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The Voice Ends The Knockout Rounds With Some Shocks And Upsets!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/01/2013 8:23 am
The Voice Ends The Knockout Rounds With Some Shocks And Upsets!

Bec Heim


Tarra Matthews

, &

Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editors

Hello everyone! And welcome to the final night of the Knockout Rounds! Tonight Team Usher and Team Blake take the stage to knock each other out! (Musically of course. Though it would be hilarious if a fistfight breaks out on stage sometime.)

So will Blake continue to favor country artists? Will Usher continue his drill sergeant style of coaching? Will Adam actually sit on Blake’s lap for us?

Because we really want that to happen, guys. Not for the promo but actually ON SCREEN!

Bec’s Take


TEAM BLAKE: “As Long As You Love Me” sung by Savannah Berry versus “The Climb” sung by Justin Rivers: Savannah is taking a Justin Bieber song and giving it a country twist. Justin have you even been on the show yet dude. Justin Rivers is doing a Miley Cyrus ballad that I thought Savannah would do. Savannah is totally drowned by the instrumentation. Usher is grooving along to it. This is not Savannah’s night at all. Justin is stronger but it’s because the instrumentation isn’t drowning him out. This is like the battle of the…eh okay artists. I feel bored. And I hate the song choices. So I’m bored and upset. Shakira, Adam and Usher back Justin ultimately. Well this is depressing. I liked Savannah more but whatever. Justin is going bye bye in the Live Shows. Truthfully. Savannah go on Glee. I would totally watch be Rachel’s country cousin and love it.


Justin Rivers

TEAM USHER:  “Back to Black” sung by Josiah Hawley versus “Give Me Something” sung by Jess Kellner: Josiah chooses an Amy Winehouse song and makes it more rock. Uh…okay? It’s alright. Not my favorite cover. Jess still has her pitch issues that I can hear straight off.  Josiah makes it interesting. And doesn’t sound totally drowned out by the music. So it’s good that? But he changed the lyrics in an odd way. “You go back to me?” I still prefer him and his voice over Jess Kellner. She still sounds really flat. Adam doesn’t like either song choice. I think Adam picks Josiah. Blake picks Jess. I just want the eye candy to win really badly.


Josiah Hawley

TEAM BLAKE:  “Live Like You Were Dying” sung by Holly Tucker versus “Teenage Dream” sung by Luke Edgemon: Oh this will be interesting. Blake is going to sacrifice him on the country altar. Sorry. Also dude Luke you know this Darren Criss’ song. It’s not my favorite cover. Yeah Holly is winning this. She puts so much emotion into the song. It’s really good. It’s also really country, which Blake wants badly. This does not look good for him at all. And then he sings. Sorry. I…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LUKE?! NO! NO! This sounds like it belongs in the seventies. In a bad porn. I’m sorry but it’s true. Usher backs Holly. Shakira backs Luke. Adam basically says that Glee does “Teenage Dream” better but he thinks Luke can bring something interesting. However, Blake will not break up his all country team.


Holly Tucker

TEAM USHER: “How to Love” sung by Audrey Karrasch versus “Raise Your Glass” sung by Michelle Chamuel: Oh. I am calling it for Michelle. Why? Because Michelle is AWESOME! Audrey is singing a rap song? What the hell? Usher’s coaching style is intense. And I still love it. Michelle continues to be super awesome. She and Usher work out together. It’s adorable. Oh Audrey just…no. It sounds so…no. Honey. No. MICHELLE TAKE MY HEART! I love her so much. Plus she actually sounds energetic. You need energy or a big ballad here. Shakira, Adam and Blake back Michelle.


Michelle Chamuel

TEAM BLAKE: “Jesus Take the Wheel” sung by Danielle Bradbery versus “Russian Roulette” sung by Taylor Beckham: DAMMIT!!!! The two people I wanted gone from Team Blake! Yeah Taylor. You and your pitchiness are kicked off because you are not country. I’m going with the lesser of two evils here. Because Danielle is hella better than Taylor and her pitch problems. I can hear the pitch issues on Taylor. So bad. WHY!? They’re making me wince and cry. Usher, Shakira and Adam back Danielle. I back Danielle. Just make it Danielle. 


Danielle Bradbery

TEAM USHER: “She Ain’t You” sung by C. Perkins versus “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” sung by Vedo: It’s the battle of the R&B singers. I love Vedo more. I just…I want Vedo to do really well.  Also C chooses a Chris Brown song. And I feel my special Chris Brown rage place ignite. Vedo is singing another song for his Mom. Which I just want to cry. Okay. Yeah. C…no. I don’t like his voice at all. I think some of the background singers sound better. Oh Vedo just totally sells this song. I mean the falsetto…eh but it’s much more interesting performance. Yeah. Go Vedo. Sniff. Shakira, Adam and Blake pick Vedo. Blake telling Adam to “Kiss My Ass” is hilarious. I love Adam and Blake so much.



