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The Voice Continues Night Three Of The Blind Auditions With Some Big Bang Theory Star Power

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/30/2013 11:06 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Voice Continues Night Three Of The Blind Auditions With Some Big Bang Theory Star Power
Media Courtesy of NBC

Bec Heim


Erika Rivera

Managing Editor & Senior Editor

Welcome back everyone to The Voice blind auditions! We’re quite merrily trucking along. I’m totally digging Cee-Lo’s MJ homage outfit by the way. Though I am disappointed in lack of animal companion. Also Blake and Adam’s bromance continues to be epic. Plus Christina has gotten a dose of Shakira sweetness.  Not too much but enough. Plus less cleavage I’m a big fan of this. So what will be instore for us tonight? Join your Dynamic Duo and find out! Adam has 5 artists. Blake has 4 artists. Cee-Lo has 4 artists. Christina has 4 artists.

Bec's Take:

“Use Me” sung by Ray Boudreaux: A single father from Louisana. He had a daughter at twenty-two. She is the most adorable thing ever. He does lawn mowing to supplement his income. Seriously she is just so cute and she is clinging to him like a monkey. He has a very smooth and smoky voice. Blake turns around. Audrey starts cheering. I’m cheering.  Then Cee-Lo turns around. Adam is teasing Blake but doesn’t push. Adam says he “looks like Blake and sounds like Cee-Lo.” Adam and Christina say that there were some gaps in his song. Cee-Lo name drops a bit. He feels like they are cut from the same cloth. Blake says “welcome to his team.” Blake does the finger. TEAM BLAKE “Landslide” sung by Lina Guadanzi: A daughter of a model who followed in her mother’s footsteps. She stopped when she hit an awkward phase. She moved to Paris on a whim and fell in love with music. Her voice has a bit of vibrato. I don’t know if I liked it. There’s something about it where I’m not clicking. Christina likes it though because she turns around. Blake hits his button. Christina name drops Chris Mann when Lina drops opera in her past. She likes bluesy-soulful-folk. Blake thinks she should come with him. There is a lot of talking over each other. Adam is enjoying this. Blake says he speaks “winning.” Adam supports Christina. TEAM CHRISTINA “Mercy” sung by Juhi: A very smart cute sixteen year old with super smart parents. She wants to be practical right now. She will put her scholastics on hold for the show. She just seems really happy to be here and wants to have a good time. Oh she definitely has a good and interesting voice. I don’t know. Why am I not clicking with any artist tonight? She does a couple of weird things. Christina and Cee-Lo turn around. Those were the two coaches I would pick for her. She announces that she is flipping out. Cee-Lo thought she was wonderfully “unique.” Christina and Cee-Lo are both excited for her. Cee-Lo is definitely selling himself. TEAM CEE-LO “Let’s Stay Together” sung by Malford Milligan: He grew up working in the cotton fields. He is a black albino who is legally blind. He felt disconnected. He went on tour with B.B. King. He is a little nervous about this. He has a sweet raspy voice. Again I’m just not feeling it. The coaches seem to want a little more from him in this song. Oh that note sounded really really weird. Yeah nope. I feel bad for the guy. His family seems bummed out. Cee-Lo said it was the song choice. They were waiting for him to go somewhere else with the song. Now a montage of those he didn’t get picked get a montage. “Sure Be Cool If You Did” sung by Justin Blake: A Tennessee native who is grateful for having a job as an escort driver. He’s currently an expecting father. He’s worried about supporting his new family. He wants to use the show in order to get it. He’s going to be singing a song by Blake. Blake recognizes it immediately. His voice does sound distinctive. It’s nice. Adam turns around after a second. There’s a grit around his voice. Christina wants Blake to turn around. There’s a growl and a twang in his voice too. It is weird but interesting. Not my favorite but cool. Adam was the only coach to turn around. Adam thinks he is a great country singer. Blake lifts off his hat to him for doing it. Christina and Adam didn’t know it was one of Blake’s songs. Adam gives him an apology hug. Justin is a funny guy. TEAM ADAM (Though Blake is regretting not turning around.) “Girl On Fire” sung by Timyra-Joi: A fifteen year who has been singing all her life. She is super adorable. She loves her mom and her vocal coach helped her a lot. Her vocal coach stopped charging her after her Dad lost his job and let her live with them. She wants to help her family. She loves Cee-Lo though. Oh hello angel. Christina hits immediately. She has such a gorgeous. I am seriously loving it. That power and those runs are just so totally impressive. I can’t believe she’s fifteen. Blake and Cee-Lo hit their buttons. Christina is upset. Adam throws his support behind Christina. Christina points out that she started young. Cee-Lo wants to help her on her journey. Blake brings up Danielle Bradbery. TEAM CHRISTINA “The Thrill Is Gone” sung by Monika Leigh: She would sing for her neighbors. She gigged everywhere growing. At 22, she left music and gave up on her dreams. She works as a hotel administer. She misses gigging and singing. She is throwing herself back into music. She wants to have her career in music. Oh she has this super duper nice rasp. She knows how to own the stage utterly. I love it so much. Adam and Cee-Lo turn around, which is a good fit for her. Blake tosses his hat into the ring as well. Adam declares it a man-fight. Adam loves her “pure” voice. Cee-Lo thinks she sounded so womanly and her acceptance the song. Blake says her voice makes him want to turn his stereo up. So the trophies come out. TEAM BLAKE “Drunk On You” sung by Zach Hinson: He’s a firefighter with a firefighting family. His cousin died in a wildfire in Washington. He loved firefighting but he wants to make a transition. He wants to get something more from his life. His voice is okay. There’s a nice growl to it. There’s just nothing that I find spectacular about it. Blake thought he was from Texas. Christina and Blake both though he was hot. Blake thinks he should work on pitch more. They tell him to come back. “You And I” sung by Briana Cuoco: A personal assist to her sister Kaley Cuoco who you all know from The Big Bang Theory. She wants her sister to succeed. Kaley says she deserves it and encouraged her to do it. She doesn’t want to use her sister’s fame. She wants to begin her career. Oh it’s iffy for me. She has nice breathy voice. But this song is not really good for her. Plus she just started suddenly. It sounds choppy? Oh there we go now! She shook off her nerves. Christina turned around. Cee-Lo hits the button at the last moment. Oh the girl needs a hug. There is a lot of crying with the Cuoco family. Christina and Cee-Lo love her power of her voice. TEAM CHRISTINA “Treasure” sung by George Horta Jr.: His parents are from Romania. He left everything he ever known because he wanted to pursue music in a real way. He wants top achieve his dreams. Wow! He’s really good. He’s got a great vocal and power to his voice. Cee-Lo turns around. Which is awesome because the guy deserved it! He thinks that George has charm and personality. Adam thinks it’s a good match. Christina agrees and knew that he would be cute. George said he would have picked Cee-Lo anyway. TEAM CEE-LO Anthony Paul goes to TEAM CEE-LO. Cilla Chan goes to TEAM BLAKE. Jacob Poole goes to TEAM CHRISTINA. “Electric Feel” sung by Preston Pohl: He started out in Christian Rock. After losing a close friend, he took a year off. His friend, however, would have wanted him to continue. He wants to get back to where he was. His parents support him. Music is all he’s done and knows how to do. OH! YES! He has awesome raspy voice that I adore. Blake and Adam hit at once. Cee-Lo turns a second behind them. This is amazingly awesome dirty, raspy voice of awesome. Christina is considering it but she doesn’t. They loved how they turned into a Marvin song. Cee-Lo says he feels good. Adam wants to sell himself to him. Blake trying to sell the Texas angle screwed himself. Adam said that he believed him listening to it. Blake is still stuck on DJ Screw.  Wow. I thought he was going to go Cee-Lo. TEAM ADAM

