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The Vampire Diaries 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/08/2014 6:22 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Vampire Diaries 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' Recap
Media Courtesy of IMDB
Elena Butler Staff Writer What happened between last week’s episode and this one?  It felt off for some reason.  Maybe I was expecting a little more excitement.  “Total Eclipse of the Heart” featured another ball, although this one wasn’t nearly as epic as the one back in S3.  It was more of a college dance where all the attendants were suffering from a broken heart or something.  Caroline of course, was more than down for this sort of thing, after all her boy drama who could blame her?  Meanwhile, Damon continued his quest to finish off the Whitmores and unfortunately Bonnie and Jeremy got swept up in his shenanigans.  Katherine’s point this episode was mainly to talk about how much she wants Stefan to be with her again, which I will admit, kind of bothers me a bit because she’s way better than that.  So, what else happened before, after and in between? Read on to find out. Previously on The Vampire Diaries... Katherine made use of her traveler juju to jump into Elena’s body.  Tyler found out Caroline sexed up Klaus in the woods and lost it.  Elena broke up with Damon.  Damon went off the deep end again and killed Aaron Whitmore with the help of Enzo. The episode picks up with Katherine writing in Elena’s diary and talking about how much she loves being Elena Gilbert.  She’s back to being young, hot, and most importantly, a vampire.  She deletes all the pictures of Elena and Damon off her phone and makes a picture of Elena and Stefan her main photo.  Inside one of the classrooms, Caroline gives the girls a flyer to a dance happening at the college.  It’s a “Bitter Ball,” how fitting for everyone.  Caroline sees it as a way to clean their slate and start celebrating their new single life—well, except Bonnie who is most definitely not single.  As she’s rambling, Bonnie catches a glimpse of the girl sitting next to her.  She’s playing around with a pen and spinning it on her desk without touching it. In Mystic Falls, Stefan finds Aaron’s body in the trunk of Damon’s car and confronts him about it.  Damon is very nonchalant about killing him and Stefan realizes it’s all due to Elena dumping him.  Enzo walks in and says it was all his idea.  Stefan is not okay with his brother’s new BFF.  They tell Stefan they’re now on the hunt for Wes who has mysteriously disappeared.  Back at Whitmore, Katherine calls a compelled Matt and practices the lines he’ll be reciting to Stefan when he calls to invite him to the ball.  Nadia takes the phone from Matt and complains to Katherine about not fulfilling her promise about hanging.  She’s tired of pretending to mope over her death at the bar and she also doesn’t like treating Matt like a puppet because she actually cares about him. We then head over to Wes’ new lab where he has a guy named Joey handcuffed and ready to turn into a vampire.  A woman named Sloan comes in and tells him she’s there to fund his new vampire research.  He’s weary of her but she says all she wants in return is for him to analyze some blood—Stefan and Elena’s blood, right?  Sloan informs him about Aaron’s death and warns that he’s most likely next on the hit list. Meanwhile, Damon and Enzo continue their search for Wes by interrogating Whitmore’s head of security—you know, the lady who covered up Megan’s death.  She insists that she has no idea where Wes is hiding.  Realizing she’s a dead end, Enzo snaps her neck like a twig and then buries her back in the woods.  Stefan finds him and warns him to stay away from his brother—protective Stefan is the best.  He’s so invested in Damon’s wellbeing that he’s willing to kill Enzo if he doesn’t leave town and quit being a bad influence on him. We cut to the dorm, where Katherine is debating whether to call Stefan or not.  Caroline walks in and tells her it’s obvious she’s faking it when she says everything is fine.  Caroline’s sure that “Elena’s” only being a good friend by pretending not to care about Damon because she knows she recently broke up with Tyler.  Their conversation is interrupted by Stefan who calls “Elena” to talk about Enzo—Katherine has no idea who Enzo is.  She tells Stefan about the ball and he turns down the invitation.  “Elena” promises to owe him a good time if he doesn’t have fun.  Caroline seems a bit taken aback by her sudden interest in the Salvatore. At the bar, Tyler arrives to drown his Caroline sorrows in alcohol and notices Nadia sitting by herself.  She receives a text from Katherine asking about Enzo.  Tyler’s quite interested in the newbie and doesn’t seem to care that she’s Katherine’s daughter.  They drink as they share their horrible mom stories and Matt reminds us that Tyler hooked up with his mom—at his dad’s funeral.  Nadia seems amused.  Tyler steps away for a minute and she doesn’t waste the opportunity to compel Matt and ask about Enzo.  However, Tyler isn’t too far away and is able to zone in on the conversation which causes him to become very suspicious of her motives.  Later, he tells Matt that he’s being compelled and he discovers that his vervain bracelet is missing.  Tyler tells Matt to start taking vervain again. Back at the Salvatore manor, Bonnie and Jeremy are about to head to the Bitter Ball when Damon interrupts their cute, intimate moment.  He tells Bonnie that he’s there to kidnap Jeremy and that she no longer has the power to stop him from doing what he wants.  He’s taking Jeremy as leverage so Bonnie can find him a witch to perform a locator spell to find Wes.  Enzo arrives and begins hurting Jeremy, causing Bonnie to agree to help.  Later, she shows up with Damon at the Bitter Ball and locate the girl in Bonnie’s class who was playing with the pen—Liv Parker. “Elena” and Caroline arrive at the dance and “Elena” immediately runs into Stefan.  She gets a text from Nadia telling her about Enzo.  “Elena” asks Stefan to dance and she’s way flirty and chipper.  Stefan questions how she’s doing and as they dance Caroline watches from afar, not liking the fact that she’s starting to get close to Stefan again.  She tells Stefan that she didn’t like the person she became with Damon.  