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The Voice Kicks Blind Auditions Into High Gear On Night Four: Did A Fan Fave Make It Through?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/01/2013 10:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Voice Kicks Blind Auditions Into High Gear On Night Four: Did A Fan Fave Make It Through?
Media Courtesy of NBC

Bec Heim


Erika Rivera

Managing Editor & Senior Editor

Welcome back to night four of Blind Auditions! Christina is definitely on a streak so far. She snatched up a bunch of big contenders last night. And Blake is whipping out those trophies like no tomorrow. Will this streak continue for both of them? The only streak that remains unbroken is Cee-Lo’s epic costume. Christina has 8 on her team. Adam, Cee-Lo, and Blake have 7 on their teams.

Bec's Take:

“Not Over You” sung by Will Champlin: Oh hey Will! Will is someone you should definitely check out. We love his stuff here. We even featured him on our SoundCloud account. He’s the son of a member of Chicago. Carson asks his dad how he thinks this will help him. His Dad thinks that this will help Will get visibility. Will is a working musician with a wife and an adorable little girl. Aww his little girl playing the piano! His voice is clear and crisp. This is one of my favorite songs too. He’s killing it hardcore. Blake turns around first! After a great long note, Cee-Lo and Adam also turn around! Go Will! Adam compliments him on his glasses and voice. Adam says he could do something great. Cee-Lo thinks that he is an interesting singer. Blake thought he had passion and great pitch. He says he wears suspenders incase his sings his ass off. Adam calls him a male version of Michelle. Will goes to TEAM ADAM. “The Way” sung by Macey Estes: Her family is also musical. She joined a show choir after seeing her sister. She graduated high school and her family is there to support her. She has pass off college to follow her dreams with her family’s blessing. She really wants Christina. For some who says she has a different vocal style, it sounds pretty generic to me. She sounds a bit untrained too. Yeah I’m not that surprised anyway turned around. Adam thinks she has a lot of potential.  Christina does runs to an impressed Adam. Then she raps. Her rapping was good. Well at least she got a hug from her idol. “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” sung by Stephanie Anne Johnson: A 29-year-old Tacoma native who also has a musical family. She brought her adorable grandmother with her. She’s an opera singer and studied classical voice. She went from daycare to cruise ship singer. She misses her friends and family due to her job. Oh my God I love her grandma so much! Oh she has attitude when singing. This crop of singers is so much better than last night. I love her sass. She owns the song and the stage utterly. Christina and Cee-Lo hit their buttons at the same time. She wants to be indie-soul music. Cee-Lo says he heard soul and convinction and that she took him to church. She revealed that she went to high school with Vikki Martinez from season one. She goes with TEAM CHRISTINA. “It’s A Beautiful Day” sung by Sam Cerniglia: He works for Groupon. He has two sisters with serious diseases who he loves. His sisters both are very encouraging from him especially his older sister. He doesn’t like to be away from his family. He wants to do this in honor of his sisters. He has a raspy rough voice. God these singers are just awesome tonight. Oh his voice is so lovely and happy. I love those long notes. Blake and Cee-Lo turn around for him! His family freak the hell out. Cee-Lo is going to fight Blake for it. Blake loves his range and style. Cee-Lo thought he sounded like a perfect gentleman and a ladies man. TEAM BLAKE “Locked Out Of Heaven” sung by Jennifer Newberry: She’s from Sweden but has an American father. She loved music and moved to Seattle for music. She felt lost in there and wants to be heard. She’s from Sweden guys. That’s all I’m going to remember about her. Her voice is…yeah not my thing. It’s too high and breathy but not? It’s…weird. Oh and she just went a bit flat. Cee-Lo calls her beautiful and that she has a good voice. There were just a lot of issues to work on. Blake thinks she should have a gone with a different style. Now a