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The Vampire Diaries 'The Walking Dead' Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/14/2013 5:19 pm
The Vampire Diaries 'The Walking Dead' Recap


Elena Butler

Staff Writer

This time last year, the 22nd episode of The Vampire Diaries had signified the end of the 3rd season.  We were all moping around, wondering what we’d be doing for the rest of the summer and trying to figure out next year’s storyline.  Not this time!  Well, not until this Thursday anyway.  We got lucky enough to get 23 episodes this season as opposed to the usual 22, and the penultimate chapter raised the stakes (ha!) considerably higher and set up what’s sure to be a jaw-dropping, action-packed finale on May 16th.  There were bromances and romances blooming once again, as the dead literally walked the streets of Mystic Falls.  Some sought revenge, while others just wanted to drink some bourbon.  Let’s break down “The Walking Dead,” shall we?

Previously on The Vampire Diaries…

Damon faked-killed Matt and brought back Elena’s emotions.  Silas played tricks on Caroline and Bonnie made a deal with Katherine.  Stefan asked Elena to focus on one thing to control her emotions.  She chose to focus on killing Katherine.

The episode picks up with Elena breaking some cinder blocks, Stefan is trying to make her deflect her anger onto something else, rather than killing Katherine.  He’s convinced she really doesn’t want to kill her but Elena is very sure of her decision.  She hates Katherine and wants her dead.  

Later that day, Rebekah continues her flirting with a certain quarterback.  Seriously, why haven’t they hooked up already?  And outside the Grill, Caroline and Elena are busy filling out graduation invitations.  While Caroline is on her second batch, Elena’s only filled out a single one.  Yikes!  Poor girl doesn’t have any living relatives.

Stefan meets Damon at the Mystic Falls hospital, where Sheriff Forbes informs them that patients are being drained of blood.  They’re sure Silas is preparing himself for the spell to drop the veil.  Damon explains everything to Sheriff Forbes, who takes it quite well.  They basically just told her that Silas wants to bring on the end of the world and she’s just like, “Oh, must be Thursday.”

In the woods and at the sight of the third sacrifice, Bonnie is trying to harness enough power to drop the veil to the other side, while Katherine questions her motives.  Bonnie wants to speak with Quetsiyah to ask her how to immobilize Silas and therefore prevent him from unleashing hell on Earth.  Katherine isn’t sure she can pull it off, but when she attempt to leave, Bonnie informs her that she linked them.  She can’t risk Silas getting into her head and finding out she can do the spell without a full moon.  They head to the Lockwood cellar, where classy Katherine complains about it reeking of wet dog.  I love her!  While inside, Bonnie starts doing her witchy thing and causes a powerful windstorm in Mystic Falls.  

At the Grill, Rebekah tries talking to Elena about her new state of mind.  Elena explains that she hates Katherine and that just because her and Rebekah were friends when her humanity was off, doesn’t mean they still are.  Caroline approaches them and confronts Elena about the things she told her when her humanity was off.  Elena straight out tells her she won’t apologize because she doesn’t want to feel bad about it.  The lights suddenly go out.  They head outside and realize the whole town is out of power.  We get a quick shot of Bonnie and Katherine at the Young farm.  Bonnie has completed linking all the hotspots and it’s now time to drop the veil.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes and the Salvatores, figure out that Bonnie is behind the odd occurrences.  The Sheriff tells them that someone saw Bonnie leaving the Young farm with “Elena,” of course the boys realize it’s not really Elena but Katherine.  Also, the middle of the expression triangle just happens to be The Mystic Falls High School and that is where Bonnie is performing the spell.  They head to the school and Elena tells Stefan to go inside and help Caroline search for Bonnie, while she goes with Damon.  The older Salvatore thinks she wants to be with him, but really, she just wants information about where to find Katherine.  Damon tells her she’s with Bonnie, and Elena is suddenly interested in finding her witch friend.
Inside the school, Caroline and Stefan realize that while they’re in the right place, they’re supposed to be a few levels underground.  The camera pans below the school – this whole town is build over tunnels, guys!  Bonnie asks Katherine for the tombstone and she hands it over without hesitation.  The group makes plans to use the basement to access the underground level.  Damon tells Elena she can’t come with them because she will ruin their plans.  Elena responds by staking him in the stomach and going after Katherine by herself.  Back in the cave, Bonnie begins channeling the expression triangle.  The tombstone starts bleeding, fire suddenly appears on torches around the cave, and presto!  The veil has been dropped.

And the first ghost we see joining the realm of the living is… Alaric!  He appears to his bestie, Damon, as he’s struggling to take the stake out of his gut.  Damon thinks Silas is playing with his head, but Alaric has a foolproof way of convincing him he’s real.  How could Silas possibly know about the secret liquor stashed in locker 42?  They hug it out, the bromance lives and everyone’s happy – for a second!  Alaric tells him the veil is only down within the expression triangle.  The ghosts can’t step outside of it of they’ll disappear.

At the Grill, romance continues blooming between Matt and Rebekah.  There’s lit candles and everything but just as they’re getting close, Kol strolls in looking for a drink.  And he’s got a new haircut!  Wonder who the stylist is on the other side.  Quetsiyah?  Anyway, I love that little psychopath so much.  I’m so glad he’s back, even for a bit.  He’s back seeking revenge – Jeremy is already dead but Elena isn’t.  After some arguing with Rebekah, he leaves the Grill but not before stabbing Matt with a broken bottle. 

