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The Walking Dead: 06x08, Start To Finish

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/23/2016 12:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 06x08, Start To Finish | Finish
Media Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

After last week's episode, I can only imagine what awaits us this week. It's going to be hard to top Glenn's fate being revealed and all the other crazy stuff that went down; but on top of that, we've got Alexandria being overrun by walkers to contend with. Let's we what "Start to Finish" has in store for us...

Sam is still perched in his tower, listening to some vaudeville music or something. It's cheery, yet sinister at the same time. That's quite an accomplishment. We see that there are ants piling in through his window  and devouring a piece of rotten meat that has been forgotten in Sam's sanctuary. I have no idea what that means right now, but since I know this show, I'm quite certain we'll revisit that later.

Now, we're back in the melee of what happened after the actual bell tower finally collapsed. That melee is an onslaught of walkers-- the herd that broke off when the semi horn was blasting. Glenn still isn't behind those walls and shit that makes me nervous.

Rick tells everyone to hurry back to their houses and seek immediate shelter. There's no way to fight off a herd of this size. Rick tries, though! Bully, or something.

Morgan and Carol are running through the streets when Carol takes a tumble. As she does, bullets spill from her pockets. Deanna and Rick are single handedly trying to take down the herd, but they finally realize it's time to run.

Maggie is injured and out of ammo, but she manages to make it up a ladder onto a platform. After a few harrowing moments, she is able to fling herself up onto the watch tower to safety.

Eugene is standing in the middle of the herd, not camouflaged at all. Thankfully, Rosita and Tara save the day and his ass... again.

Michonne, Rick, Deanna, Father Gabe, Carl and Ron are hobbling through the overrun streets, about to be taken down, when Jesse swoops in and saves the day, distracting the walkers and giving them time to slip into Jesse's house, where Judith safely awaits.

Glenn and Enid are watching the walkers flood in from afar. Enid has clearly lost hope, and Glenn tries once again to keep her optimistic. I think maybe it's time to call her a lost cause and move on; but that's why Glenn, a fictional character, is a better person than me.

Sam hears a ruckus that interrupts his sanctuary. This kid looks bad, and seeing everyone all frenzied, dirty and bloody is giving him serious trouble. Which, I can't say I blame him. He is still awfully young.

Morgan wants to examine Carol's head wound from her fall, but she insists that she's fine. Morgan asks if she trusts anyone, and she says  that she doesn't trust him, but that she never actually thought he was lying. Carol is woozy and Morgan thinks she's got a concussion and needs to slow her roll. She doesn't like the idea but finally concedes and takes a seat.

We find that Morgan has left Denise with his wolfy captive. Not cool Morgan. Not cool at all. This guy's creep-factor is off the friggin' charts. Some people just look like serial killers, you know?

Wolf is chatting the good doctor up and she tells him that Morgan swore that he wouldn't let Mr. Wolf go until he was certain he wouldn't kill again. Soooo, never, then?

He's got a very bleak outlook on life, and again, I can't blame him. But I don't know that he's really winning any points with the doc. She is an honorable woman, though, and examines his festering wound. Then she gives him some words of advice and busies herself with her medical supplies. The look on Mr. Wolf's face makes me think that, when she treats him, then he will strike.

We flash back to Jesse's house and discover that Deanna was bitten in the melee. Her response of, "Welllll shit" pretty much sums up how anyone would feel in that moment, I imagine.

Rick and Jesse are clearly devastated by the events, and I find myself a little sad, too. Deanna annoyed the shit out of me at times, but I did really like her. She was a genuinely good person, and that is so hard to come by these days. Rick has a plan to lure the walkers away, though, so at least there's that.

Michonne tells Deanna that she thinks the plans she drew up will actually work. Deanna seems pretty resolved with her fate, and almost happy to be able to see Reg again soon.

Carl sees Ron go out into the garage and follows him. Since we know that Ron was following Carl in the street with a gun, I imagine no good will come from this. Ron tells Carl that Rick will only get more people killed, and won't save anyone because he's just a killer. Ron says that everyone is dead already anyway, and then goes to lock the garage door when Carl smells a rat. He attacks Ron before he can fully pull his gun on him and Carl wrestles it away. Ron grabs a shovel and, when he attacks Carl, he misses and busts out a window instead, successfully attracting a shit ton of walkers who come and bust through the rest of the door.