round-up of the not great artist of the night. “Losing My Religion” sung by James Irwin: He was on last season. Oh I REMEMBER HIM! He was the guy whose babies died. He came back and I’m happy. He also has his adorable little boy. His wife and son are coming with him. He got a surge of support from people. He does have this wonderful rasp to his voice. Christina and Cee-Lo turn around after like a second. Followed by Adam and Blake! OHMYGOD FOUR CHAIR TURN FOR A RETURNING CONTESTANT! I think that’s a first! He’s freaking out and I’m freaking out. Blake recognizes him. Adam thinks that he needed a bit more work. Christina thinks that his delivery counted more. Everyone thinks he was awesome. TEAM ADAM “Two Black Cadillacs” sung by Olivia Henken: She is country. She is so country. She is so totally country. If she gets on it will be on Team Blake. She has been over a 100 contests and hasn’t gotten a break. Her family supports her totally. Christina turns around for her. She has a nice enough voice. There is just something missing there for me. She is definitely into it though. Cee-Lo turns around. I’m surprised that Blake didn’t. Maybe he is definitely committed to no country. Christina thinks that she can take it to the end. Cee-Lo says he will challenge her and put her in different positions. TEAM CHRISTINA “Lips Of An Angel” sung by Jason Kertson: He learned how to play guitar while being grounded. He was reached out by someone in MegaDeath after seeing him play online. He wants to make his mark. He thinks he is a great rock guy with a gritty voice. He has a very deep voice. Just sounds a bit breathy. I can hear some issues to it. There’s just something that I’m not digging about it. The coaches hear it too. So clearly it’s not me. Blake is surprise. Yeah he’s sixteen he can develop. Adam is surprised by his deep voice. He didn’t have his wow moment. He tells Christina she is really beautiful. Christina thinks he should refine and come back. “Hall Of Fame” sung by R. Anthony: He was the quiet kid from a huge family. He felt like he didn’t fit in. He formed a gospel trio with his brother and his friend. He stopped singing to support his family. He went into customer service. Adorable fathers are a theme this season. He goes all over the place with his voice. Making it more R&B. It’s not my thing but he does great runs. Christina turns around.  Cee-Lo hits at the last minute. Christina loves his runs, which were pretty awesome. TEAM Cee-Lo Keaira LaShae goes to TEAM CEE-LO. Amber Nicole goes to TEAM CHRISTINA. Emily Randolph goes to TEAM BLAKE. “She’s Country” sung by Justin Chain: He’s from Alabama and sang with his parents. He was involved in bad motorcycle accident with an SUV. His parents were there for him and he beat the odds. He decided as he recovered this was what he was supposed to do. Blake to my non-surprise turns around. Cee-Lo looks super considering. He looks really, really considering. Justin is pretty good with a strong voice. No one else turns around. Blake calls them all idiots and thinks his pitch is amazing. They both are wearing the same shirt. Cee-Lo sings country. TEAM BLAKE “Diamonds” sung by Ashley DuBose: She has been into music since childhood. Her mother had her sing. She loves her single mother who works hard. She currently works as a programmer analyst. She has a three year old daughter who is adorable. She loves her daughter. She wants to do music and parenting but has to juggle a lot. There are a lot of single parents on this season. She feels like she is spreading herself thin with all her pursuits. Another adorable child. She has a great voice and wonderful pitch. She just does something great with the song. OH THERE IT IS! Adam, Blake and Christina turn at the big note followed by Cee-Lo. Adam thought her voice cut like a razor and her voice overtook the room. Cee-Lo thought she met Rihanna’s standard and surpassed it. Christina thought her timing and tone and pitch were perfect. Blake thought she was an unlikely choice and said that it was partnership. You made Cassadee Pope into a country singer, Blake. Cee-Lo tells her that he keeps in touch with a lot of past contestants and helps them out. Christina tells her she needs to pursue this. TEAM ADAM The lesson of tonight is simple. Adam Levine knows how to get the four chair turns.