When she wants to know what’s going on with him and Enzo, Stefan decides to talk about it later instead.  Caroline interrupts their dance and takes “Elena” with her to the shredding station.  While there, Caroline shreds pictures of her and Tyler as well as the drawing Klaus made for her.  Damn, I think my heart just got shredded along with that drawing.  Caroline does it as a way to put an end to her past relationships.  She tells “Elena” that she knows she’s been through a lot but she doesn’t want her to make things confusing between her and Stefan. Later, Caroline approaches Stefan and asks him what’s happening with Damon.  He tells her that Damon is back to his old ways and killed Aaron.  Stefan knows that if Elena finds out about it, she’s going to finally give up on Damon and he’s afraid he can’t put an end to what he’s doing on his own.  Damon interrupts, with Bonnie in tow.  He tells them about finding a witch and doing a locator spell on Wes.  Bonnie informs them that Enzo has Jeremy and is threatening to kill him unless the spell is performed by midnight.  Bonnie shows them a picture of a bound Jeremy on her phone.  “Elena” walks up to them and sees it, trying her hardest to pretend she cares. Hilariously, she calls Nadia to ask if the real Elena would ever actually let Jeremy die and have it come off as believable.  Nadia gets at her for being so selfish and reminds her that Elena would do anything to save her brother.  She basically orders her to get her act together and find Jeremy.  Katherine doesn’t seem to care about anything but Stefan nowadays and it’s kind of disappointing.  I hope the show doesn’t make this her sole purpose because it would be a waste of her character.  Katherine tells Nadia to ask around if Caroline has feelings for Stefan because she wants to know if she should worry about competition.  Nadia “compels” Matt and asks him about it but he says he doesn’t know.  After she leaves, Tyler comes out and Matt is about to spill the beans when Nadia comes back and breaks Tyler’s neck.  Later, Matt lies to Tyler and tells him Nadia just wanted to talk about Katherine and that’s why he was being compelled.  Tyler actually believes him but advises him to stay away from her.  However, Matt jumps into a car with Nadia right after he leaves.  He figures out Katherine is alive and in Elena’s body and Nadia threatens to kill him if he says anything. Back at Whitmore, Bonnie pays Liv a visit and asks for her help.  She straight up tells her she knows she’s a witch—because she used to be one.  Liv tells her she can’t help her and doesn’t know what she’s doing.  She’s about to leave when she’s stopped by a vamped-out Caroline who tells her she has no other option but to help.  They set up the spell, Damon now in the room with them.  Bonnie walks her through it and asks her to repeat the words after her.  Liv does as she says and eventually there’s wind, all the candles in the room light up and a chandelier falls from the ceiling.  Liv gets scared and stops, she tells Bonnie that she’s set buildings on fire and hurt people before.  Damon gets a call from Enzo who tells them he’s going to kill Jeremy if they don’t continue with the spell. Back at the Salvatore manor, Enzo tells Jeremy that Bonnie hasn’t come through with the spell.  He’s serious about following through with his threat so he wraps a plastic sheet over Jeremy’s face, causing him to suffocate.  We head back to Whitmore where Bonnie informs Liv that Jeremy’s life is in her hands now and convinces her to finish what she started.  “Elena” and Stefan get to the Salvatore manor just in time to save Jeremy.  While Stefan engages in a fight with Enzo, “Elena” tries to do CPR on her unconscious “brother.”  “Ew,” she says as she blows air into his lungs.  Jeremy finally comes to and “Elena” gets stabbed in the back by Enzo.  Everything comes to a halt when Damon walks through the door and lets them know that the spell worked.  Okay, how far is Whitmore from Mystic Falls?  I know Damon has vampire speed but that was some serious running he just did.  He tells Enzo that Wes is in Richmond and they make their way there.  Stefan tells Damon not to bother coming back.  “I wasn’t planning on it,” he replies.  The smirk on Katherine’s face is oh so very devious. Back at Whitmore, “Elena” asks Stefan to check her back for a splinter.  She lowers her dress’ strap as he picks it out.  They talk about Damon killing Aaron and she says she figured it out when he walked through the Whitmore house without an invitation.  “Elena” asks him to be honest with her no matter what.  Stefan admits that he’s been waiting for Damon to screw up just so she would go back to hating him.  But now, he realizes Damon’s always been there for her and he’s come to like the person he’s become since they’ve been together.  “Elena” tells him he can’t go back to him after he threatened Jeremy but she’s willing to help him bring him back.  She makes it clear she’s only doing it for him and no one else.  They hug and Caroline walks in, once again interrupting their moment. Enzo and Damon arrive at Richmond and break into Wes’ lab.  However, they are greeted by a group of travelers.  Wes shows up and tells them they’re his backup.  They do their chant and debilitate Enzo and Damon enough for Wes to stick a needle in Damon’s neck.  He knows that it’s possible for him to have been injected with the substance that will make him crave vampire blood.  Later, they find the Joey guy still handcuffed in one of the rooms.  When Damon helps him get the handcuffs off, his blood makes him lose control and he feeds on him, so much that his head falls off.  Ripper 2.0?  Enzo realizes this will be a big problem. Okay.  Damon has finally been transformed into a vampire killing machine.  How exactly does this work?  They’ve never really explained it well before but I’m assuming he will have some sort of restraint, otherwise he’d kill everyone he knows.  At this point, it seems like the only person invested in saving Damon from himself is Stefan, which does make me miss Elena. And what about Katherine?  Are you guys happy with the way her character has gone from a conniving, evil genius to a girl pining over a Salvatore? Love it, hate it?  Leave us a comment below, PopWrappers.  We want to hear from you.

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