TEAM BLAKE: “I Can’t Stand the Rain” sung by Grace Askew versus “Drift Away” sung by The Swon Brothers: I love Grace Askew. Please win. Oh Grace. Why are you going full on blues while Blake still has a choice? He wants an all country team girl! Oh I like this the Swons are singing. Goddammit. Why do you these pairings?! Grace sounds amazing. I am in love with her voice. She sounds absolutely gorgeous. But the Swon Brothers are going full country. They also pretty good. I miss Midas Whale though. But the Swon Brothers and Grace are both really good. I’m just so bummed. Because Blake is clear in wanting to go all country. No matter what he says. That’s what the Swons are delivering. I still hope Grace wins. Usher picks The Swon Brothers. Shakira and Adam are the voices of reason and pick Grace Askew. Oh. Blake why?! I just want to cry. Whhhhhhhy?! I go cry in the corner for Grace Askew and Midas Whale.


The Swon Brothers

TEAM USHER: “I Don’t Wanna Be” sung by Ryan Innes versus “Mr. Know It All” sung by Cathia: Usher helps Cathia and Ryan develop stage presence. Why? Because they are both solid singers. Really amazing. It’s hard to tell. Cathia hits some big notes and does some interesting vocal things. She sounds breathy in places but it’s really good though. She puts a lot of attitude into her performance. I think that high note may have won it for her. Ryan is awesome. But uh…something is turning me off though. I think he’s gonna give himself a heart attack or something. He and Cathia are both strong performers. I…Again I think Team Usher could have benefited from different pairings. Shakira, Adam and Blake pick Cathia. No one saw Usher give up his four chair turn. But yeah Cathia was better tonight.  



Tarra’s Take: 

Welcome to night 2 of the knockouts. Blake and Usher your teams are up on the block tonight. Hope your ready for some tough decisions and to FEEL MY WRATH if you get it wrong!!

Savannah vs. Justin

Savannah you gonna ‘country-fy’ the Biebs?? If anyone can do it, you can! And Justin your inner teen girl is showing ;)
Can someone turn up Savannah’s mic please? Or turn down the electric guitar/band…The second half was much better than the first. I’ve disliked “The Climb” since the day it came out and someone singing it off-tempo with the band doesn’t help their case. Nice big note at the end though.
WINNER: Justin Rivers

Josiah vs. Jess

Josiah you be singing Amy Winehouse?? VERY Intrigued at his arrangement too. Jess, hard to root against you when you pick one of my fav songs but James Morrison has a unique tone so….
Not impressed with Josiah… it’s all I got. Jess’s performance was more dynamic than Josiah’s but she cracked on a couple of the big notes. And Adam is right, they should switch songs and try again. Josiah, is pretty but is that enough??
WINNER: Josiah Holly

Holly vs. Luke Edgemon

Holly, the band girl with the big voice picks the stereotypical boring ‘cry your eyes out’ song -_- Luke, my boo, you picked Teenage Dream and I DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Ugh, Holly is predictably screechy and her voice cracks/goes sharp a couple times but it seems, from the goofy grin on Blake’s face, that he didn’t notice…Luke, Luke, Luke, this R&B arrangement of Teenage Dream is amazing but just LOOKING at Blake’s face I see you’re done for… I’m sorry boo! Blake’s not even dancing in his seat on beat… Adam is telling you not to be stupid. Ergo, you WILL be stupid. And Usher, what kind of CRAZY FLAKES ARE YOU EATING?!?!?!? Luke showed MUSICALITY AND ORIGINALITY AND TALENT. Can Adam just SIGN LUKE now because HE GETS IT. Sorry you weren’t SCREAMED AT BLAKE!
WINNER: Holly - ANNNNNNNNDDDDDDD it was 3 on 1 after calling Blake an idiot, ‘nuff SAID

Audrey vs. Michelle

I don’t remember Audrey…BUTTTTT she’s doing Lil Wayne, don’t f*** this up! And Michelle is singing “Raise Your Glass” and doing push-ups, MAGIC
Audrey…that was…a MESS. MICHELLE YOU WIN, hands down in my books

Danielle vs. Taylor

GAH “Jesus Take The Wheel” that I can make it through this thing…ALSO, who forgets to gas up their car before setting off on a long drive??
Danielle, ain’t no denying you can sing but like, meh, there isn’t anything unique there, so bored of the same old, same old. Danielle, I didn’t realize you could sing that low…and her higher register was so CLEAR. But Danielle out performed her I think…
WINNER: Danielle

C. Perkins vs. VEDO

C. Perkins…the words “I can’t” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary if you REALY want this. And I feel like, hasn’t Vedo don’t this already this week? “Everything I Do” will be to stop myself from poking out my ear drums Vedo.
C. Perkins, PLEASE never be all Chris Brown again. But man, he can work a crowd! Vedo, please, I’m just so over this song! Shakira, it’s called working the crowd, try it maybe?
My DVR cut off soooooo That’s all she wrote for me :(

Erika’s Take:

It’s more knockout rounds and things are about to get ugly! 