Erika's Take:

Will Champlin:"Not Over You": Son of Chicago's Bill Champlin so the talent just runs in his blood; He's our personal favorite in the competition here at PopWrapped. We've played some of his AMAZING songs here on our website so we already know he's got an INCREDIBLE voice. [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] WIll just wants to make it on his own, out of his famous father's shadow, and do something big to support his beautiful family. He takes on Gavin's song and absolutely crushes it. Blake turns around first, totally feeling him then Will hits this AMAZING high note, which sends Adam and Ceelo his way and turn for him. The boys duke it out over him but Will seems to bond with Adam and goes with Adam as his coach!! Definitely has what it takes to make it to the finale in my opinion! Macey Estes: "The Way": Singer, dancer, and apparent rapper. She is brave to take on Ariana Grande's mega hit. She didn't quite have it as she missed the mega high note in the song which would have put her over the edge. All the judges hesitated and ended up not turning for her since she didn't quite break out for them. Plus side though: she did a really great rap at the end about being on the Voice. Stephanie Anne Johnson:"Black Horse and Cherry Tree": Former Cruiseline player who wants to finally take a crack at making it. She takes on KT Tunstall monster hit. She has the right attitude, and I'm loving her gritty voice. It works for her and this song. Ceelo and Christina are feeling her too as they turn for her. Her soulful ways are pulling for her to pick Ceelo but she surprisingly picks Christina as her coach since she wants Christina to go all the way. Sam Cerniglia:"It's A Beautiful Day": Inspired by his two sisters who have been afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis and Batten's Disease. Normally these backstories don't make me cry but I'm sobbing right about now. He has a deep voice that is so smooth and his high notes were quite amazing. I get Michael Buble feels from him as well. Blake and Ceelo turn at the last minute for him, and Ceelo wants to fight for him. He picks Blake as his coach, which has his coach plotting a call to Buble for help for his style. Jennifer Newberry: "Locked Out of Heaven": Swedish import; Left her home country to try to make it in America. Unfortunately, she was off pitch for most of the song and struggled through out the song. She was almost trying too hard to be like Bruno Mars with it. No turns for her. Cue the montage of epic fails now....the coaches aren't just taking them all... James Irwin:"Losing My Religion ": Competing again after not making the cut last season. Lost his twin babies last year but has a new son now. Hopefully he does better this go round. His vocals are improved like crazy...WOW. Christina turns first, then Ceelo followed by Adam and then Blake. DEFINITELY MUCH BETTER THIS TIME AROUND! You can tell he really worked on his technique and vocals. All the coaches commend him for coming back, and I think Christina makes the best pitch for him. Adam's keeping it real approach though wins him over, and James picks him as his coach! Olivia Henken: "Two Black Cadillacs": She's trying to be much more than just a pretty face since she's been at this since she was four years old. She kinda reminds me of a rocker Carrie Underwood with her vocals. Christina turns for her first. Her high notes were pretty powerful.  Ceelo turns at the last minute, and fights Christina for her, saying he will test her.  Blake vouches for Christina, and helps Olivia sway to pick Christina as her coach! Jason Kertson: "Lips Of An Angel": Wanna be teenage rocker; has a great voice but not quite there. The coaches caught onto that, and it made them hesitate. He does have a real mature sound to him. Unfortunately, no turns for him though. R. Anthony:"Hall Of Fame": Former Gospel Singer turned professional speaker. Gave up on music but now is returning to live out his dream.  Has a real soulful R&B sound to him. Loving his take on this song. Much more than the original version. Christina turns first and looked to be the only one to turn for him till Ceelo turned at the last note.  He picks Ceelo as his coach because of his conviction in wanting to help him. Random adds montage: Keiara Lahae (Team Ceelo), Amber Nicole (Team Christina), and Emily Randolph (Team Blake). Justin Chain:"She's Country": Singing Cowboy who survived a horrific car accident. New lease on life has made him want to pursue music. Blake turns for him first, no surprise. The guy's vocals are pretty on point but I tend to tune out country music sounds for the most part. Adam tells him that he's more Country than Blake. He ends up on Blake's team since he's the only one who turned for him in the end. Ashley Dubose:"Diamonds": Single mom who juggles motherhood and pursuing her passion.  I just love it when people sing Rihanna's songs better than her (yes that was shade).  The girl has a beautiful voice (yes I'm downloading this one).  All four judges turn for her, clearly hearing what I heard: TALENT. They all make really pitches for her but she goes with her gut and picks Adam! Highlights of the night: Adam completing Will on his look Blake matching with his new teammate Blake reminding Xtina that she's Christina Freaking Aguilera Join us next week as we wrap up the Blind Auditions!


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