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The Voice Top 6 Elimination! Which Artist Went Home?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/05/2013 1:26 am
The Voice Top 6 Elimination! Which Artist Went Home?

Erika Rivera

Managing Editor

The Top 6 is up for eliminations tonight on the Voice. Yours truly has recapping duties this evening. We are in for it tonight as it’s getting more nerve-wracking to watch these results. Who will be completely shut out of the competition? Will Team Blake finally lose a member or will it be the last night for Teams Usher, Shakira or Adam? I hope not. Let’s get down to it.

Filler performance: Last season’s champ and my choice for winner, Cassadee Pope stops by to debut her new single “Wasting All These Tears”. It’s already number on the Country charts (I will admit that I am sad she went this route with her career but I digress). She sounds phenomenal and I am loving this song! Such a fan of hers. And she looks fantastic to boot. You go girl!
Duet 1: Sasha Allen and Michelle Chamuel take on “Open Your Heart” by Madonna. Can I just say that they sound amazing together? Tarra and Bec want their clothes. I just want to buy this duet as a single as they kill it. They both look like they are having a great time singing it. It’s such a classic. I’m dancing around to it. Great job! And it’s Sasha’s bday. I hope she gets saved as well. It would suck to get sent home on your birthday.
The first one saved tonight: MICHELLE CHAMUEL! 

Bec and Erika: FUCK YEAH in unison!  

The Unholy Trinity is pleased as our girl is first to be saved again. Usher just beams! FIST PUMP! Michelle as always looks so humbled to be saved. That’s a class act right there! The birthday girl Sasha looks disappointed (poor thing)

Tarra’s sidenote: If a member of team Blake DOESN’T LEAVE I WILL PINCH MY SUNBURN.

The show stops for a moment to show us what went down in OK and how Teams Usher and Blake helped out with Healing in the Heartland. All the contestants are visibly shaking, with Michelle and one of the Swon brothers breaking down in tears. 

Bec’s side note: Someone give Michelle a hug! 

The teams performed at the benefit and you can just tell that Usher and Blake really have a nice friendship growing. Warms my heart.
The second person to be saved: SASHA ALLEN! The birthday girl gets a great gift from America! She so deserved it! Way to go! The Unholy Trinity is happy with this save as well!

Tarra’s side note : Going home? Can it be Danielle? I kinda want to see her cry. Although Holly looks like an ugly crier…

Duet 2: The Swon Brothers and Holly Tucker sing “Leave The Pieces”. The Swon bros sound pretty great. Holly, however, doesn’t flow too well with them. She sounds off. I wonder if she thinks she’s on the chopping block. She looks uncomfortable. Why does Team Blake always try to out-sing one another? Am I the only one who sees that?

Bec chimes in: Nope! 

The third person to be saved: The SUPER BLAND TAYLOR SWIFT! I mean, Danielle Bradbery. The Unholy Trinity is displeased right now. Someone from this team has to get the boot. All I have to say at this point, Adam’s last angel, Amber, better make it through.
Duet 3: Amber Carrington and Danielle Bradbery take on “Eternal Flame” by the Bangles. Amber is totally serving Danielle right now vocal wise. Amber sounds so much more mature on this song and gives it power. Danielle is just going through the motions. Sorry, Danielle, I have to give this to Amber. That’s how you sing!
The fourth person to be saved: ADAM’S LAST ANGEL: AMBER CARRINGTON! I couldn’t be happier right now! I was really about to go after everyone since they foolishly let Judith and Sarah be sent home last week! WAY TO GO! Adam is beyond overjoyed right now that he looks like he fell over on the way to the stage to hug his team member.
After much hemming and hawing from Blake and Carson, the final person to be saved: The Swon Brothers! Team Blake’s duo crushes fellow team member Holly Tucker and leaves the poor girl totally devastated on stage as they make it through to the next round. Part of me feels for Holly but a larger much, snarkier part is beyond thrilled that the blandest of the bunch is gone.
Blake and Usher’s Bromance (there’s tons of love there)
Cassadee Pope coming back!
Adam telling Amber over and over again that he loves her!
Shakira heaping tons of love on Sasha!
Sasha’s outfit (Girl be lookin’ FIERCE) 
The Top 5 perform next week! Hopefully our faves continue to kick ass!


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