Team Blake: Savannah Berry Vs Justin Rivers! My girl with the sugary voice goes with the Biebs “As Long As You Love”! She sounds great in rehearsals! Justin takes on “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. He sounds bad in rehearsals. He’s in trouble! I love Savannah’s cover! She crushes it! Justin sounds great then he hits this random high note and messes it all up for me. Give to Savannah please! He’s not cute enough to go on. But apparently Blake was impressed so he chooses Justin as his winner!

Team Usher: Josiah Hawley Vs Jess Kellner! The pretty boy versus the indie sweetheart! Josiah goes with “Back To Black”. He’s butchering this song! He’s doing something weird with his voice. I dislike this. Jess goes with “You Give Something”; she gives it such a soulful tone and passion. I think she is doing a great job. Usher loved Josiah’s grit (what grit?) and picks him as his winner!

Team Blake: Holly Tucker Vs Luke Edgemon! Our fave fights for his chance here! It sucks that Blake paired him with Holly’s powerful vocals. Luke goes with ” Teenage Dream” and Holly chooses some Tim McGraw song. I’m so nervous! Holly nails her part. Luke makes “Teenage Dream” his own! Total R&B feels from him! Love it! Holly pulls off the win because she went with high notes. All the judges pounce on Blake for not going with Luke. Bad move, Blake! 

Team Usher: Audrey Karrasch Vs Michelle Chamuel! Audrey goes with a whack ass Lil Wayne song! Fail! She’s gonna tank with that! No mercy from me for choosing that song! Michelle goes Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”! Audrey is up first. I can’t really understand her. She sounds awkward and pitchy! Next! Go on, Michelle! Michelle brings the fire, vocals, and the fight! She crushed it! Nerdy girls rule! Usher picks Michelle as his winner!

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery Vs Taylor Beckham! The country sweetheart versus the rocker pop wannabe! Danielle chooses “Jesus Take The Wheel”; Taylor takes on “Russian Roulette”. This will be interesting! I was bored during Danielle’s performance. Sorry, she sang lovely but no spark for me! Taylor’s vocals are causing me pain…or is it the song itself? I just can’t! Danielle wins according to Blake. 

Team Usher: C. Perkins Vs Vedo! C goes with a Chris Brown song; Vedo goes with the Bryan Adams classic from Robin Hood! I hope Vedo doesn’t cry during his performance. I couldn’t understand C. Not impressed! Vedo sounded whiny but sounded better than C. Vedo is declared the winner! 

Team Blake: Grace Askew Vs The Swon Brothers! This is cruel as I love them both! Grace goes with “I Can’t Stand The Rain” and I’m in love! The brothers go with “Drift Away”; Grace is just so smooth and bluesy that it’s gonna hard for the brothers to upstage her. So much sass! The Swon brothers brought the energy and kept the audience happy. They were in sync and did amazing too! The Swon Brothers are the first duo to go to the live show with their win! 

Team Usher: Cathia Vs Ryan Innes! The catty versus the soulful giant! I love Ryan so I hope he’s successful. They both need to bring that performance factor to win. Cathia takes “Mr. Know It All” and totally butchers the song! What the hell is going on tonight with these girls? Ryan goes with Gavin Degraw’s “I Don’t Want To Be”. Ryan starts great but loses it at the end. Cathia ends up being the winner!


Blake telling Adam to kiss his ass!

Shakira and Adam flirty’s banter!

All the judges jumping on Blake more than once tonight!

Blake applauding Adam’s BS putdown of him!

Fantasy Team Scores:

Team Erika: 27
Team Tarra: 23
Team Bec: 22

Team Erika Members:
Michelle Chamuel (USHER)
Judith Hill (ADAM)
Sarah Simmons (ADAM)
The Swon Brothers (BLAKE)
Sasha Allen (SHAKIRA)

Team Tarra Members:
The Swon Brothers (BLAKE)
Amber Carrington (ADAM)
Garrett Gardner (SHAKIRA) 
Josiah Hawley (USHER)
Judith Hill (ADAM)

Team Bec Members:
Judith Hill (ADAM)
Michelle Chamuel (USHER)
Sarah Simmons (ADAM)
Caroline Glaser (ADAM)
Sasha Allen (SHAKIRA)

Join us next week for 3 nights in a row as the Live Rounds kick off!


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