelena flag all over the place but Elena isn’t changing her mind about choosing Damon.  Bonnie shows up and tells them they’re all there together, however she’s a ghost so Caroline and Elena have no idea she’s with them.  Sad.
Okay, where is this college and why is their dorm the size of my whole apartment?  Elena and Caroline are ready to celebrate their new college life with a special drink but are surprised to find out they’ve been assigned another roommate—Megan.  Caroline wants to get rid of her ASAP but Elena wants to have a normal college experience without having to resort to compulsion.  Later, Elena and Damon are on the phone talking about their wonderful relationship when Katherine shows up at the Salvatore home looking like a crazy homeless lady.
Back at Mystic Falls High, Bonnie is now back with Jeremy as he replies to one of Caroline’s emails.  Bonnie’s also been sending her dad postcards from all the places she’s supposedly visiting in order to keep her death under wraps.  She think Jeremy and her are lucky because they can still communicate, but Jeremy tells her that he can’t feel her when she touches his arm.  This can only mean one thing, Jeremy won’t be having any ghost sex this season.
Meanwhile, in another part of town, Matt ain’t about that college life.  Instead, he’s busy tapping kegs at a Mystic Falls event when Rebekah shows up to remind him of all the good times they had together.  They make out against a tree and she asks him to come with him to New Orleans but he’s very firm on the whole “no strings attached” thing.  Rebekah kisses him again and tells him not to miss her.  I gotta be honest, I was expecting a much more heartfelt goodbye from these two.  Somewhere else in the park, Silas interrupts Sheriff Forbes meal time and doesn’t hesitate to spill the beans about who he really is, all while draining her wrist of blood.  Silas reads her thoughts—we know this because the image goes slightly out of focus and it’s accompanied by sound effects.  We also learn that Silas hates being called a vampire.  After he’s done, he tells her to forget about it and just remember Stefan stopped by to say hello, and he doesn’t even have to do the compulsion thing with the eyes.
Megan is bonding with Elena and Caroline over boyfriend talk.  Caroline says Tyler will be joining them at Whitmore but Elena doesn’t sound too sure.  Afterwards, Caroline lays down some rules for Megan: no touching her stuff and no following her around.  When they’re all on the same page, a tall, dark, handsome fellow—Jesse—comes up to the girls and hands them a flyer for a party that night.  You can tell he takes a liking for Caroline, but she brushes it off.
Back in Mystic Falls High, Jeremy is getting bullied by some nobodies in the school hallway.  I can’t take this scene seriously because who in their right mind would pick a fight with someone who looks like Jeremy Gilbert?  He turns all hunter status on them and beats them up.  At the Salvatore home, Katherine is drinking away her sorrows and Damon knows she’s miserable.  He offers to turn her into a vampire again but she’s not willing to risk her life by dying instead of turning.  They receive a call from the school saying Jeremy’s been expelled.  Katherine asks Damon for his protection because “someone” is after her.  Then we cut to Stefan at the bottom of the lake.  He comes back to life and dies again.  He has a hallucination where Damon speaks to him and asks him to turn off his humanity switch but he’s resilient.
Caroline snoops around in Megan’s belongings and when she tries to drink from her protein water she finds out it has vervain.  She becomes suspicious of their new roommate, thinking she might be a hunter but Elena tells her not to jump to conclusions.  They have to act normal in order to convince her they’re normal, so they head to Jesse’s party.  When they try to get inside the house they realize they can’t enter until they are invited in.  After a while, they decide to leave the party.  Megan calls Elena and tells them that she needs her help—someone is chasing her.  As they try to figure out what’s happening to her, Megan falls from above and lands right next to their feet.  There is a vampire bite on her neck.
Damon picks up Jeremy from school and takes him to the Mystic Grill.  He compelled the principal to suspend him instead of expelling him.  Silas shows up at the grill and Damon, thinking he’s Stefan, is surprised to see him there.  Silas messes with Damon and reads his thoughts, he figures out that Katherine is living at the Salvatore house.  As Silas is leaving, he runs into Jeremy and pats him on the arm but Jeremy senses something and realizes it’s not Stefan.  Bonnie tells him that the spell must have broken and Jeremy tells Damon that it was Silas.
Silas shows up at the Salvatore home as Katherine is taking a bath.  They flirt a bit until he decides to choke her but Katherine’s survival instincts kick in and she cuts him with a blade and runs away.  When she gets downstairs, she runs into Damon who tells Jeremy to take Katherine with him.  Silas tells Damon he’s Stefan’s doppelganger and when the Salvatore questions what he wants with Katherine, Silas tells him it’s a surprise.  He gets Damon to call Jeremy and bring Katherine back when he informs him Stefan is in danger.  Jeremy is driving back to the Salvatore home but Katherine tussles with him, causing them to crash into a light post.  They’re both badly hurt but she’s able to limp away, leaving him on his own.  Bonnie is there with Jeremy, when Damon shows up and feeds him his blood to heal him.
Not surprisingly, the authorities over at Whitmore are just as naive and useless as the ones in Mystic Falls.  The head of campus security tells Caroline and Elena that she is convinced Megan killed herself.  They ask if the girls have seen her cellphone but they lie in order to avoid raising any suspicions about themselves.  When they return to the dorm, they find out someone’s taken Megan’s tablet.  Elena looks through Megan’s phone and finds a picture of her dad with Megan.
At the park, Matt spots the girl with whom Rebekah and him had a threesome.  Her name is Nadia and she’s definitely up to no good.  Apparently, Matt forgot his “ring of not dying” in Amsterdam.  When she slips it on his finger, a man comes up from behind him and grabs his head.  He blurts something that sounds like a spell and Matt’s eyes turn completely black before going back to normal.  He loses consciousness.
Later, Caroline listens to a voicemail from Tyler.  He tells her that he’s going to take a break from school for a while since helping the wolf pack in Tennessee is very important to him.  She’s heartbroken and cries into her pillow as Elena tells her how sorry she is.  As they both get ready for bed, we see Stefan struggling to breathe underwater and he has another hallucination.  Once again, Damon tells him to flip the switch and put himself out of his misery.  Stefan seems like he’s close to giving in when Elena suddenly appears to him, she asks him to not let go of his humanity.  She tells him to do it for her.  I think Elena and Stefan are somehow communicating without even knowing it.
Damon and Elena talk on the phone.  He keeps the truth from her about Jeremy, the accident, Silas and Katherine.  He doesn’t want her to worry and tells Jeremy he’s going to figure things out.  Back at the park, the party is still in full swing.  Bonnie’s dad—who’s name I forgot but won’t longer be relevant—is giving a speech to the crowd about an end-of-summer tradition they have in Mystic Falls when Silas rudely walks on stage and interrupts.  He uses his mind control to influence the whole town square, as Bonnie watches on.  He orders them to stay completely still and then proceeds to cut the mayor’s throat.  Bonnie screams in horror and runs to him, watching helplessly as her dad dies.  The episode ends with Silas telling the town square that he needs their help finding Katherine.
Was this the strongest premiere of TVD so far?  No, but it was a pretty solid episode overall.  They did a great job at telling us what everyone had been up to all summer and also set up the following episodes quite nicely.  I’m intrigued to find out what’s Megan’s connection to Elena.  I want to see more of human Katherine and also want to know who was the vampire who killed Megan at Whitmore College.  Is it too soon to point fingers at Jesse?  So many questions, I love it!  What did you think of the premiere?  Did it live up to your expectations?  What are you most looking forward to this season?


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