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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Walking Dead: 06x04, Here's Not Here

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/23/2016 12:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 06x04, Here's Not Here | Walking
Media Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

On this week's episode of The Walking Dead, basically we just need to know about Glenn's fate. And since the IMDb synopsis only mentioned Morgan and his demons, I anticipate a potential murderous rage in my near future.

Morgan is talking to... someone? Himself? Oh yay. More flashbacks. I have to say, though; I AM curious as to what Morgan was up to during all that time on his own. I suppose now we'll see.

Definitely looks like he went a little crazy for a while. He's in a burning room screaming at nothing. But he's obviously in the throes of some sort of breakdown. Perhaps this is right after his son died? We learned much earlier in the series that his zombie wife ended up killing his son; an event that Morgan blames himself for, since he was unable to put his wife down.

Now we've got someone trouncing through the woods with a mask on, and I truly have no idea if it's present or past. Oh the masked man is Morgan. But still... I'm going to assume it's in the past because of the weird fuzzy aspect on the screen at times; but that's complete conjecture.

He's in the woods piling up some walkers for burning and he's totally alone. Another reason I'm sticking with this being a flashback.

Also, I'd like to point out that I HATE this constant back and forth between time. I've mentioned this before, but sometimes I feel like I'm in an episode of Community with all the different damn timelines going on. Abed would be so proud.

OH SHIT FLAMING WALKER. Morgan, you gotta make sure those bitches are all the way dead, or you've got a crispy-fried, walking corpse on your hands.

Now he's making his lovely death stakes, which are honestly a pure stroke of genius. Morgan may be holding onto his fragile sanity by a thread, but you cannot deny that his survival game is on point.

Anytime someone is strolling through the woods alone, I get acute anxiety. As he stalks through the foliage, he notices two human stragglers in the woods. He gets ahead of them and slays them in cold blood when he emerges from behind the protection of a tree. No thought. Just plain old murder. I mean it's slightly more acceptable in the environment of zombie apocalypse, but they weren't even attacking him at that point. I suppose one finally reaches a moment in this life, though, where they decide waiting to see what may or may not happen is a not a sensible risk.

It also may explain why is he so loathe to kill humans in the present day.

He comes upon a flowering field, bathed in sunlight. It really is a beautiful contrast to the typical dystopian landscape. It doesn't do much to quash his madness, though. In fact, it appears to have exacerbated it.

Morgan stumbles upon some boobie traps (branches lined with tin cans), and finds himself in front of a couple of old houses with a goat in the front yard. Morgan goes to take her and hears a man in the background asking him politely to step away from the goat. She's not Morgan's, after all, and the man still needs her because he's still trying to figure out how to make cheese.

Morgan shoots in the direction of the man, but the disembodied stranger has the advantage. He knows where Morgan is, but Morgan is unable to pinpoint his location. The stranger asks Morgan several times to put down his rifle, but Morgan refuses. Then, what looks like a monk... or something?... comes up behind him and knocks him down with a club of sorts. Morgan spots him and the stranger simply says, "Sorry," giving him one last blow until before sending him into oblivion.

Morgan wakes in a cage with a lovely looking breakfast and clean bucket as cellmates. He is in what is clearly a comfortable residence. The stranger asks Morgan what his name is, and Morgan simply responds with, "Kill me." The stranger tells him that that is a stupid name, and he definitely should change it.

Morgan doesn't let up, though, and continues to screech it.

Stranger dude spots a walker coming for his goat, who is named Tabitha, and goes to take care of it quickly. Morgan decides he's going to eat those fresh tomatoes after all and devours his meal.

Stranger threw a book into Morgan's cage, and he keeps glancing at it, so I assume now he's going to read it.

Also, I take the previous statement of stranger being a monk or something all the way back. What looked like a robe at first was actually just jeans and a vest, I guess. That's weird. Anyway.

We learn a little bit about the stranger's history (he was a forensic psychiatrist), and Morgan tells him he "clears." When stranger asks what that means, Morgan tells him he clears walkers and people, anyone or anything that gets near him. Morgan tells him that's why he's still here, and stranger tells him that's horseshit. I really like stranger. He said his name but, even after rewinding three times, I was unable to really discern it.

Monologuing, monologuing, monologuing. Blah, blah, blah. Affirmations, trite platitudes, Morgan has PTSD and Stranger wants to help him heal, blah blah.

He tells Morgan that his cell door has been open all along, and that he can either stay and crash on the couch, or go; but the Stranger will not allow Morgan to kill him. I like this dude. A lot.

Morgan cannot help himself; he attacks with vigor. But Stranger is no slouch. He gives Morgan a pretty good fight before Morgan gets him down. Strangers flips the script, though, and gets Morgan under him. He subdues him enough to retrieve his weapon, and Morgan begs once more for him to kill him. The Stranger is still offering this lunatic his couch. Fool me once and all that, am I right?