In the cave, Katherine tells Bonnie she heard some noises and wants to go investigate.  After Bonnie agrees to let her go, Katherine taunts Silas into coming out of hiding.  However, it’s her doppelganger who greets her.  Elena stakes her in the stomach – because these vampires never aim for the heart – and Bonnie immediately begins to feel the effects.  Stefan and Caroline get there just in time and she tells them Katherine is linked to her.  Stefan stops Elena from killing Katherine.  He explains to Elena that Bonnie and Katherine were linked but she refuses to believe him.  Her rage is clouding her judgement.  When she tries to leave, Stefan makes an attempt to stop her and he punches him.

Cut to the Grill, where Matt refuses to have Rebekah cure him with her blood.  He’s afraid of turning into a vampire before graduation.  When Rebekah goes looking for the first aid kit, she finds Caroline sitting on the ground, slashing her wrists with a blade.  It’s not a pretty sight and based on viewers’ reactions, it was quite a controversial scene.  Rebekah want her to snap out of it but the talking is useless.  She resorts to slapping her and that totally does the trick.  Caroline’s response is priceless.

In the cave, Silas admits to Bonnie that he took Caroline’s form to fool her.  He speaks to her, each time appearing as someone different – Caroline, Stefan, Damon – and tells her that she has no idea who he really is or what he really looks like.  For all we know, he might be super hot – there is still hope!  So basically, Silas is a big fat liar!  He only made Bonnie believe he couldn’t get in her head.  He wants her to drop the veil completely so he can take the cure and die.  He takes the form of Alaric, in an effort to convince Damon that dropping the veil is their best option.

After punching Stefan in the face, Elena goes to Jeremy’s grave.  She cries, admitting that she can’t kill Katherine.  She knows Stefan is right when he says it will only be a temporary distraction but her anger will still be there.  She tells him that she can’t move on and accept that he’s gone.  Kol interrupts her grieving, determined to settle an old score.  He toys around with her a bit – he is kind of sadistic, after all – and kicks her around until she’s lying on the ground weak and defenseless.  He’s ready to deliver his final blow and Elena even asks him to kill her.  But her little bro, Jeremy, shows up with crossbow in hand and shoots him.  This doesn’t do much to stop Kol, but before he can do anything else, Stefan comes up from behind him and breaks his neck.

Back in the cave, Bonnie is struggling to breathe after Silas made her think she was dying.  Her Grams appears and tells her to focus on her breathing.  Bonnie think she’s Silas at first, but Grams tells her that Silas wouldn’t be trying to save her life.  Bonnie apologizes for using dark magic.  Grams knows that she has no other choice but to use her expression to put Silas down.  Meanwhile, somewhere else in the cave, Silas tries to fool Damon into thinking he’s Alaric but the Salvatore doesn’t buy it.  Bonnie arrives and uses her expression magic to turn Silas into stone.  He slowly changes into his real form but his face is covered by his hands, so I guess that’s a revelation for a later time.  Season 5?

The group knows that all Silas needs is a drop of blood to come back to life, so they need to find a way to get rid of him.  Stefan wants to drop him in the ocean – because that worked out so well with Klaus.  This show!  Bonnie tells Elena that she’ll give her and Jeremy as much time as she can to catch up.  When Elena tries to apologize to him and Stefan, Damon urges her to take advantage of the little time she has to say goodbye to her brother.  

Meanwhile, Stefan says he’ll go dump Kol’s body “somewhere safe.”  And he either did it really fast or left it for later – Stefan the procrastinator – because he pops in at the Grill, where Caroline wants him to join her for a drink.  He’s bummed that Lexi didn’t show up but just as he’s lamenting her not being there, Lexi does pay him a visit.  They have a very cute reunion in which she makes fun of Elena punching him in the face.  Their friendship is way too adorable and I really hope he and Caroline develop a similar relationship.

Later, Alaric helps Damon load Silas into the trunk of his car (LOL), and hands him the cure.  When Damon asks what he’s supposed to do with it, he tells him to go get the girl.  I guess Alaric turned into a Delena shipper, while on the other side.  It’s a shame we don’t get to see it, it sounds like a fascinating place.  People start shipping new pairings, they get haircuts, and hire new stylists!

Anyway, we cut to Bonnie trying to work something out to keep Jeremy from going back to the other side.  She is convinced that her expression magic is enough to bring him back permanently.  Her Grams warns her that it’s too dangerous and she shouldn’t mess with it.  But does Bonnie listen?  Of course not!  She begins chanting her spell and the dark veins take over her face and arms but she loses consciousness. 

In town, Rebekah and Matt are leaving the Mystic Grill when she spots Alexander roaming around like a Neanderthal.  The power comes back on and her worries start to dissipate, thinking that he’ll probably go back to the other side where he belongs.  Dead wrong!  He catches sight of them and begins walking in their direction.  They decide it’s time to get out of there but when they turn around, Connor and Vaughn are there to greet them.  Hold the phone! When did Vaughn die?  Are we supposed to assume he starved to death on the island?  Not cool writers, I thought he was alive this whole time.  Sad face.

Back in the cave, Grams is there to deliver the major twist of this episode.  She informs Bonnie that her spell was unfortunately too much for her.  Bonnie looks over, only to see her body lying on the ground.  She’s super dead, you guys!  Now, the question remains, was she still linked to Katherine and did the doppelganger die along with her?

Dun, dun, dun!  So what did Bonnie’s spell do exactly?  Does this mean Jeremy is back and alive?  There have been rumors circling around that only one dead character will stick around permanently.  Can we assume that’s Jeremy or do you guys have any other guesses?  Lastly, are you ready for the finale this Thursday?



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