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The Voice Finds Its Finalists As Two More Get Sent Packing!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/12/2013 5:55 am
The Voice Finds Its Finalists As Two More Get Sent Packing!

Bec Heim

Content Editor

It’s time for The Voice semi-final result show!


Okay before I start recapping let me bring up something…interesting. According to many people, the iTunes singles for everyone NOT on Team Blake were acting a little weird and not letting people download. Strange right? So I wonder if this little snafu will be mentioned. It’s not fair to Michelle, Sasha or Amber otherwise. Will the iTunes votes be thrown out? Will it be mentioned? I will call so much shit otherwise because that is NOT FAIR. Everyone deserves a fair chance here.

I swear it feels like the internet wants Blake to have a third win at this point. It kills my soul.

Hopefully Fall Out Boy will soothe it.


Okay Carson Daly say something about the iTunes snafu. Come on Carson.


“My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” by Fall Out Boy featuring Michelle Chamuel: This helps. I love Michelle with Fall Out Boy. She looks right at home up there. Damn right someone should light someone up. Oh Patrick Stump you’re beautiful face makes me feel so happy. Seeing Michelle up there with you makes me happy. People are still assholes but you this makes me happy. All of the fire is awesome too.

So according to iTunes it’s going to be Danielle, Swons and Amber. Like fucking blows. I can’t believe it! I hope there was a lot of fucking voting going on elsewhere. I want Michelle to be in the finale! It will just be all this country bullshit! They shouldn’t multiply songs by ten. Ugh I am so upset. I feel like I’m going to cry.

I don’t mind Amber in the finale because Amber is awesome. She has range and emotional depth to back up everything. But I’m so sick of Blake’s winning streak. This is not The Voice. This is Blake’s attempt to turn the show into Nashville Star. You know if they get cut two instead of one from the Top Six then my feelings would be different. Is the Top Five going to be a thing? I am going to be SO PISSED if they go back to the Top Six then Top Four next season. You sons of bitches.

Usher, I’m betting, will find some way to get Michelle signed if she gets cut. He and Michelle are just so amazing together.

“Never Say Goodbye” by Nicholas David: I was never a huge fan of Nicholas David. The fact he made it to the finale surprised me. It’s nice and has a folksy quality to it. I’m just not connecting. I was like this last season with him too. Nice but not my thing. 

Erika’s side note: What is this? The night of the rejects?!

Nicholas has three sons. He’s still in love with his wife and working on some new music. There are four songs released for everyone to enjoy!

We learn about Ursher. A lot of sunglasses are worn indoors. Shakira busts a move. Adam has a lot of tattoos. Blake has a deer poop tattoo and a Santa Claus laugh. It is confirm that Shakira’s hips don’t lie. The Swon Brothers do drag. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with the Swons. I just don’t want them to win.

The first person saved is….MICHELLE CHAMUEL!!!!!!!!


Michelle is just beaming in the Box of Awkward with Christina Milian. WE LOVE YOU MICHELLE!!!!!!

“Never Gonna Let You Go” by Tony Lucca: Oh hey Tony! I really like it. I liked Tony Lucca and he has a lot of energy. It just, however, seems to consist of a chorus. There are a lot of “O’s” in that chorus. It’s not bad. Plus hey he’s on Adam Levine’s new record label, which is awesome of the coach. It’s just…eh. I like it but eh.

Tony gives his coach a shout out. He is also going to be opening for Maroon 5.

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” sung by The Top Five: Oh this should be interesting. Danielle looks uncomfortable not in country. Everyone else, however, is doing an admirable job of this classic Poison song. Standing with people who emotionally connect with songs, Danielle looks out of place and awkward. Like I said a stellar job. Actually the Swons should have been covering stuff like this more. It was a good cover. Usually contestants try to out sing each other so hey! They didn’t.

The second person saved is…DANIELLE BRADBERY!

I am not even upset by this. Why? Michelle is still on. All is good with the world Michelle is here. I am happy. Danielle just needs to emotionally connect.

Erika’s side note: Now this one, I actually missed! Love me some Terry!

“Pictures” by Terry McDermott: Terry!!! Dude I still think you are awesome. He’s still working that classic rock vibe in his music. This is awesome. I may go buy this. It’s really good. It’s definitely the most interesting song from the old finalists that I’ve heard all night.

Terry is releasing an EP in Scotland. His son is watching at home with his wife, who is pregnant with a daughter. It’s proof that Blake had diversity on his team once.

Carson why the hell are you doing this? It is nice to see the last three actually say something to their coaches though. 

The last person saved is…The Swon Brothers!

Again it was not a huge surprise. Still I like the Swons as people more than I like Danielle.

Erika’s side note: NOOOOOOOO! Dammit, it should have been AMBER!!! *throws chair*

Adam and Shakira don’t look surprise by this. They share a look of commiseration.

Fantasy Team updates:

Team Erika: 47 points with Michelle Chamuel and The Swon Brothers still in it.
Team Tarra: 38 points with The Swon Brothers still in it.
Team Bec: 37 points with Michelle Chamuel still in it.


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