Morgan doesn't leave, but he doesn't accept the couch, either, and instead chooses to go back into cell.

We learn a bit more about The Stranger's history. His wife and daughter are, unsurprisingly, dead. The Stranger tells Morgan that they need to find more people to take on their trip... but he has no idea where the trip is to. Okay then.

Morgan creeps out after The Stranger turns out the lights for bed and decides to poke around for a bit. I hope he also decides to shower but he is looking rank. The stranger wants to go on a run, but Morgan chooses to stay behind. I use the term "choose" lightly because he just stares blankly without saying a word.

Oh shit. Morgan hears that the goat is in distress and goes out to see what's up. Two walkers have made their way into Tabitha's grazing area and he makes quick work of one... but has a moment where he considers letting the second put him out of his misery. Tabitha's bleets bring him back to the moment and he decides to live in order to protect her. He's got some feelings left after all.

He is dragging the bodies to their final resting place when he finds a graveyard filled with dozens of makeshift gravestones. Morgan adds his two to the pile. The Stranger retrieves their IDs and goes to work on the newest addition to the gravestones, by etching their names onto them.

The Stranger tells Morgan that he needs to fix the fence and tomato plant that he wrecked, before bestowing upon him his own weapon. Still hoping he directs him toward a shower pretty soon.

Now The Stranger is teaching him about Aikito. Basically this is just an entire episode of The Walking Dead that is actually The Karate Kid with zombies. It's super strange and I can feel my murder rage starting to burn. Morgan is doing martial fucking arts in a scenic ravine with the most ridiculous narrative between the two of them in the background. It's over the top and I no longer give a fuck because we still do not know what happened to Glenn and nothing about that is okay. If this entire goddamn ninety minutes is dedicated to Morgan I may honestly just stroke out.

And again, The Stranger is talking again about his background and some of his psychopath clients. And again. I could not possibly care less.

Then we find out that his psychopath client broke out of prison, broke into his home and killed his wife, daughter and son. He turned himself into prison and told him he just did it to ruin The Stranger's life. That is sufficiently depressing. Jeeze.

Now we get to hear about Morgan's depressing family backstory. The Stranger is making Morgan practice their Aikito moves right here and now to clear their heads, and I'm rolling my eyes so hard that I'm afraid they will stick up there.

A walker rudely disrupts their lesson and Morgan notices that it's one of the guys he thought he had killed earlier, but I guess he didn't actually kill him all the way. The Stranger saves Morgan's life and, in the process, gets himself bit. They get into a tussle and Morgan once again begs him to kill him, and The Stranger once again refuses.

Morgan is bumbling through the woods alone again. He sees YET ANOTHER inordinately tall walker and finds a young couple hobbling through the woods, clearly doomed for death. They leave him a can of food and bullet and he lets them live. He goes back to the house only to find a walker has gotten to Tabitha. Poor goat. She didn't deserve to go down like that.

We find out that The Stranger did actually capture his psychopath client and brought him back to his newly renovated house... complete with cell. He let him starve to death. For 47 days he watched that man slowly rot. After that happened, he had turned into his own version of Morgan. He decided once and for all that he would never kill another living thing, and decided to head back to Atlanta to turn himself in, and that's how he found out that the world had ended.

He also decides that, now that Tabitha is gone, he's ready to go, too. And he tells Morgan that he is welcome to stay there, and he'll have plenty of food and power to last him the rest of his life. But he also tells him that he should not stay there. Because people are the only thing in this life that make it worth living. Being alone is no life; especially now. He hands off his lucky rabbit's foot charm and Morgan is on his way. To Terminus. Mhmm. Terminus.

Oh we're back in semi-present day, I think. The wall or whatever Morgan was talking to in the beginning is actually the leader of the Wolf Pack. He tries to tell this disgusting mongrel that he can help him, just like The Stranger helped him. Then the leader lifts his shirt and shows Morgan a gaping, festering wound. He tells him that he'll probably die because of it, but if he doesn't; he'll have to kill Morgan, and every last person in the Alexandrian community. Including the children. Morgan decides to be an idiot and continues to let him live. He actually locks the cage doors, though. He hears screaming in the background as he exits the house, and bolts in its direction; and that's it.

Just. Whatever. I cannot believe they did not mention Glenn once. NOT ONCE! And yeah, what about Rick?! His fate was pretty fucking unsure, too. WHATEVER.

Take a looksy at the poll below and let me know if I am way off base here and you actually loved the episode. I'd love to hear contrasting opinions on this, because I currently am unable to see outside of my rage spiral.

Until next week, Deadheads. I'll be here all season.

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