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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Walking Dead: 06x02, JSS

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/23/2016 12:53 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 06x02, JSS | Dead
Media Courtesy of AMC

No recap is needed for last week, really. Instead I just have one question: WHO IS BLOWING THE FECKING HORN?!

We start out this episode with Carl's mysterious girlfriend (whose name I am still unsure of). We see what I assume is the aftermath of her family being devoured by the dead.

Oh! She writes "JSS" in the dirt, somewhat explaining the episode title; though I still don't know what it means. But I will say; the fact that this young girl survived on her own and made it to Alexandria already amps up my opinion of her. You go girl.

Oh hey, a tortoise! Whoops. My mistake. That wasn't a tortoise, that was lunch. Again, props for survival skills, but damn I surely could have done without seeing all that. Then she writes out "JSS" in tortoise bones. Interesting...

She finds her way to Alexandria and they make a show of zooming in on the "JSS" smudged into the grime on her hand as she enters the gates.

Carol Homemaker is clucking about with all the hens and they call her a hero for her domesticity. If they only knew. Carol puts an annoying housewife in her place and then she goes and gives the wifebeater's kid a real pep talk: "Your dad used to hit you and then he got himself killed. You live with it, and you move on. Get over it." I mean, she's not wrong; but I really believe that she has given her heart to too many children and must seal herself off for the sake of her sanity from anymore heartbreak.

Jesse's son is an asshole, but so are all teenagers ever. No one is exempt from having a teenaged asshole, not even in the zombie apocalypse. He hates Rick and blames Jesse for his dad's death, despite the fact that that asshat needed to die even before the dead took over the world. Also, I'm pretty sure we're in present day now, and NO ONE HAS MENTIONED THE HORN. WHY?

Eugene and Tara are talking and a girl in the background speaks up and it's Zoe Angela from Nurse Jackie! The best character on the whole show, in my opinion. Now she's the new doctor. Since Pete... well, you know.

Carol spots the annoying neighbor Shelly outside having a smoke, and as she's puffing away, a maniac comes out of nowhere and takes her out with a machete, all while Carol watches. Scarol kicks in and she's off. Could the "W" people finally be making their move?

Maggie and Deanna hear a disturbance and a burning man is flung over their fence. Then we shoot to Jesse and her youngest, she's begging him to go hide and he's fighting with her when they hear glass break. They run and lock themselves in a closet.

Carl is holding down the fort with girlfriend and Judith is in their charge and I cannot help but speculate if she's got something to do with this attack. I know I just said she had grown in my esteem, but I dunno. I think I've changed my mind.

Carol is scoping out the situation and it is confirmed that this an attack by the mysterious "W" gang, and they are successfully slaughtering EVERYONE. Carol kills one and puts one of the injured Alexandrians out of her misery.

There's an Alexandrian sniper in the tower, and while he's looking through his scope, he sees a tractor trailer barreling toward the community. He shoots the driver, and the semi swerves off into the tower, and when the driver dies, he collapses on THE FECKING HORN! So this wasn't technically present day, but right before the plan to rid the quarry of walkers went terribly awry. (RIP Carter/Ethan Embry).

From what I can tell, Maggie, Morgan, Carl, Tara, Eugene and Carol are the only ones from the core group that are still in Alexandria. Morgan makes quick work of the walker on the horn and I am so grateful to him for that I cannot even tell you. He asks the sniper if he's going into help, and when his face makes it quite clear that he'd rather pull his own finger nails off, Morgan simply tells him to hide.

Morgan finds himself immediately faced with a "W" gang member and as he is getting attacked, Carol ninjas her way in and takes him out. She is disguised as a gang member and she throws serious shade at Morgan who is still trying to keep the peace.

Maggie continues to be her badass self and runs into the community (she was outside talking about gardening with Deanna) to insert herself immediately into the melee. The women on this show, I swear. They are not only amazingly badass, they aren't emotional and oh, insane like Rick is. But please, deliver another diatribe about how women can't handle power because of their delicate, emotional, irrational tendencies -_-. 

One of the "W" members is chasing the asshole teenager and Carl shoots him. He tries to go after him but Carl finally takes him down. He invites Ron inside to stay safe, but he sees the mystery girl in the doorway and says no.

Jesse and her son are still chilling in the closet and the intruders are getting closer. She hears them walk away and leaves the closet with her son still locked inside. She heard Ron's knock and tells him to stay outside, giving her location away to her attacker who takes her down, temporarily. Because when faced with a possible threat to her sons, nothing is inhumane. Which explains why she just demolished her with a pair of kitchen scissors. 

Dead Tumblr

Carol is walking through town with Morgan, who is posing as her prisoner. They all think she is one of them, and she takes that advantage to shoot them in the head. Morgan then saves Father Gabe, who is under attack for the millionth fecking time, while Carol singularly saves everybody else. She finds one of the housewives and scares the shit out of her because, let's be honest, Carol is terrifying. But she made it to the armory and loads up on guns and ammo, while also giving a quick tutorial about how to shoot a gun.

Then she shoots one of Morgan's mercy prisoners and arms everyone else, including Maggie. Aaron and Rosita are also doing their fair share of damage, but nothing matches Carol. THIS is when she is at her best. When she is able to just be her badass self; and Morgan needs to recognize and let her do her fecking thing!

Morgan is now facing down six of the gang members, and he warns them to get, before their snipers take them down. He gets five of them on the ground, though, because after all; he is Morgan. But as one of them goes, he grabs a gun. Shoot have goddamn killed them, Morgan!

I also feel it is noteworthy to mention that, I am not a psychotic serial killer. I don't revel in death and gore in my everyday life. But when you're in a zombie apocalypse, an outright threat needs to be eliminated immediately. They were able to make peace with the people of Alexandria because they were a peaceful community. But when you have a maniacal gang that is slaughtering your people without reserve, every single member needs to go.

Carol is standing over the murdered Shelly when she spots her cigs and lighter on the ground. She takes them, and as she's sitting on the porch trying to smudge the "W" off her forehead, she sees an "A" written in blood on the porch and starts to cry. I'm not entirely sure what the significance of this is, but hey, what else is new?

Aaron finds a knapsack under one of the dead, and by the looks of it, he recognizes it. It looks like it may have been HIS old knapsack, actually, because the pictures of Alexandria are in there, and if you recall, he whipped those out to lure the group into their ranks many episodes ago. 

Zoe Angela tried to save a wounded Alexandrian, and her unsuccessful attempt has left her quite shaken. Tara honors her request and leaves, but tells her to make sure she gets the brain before she goes.

Maggie, Carol and company likely believe that they have survived the worst of the attacks, but that's because they have no idea that an entire army of walkers is on its way for dinner. 

We flash back to Carl who hears a noise and goes looking for ENID, cause that's her name, I've finally discovered, to find her gone with just a note in her wake that states, "Just Survive Somehow," thereby explaining "JSS."

Morgan takes down a walker and then goes into an open house to inspect a noise and we see that the "W" leader is lying in wait. They get into a tussle. Gang guy says, "You can't, can you? You should of." I guess he meant that Morgan couldn't kill him. But then Morgan does kill him, so that's that.

Morgan and Carol pass each other in the street and barely acknowledge each other. He best not start trouble with her, because they  need Carol. Plain and simple. Not a single one of them would be alive were it not for her, and it's time they all recognize. It's best they just stand back and let her do her thing.

I also just learned, thanks to Chris Hardwick, that the "W" gang are actually called The Wolves. Good to know. 

So what did we learn tonight? All Hail Scarol. 

That is all. 

Next week it looks like we'll see the full impact of the horn blast, so stick with me! I'll be here all season. 


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