Rick and Jesse break into the garage and get them out, but now the walkers are literally at their back door. Carl covers for Ron and follows him upstairs. Carl pulls his gun on Ron and makes him forfeit his weapon. Then he tells him he needs to get over the fact that Rick killed his dad, because his dad was an asshole. I mean, he's not wrong.

*Sidenote: why did I think that Daryl, Sasha and Abraham had already made it back? I haven't spied them at all, though, so probably not.*

Rick goes to check on Judith and finds that Deanna is not in her bed. Rick sees her struggling over Judith's bed and assumes she has turned. When he attacks her, he finds that she is still alive, and had just collapsed.

Deanna asks Rick to take care of Spencer like he would take care of his own people. When he hesitates, she tells him that they're all his people now, and that that is why she put herself in danger to help him. At that moment, Jesse calls him away.

We see Tara, Eugene and Rosita holed up alone in a building. Rosita seems to have lost faith, but Tara is still holding out hope. Eugene is reading by the light of a lighter being annoyingly silent. I'm just about all the way over him.

Rosita said that it feels like Abraham is dead, so that answers my prior question. I also can't help but remember that Abraham is planning a zombie apocalypse future with Sasha, and then I feel bad for Rosita.

Rosita says she's going to shoot out the lock, so that they can leave their garage sanctuary and bust into the house to get a better viewpoint. Eugene finally speaks up and says he can pick the lock, so as not to waste a bullet. Well, I'm glad he's good for something, I guess.

We're back with Carol and Morgan. Carol is resting her eyes trying to recover from her concussion while Morgan searches through the house. Carol feigns rest and, while Morgan is taken off guard, pushes him aside and escapes down the stairs.

We flash back to Jesse's house where the walkers have busted down the door. They are able to blockade the stairs and kill two walkers they need-- to execute Rick's plan, I assume.

Carol busts into the wolf cage and tells Doctor Denise to back away. Morgan quickly catches up, though, and stands in front of the wolf to protect him.

In a showdown between Morgan and Carol, I gotta say, my money would almost always be on Carol. But she's not 100% right now, and that makes me nervous.

Rick lets everyone in on his plan to cover them all in zombie guts so that they can escape safely. Father Gabe definitely looks like he's about to hurl. Can't say I blame him, either.

Morgan and Carol are facing off. He is trying everything he can to talk her down, and she tells him that she doesn't want to have to kill him. He tells her that he won't let her.

Michonne goes to visit Deanna and it's clear that she's on her very last leg. Michonne tells her that she'll mercy kill her... if that's what she wants; but Deanna isn't ready for that. She wants to do it herself, when she is. They have a very sweet moment, and Michonne leaves her to it.

The group is getting all yucked up with zombie guts with Sam's music still chirping in the background. He comes out to see the grisly sight and is visibly distraught. This kid does not have very good coping mechanisms. Jesse tells him to pretend to be brave and that none of it is real and he is someone that isn't afraid.

Carol tells Morgan that she will kill him to get to the wolf, so that no one else (after those two) have to die. The wolf tells her that they're all going to die because they don't belong here. Morgan attacks Carol and, after an intense scuffle, knocks her out. All the while, Mr. Wolf man gets himself loose and slices Morgan. Doctor Denise tries to intervene but the Wolf Man has her cornered.

We're back at Jesse's house where everyone is camouflaged and Father Gabe promises that he won't turn back this time.

Denise begs the wolf man not to kill them and to just let them die, since he's certain they'll all die anyway. After she tells him that he's full of shit, and he tells her that she's what he likes about people, Rosita, Tara and Eugene make their way in. He's got a knife to Denise's throat and makes them all give up their weapons. He leaves the house with Denise as his prisoner.

Jesse's house group is readying to leave. They walk through the crowd of walkers in the house undetected, thanks to their disgusting disguises.

Glenn is climbing a tree to see over the fence and spots Maggie on her perch.

Deanna hears the walkers coming and and opens the door welcomingly. She takes a few down before we shoot back to Rick's group.

They are faced with hundreds of walkers on the street and, even though they seem to be masked, the magnitude of what they're doing cannot be an easy pill to swallow.

As they're making way down the street, Sam starts saying, rather loudly, "mom, mom!" and I just know that little fucker is going to get them all killed.

UGH! And that's it, until FEBRUARY. Yeah, you read that right. February. And without a Maggie/Glenn reunion or the return of Daryl! NOT COOL!

I suppose I've got two and a half excruciatingly long months to stew on it. 


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