Erika's Take:

Ray Boudreaux: "Use Me": Lawnmowing single dad; Very soulful; Blake turns for him. Ceelo turns for him as well. Guess he's digging the R&B vibe. Adam says it best: "He looks like Blake but sounds like Ceelo." Definitely more Ceelo's style but Blake is looking to be different this season. He goes with Blake but I'm not sure that was the best decision given his sound. Lina Gaudenzi: "Landside": Former Model; let's see if she fares better than the previous models. Different tones in her voice make her folky sound work. Christina turns first with Blake turning at the last minute.  Blake speaks only one language according to Christina, which he retorts with: "Yeah it's called winning." Adam backups Christina to help her fight. Must have worked; She picks Christina. Juhi: "Mercy": Super young and super perky; Sounds kinda like a blend of Duffy and Amy Winehouse though there are breaks in her voice at times. Ceelo and Christina turn first. I'm also getting Nelly Furtado vibes, before the image change that is. She would fit in with either one with her style. She goes with Ceelo. Justin Blake: "Sure Be If You Did": Country singer that takes a risk by performing one of Blake's song. Gravelly voiced but it works him. Adam is the only one that turns around for him. Blake has regrets and plans to steal him later on. Timyra-Joi: "Girl On Fire": Youngest in competition; sounds exactly a young Alicia Keys in this song. Christina turns first. Really powerful voice. Ceelo and Blake turn at the last minute. She fits more with Christina in my opinion and picks her in the end. Monika Leigh: I missed the name of her song but she wasn't that memorable for me. She only hit one good note. Blake, Christina and Adam turn for her. Blake whips out his trophies and that seems to seal the deal for her to pick Blake. Brianna Cuoco: "You and I": The one I've been most anticipating all night. She's the sister of Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco who wants to make it on her own and stop being her sister's assistant. Kaley is pulling for her as I am! Brianna starts off quite steady and then hits this powerful note that sent chills down my spine that wins Christina over, and she turns. Adam eggs Ceelo on, and he turns too. Christina delivers the best pitch I've heard so far and Brianna picks her, much to her sister's delight. PS: LOVE KALEY'S REACTION cuz I too was like this:
Photo Courtesy Of Tumblr Photo Courtesy Of Tumblr
George Horga Jr.: "Treasure": Romanian dreamboat that takes on Bruno's song. Very shaky vocals; not sure what made Ceelo turn his chair but he did. I foresee him getting the boot in the Battle Rounds. Random Adds: Anthony Paul (Team Ceelo), Jacob Poole (Team Christina) and Sila-Chan (Team Blake) Preston Pohl: "Electric Feel": Let me preface this by saying I love this song to pieces. Okay now back to Preston: his raspy vocals give me feels and I love it! The boys all turn first with Christina holding out, which she regrets.  The boys trade jabs and really fight hard for him. Adam succeeds in winning him over, which I think is a perfect fit! Highlights: The coaches figuring out their little things: Blake's pointy thing, Ceelo's jacket, Christina's cheerleader moves, Adam's face. Blake whipping out his trophies to sway picks. Ceelo jamming in his seat Join us for tomorrow night as the blind auditions continue!!


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