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The Walking Dead, 06x11: Knots Untie

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/01/2016 6:59 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead, 06x11: Knots Untie | Dead
Media Courtesy of AMC

Last week's The Walking Dead introduced a new, heavenly character in Jesus. Is he simply a precursor to the infamous Negan? I for one am beyond ready to get a glimpse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so I say bring him on.

Abraham and Sasha seem to have fallen into a good routine back in Alexandria. I'm still a bit curious about how Rosita feels about this whole thing, though. 

Abraham seems to be having some baby fever thinking about Maggie having a baby. He's giving Sasha a look that I've seen a hundred times on my own husband's face. 

Sasha tells Abraham that she's got a new shift coming, and that Eugene, who wants to help out more, will be taking her shift with him. Abraham tries not to act like this bothers him, but... oh wait. 

Okay so that was a dream? I'm so confused. He has woken up next to Rosita naked in bed and tells her that Eugene is going to start patrolling. I honestly have no idea what's real and what's a dream at this point. I didn't make up that whole scene several episodes back when he told Sasha he wanted to be with her, right? 

Or did I? Because he just told Rosita that she's perfection and has a puppy love look in his eye? Yeah, I have no idea. Now we're off to Maggie. 

She's doing some gardening in the middle of the night. She's clearly very concerned about their lack of food right now, and she's working on maximizing their food supply with some different gardening techniques. 

She and Glenn hear a noise and see Abraham running into Rick's house. They've all come upon Jesus in Rick's stairwell. He has some things to tell them. 

Jesus tells them that they're off to a bad start, but they're on the same side. The living side. He says that he's from a place that's a lot like Alexandria. His job is to find other communities to barter with. He wants to show them his community, and see if they can help each other out. 

Denise tries to give Daryl food, and he begrudgingly takes it, even though he says it looks like shit. She tells him that shit's still better than roadkill. I love Zoe Angela so much. 

Rick and Carl have a terribly awkward conversation where they talk about Rick and Michonne, but Carl assures him that it's cool. Carl will stay behind with Judith while the rest of them go and checkout Jesus' pad. 

Abraham is still struggling, it seems. He asks,  "When you were pouring the bisquick, were you  trying to make pancakes?" He wants to know if he and Maggie got pregnant on purpose. Glenn tells him that, yes, they had talked about it. Abraham tells him that, given the unstable state of things, he is floored that anyone would have the balls to actually make that call. Glenn tells him that they're trying to build something, he and Maggie. All of them. Then Abraham tells him that he doubles up. Alrighty then. 

Rick and company come up on a crash in the middle of the road and Jesus swears that it's not his doing. Rick, Abraham, Daryl, Glenn and Michonne go into a building where some tracks led to see if there is someone alive in there. Maggie stays back with a gun on a handcuffed Jesus, but he doesn't seem to have a beef with this situation, he just tells them to hurry.

Their search of the building is accompanied by clear walker sounds somewhere in the vicinity. They take a few down and continue their search. Michonne finds two of the survivors, while Glenn and Daryl find another. Abraham is prowling when he finds the final one. They load everyone up in the RV and continue their trek back to Jesus' place.

They find out that one of the survivors is a doctor. Not just a doctor, but an obstetrician. That is music to any apocalyptic mother-to-be's ears. The doctor also feels like he owes them, so he's happy to take care of Maggie and their baby. 

The RV gets stuck in a pothole on the road and Rick can't unstick them, but Jesus tells him not to worry, because they've arrived at their destination... The Hilltop.   

It sure doesn't look like much from the outside. 

Dead AMC

When they come up to the gates, armed guards greet them, and they are not willing to let strangers in unarmed, whether Jesus vouches for them or not. But Jesus clearly has some authority here, and the gates are finally opened. 

When they enter, they find a picturesque setting, with a gorgeous old colonial home and live-stock. Real, edible cattle. There are FEMA trailers where people live, and a ton of lumber from a nearby plant.

The colonial house that stands bastion also serves as their lookout, as the top tower gives them miles of visibility. The house is still spectacular, luxury that most people haven't seen in years.

Jesus introduces them all to Gregory, who insists that they all get washed up before they chat. Jesus is to show them to some quarters where they can shower and change, because old brick colonials are hard to keep clean, you see.

On their way to the spa, Rick tells Maggie that she should be the one to talk to Gregory, because he shouldn't. Also, she needs to start doing these things. Whatever that means.

Abraham is STILL really hung up on this whole family thing. He asks Daryl if he's ever considered settling down, and we get the answer everyone expected: NOPE.

Maggie is meeting with Gregory and he is giving me major creep vibes. They're getting down to the issue at hand here, and he tries to get one over on her, and insists on calling her Natalie and she straight puts him in her place. She calls him out and he doesn't like it, so he calls her Natalie again and turns his back on her. I want them to dip, immediately, if not sooner.

Jesus tells Rick that Gregory does want to trade, but that bullets aren't an immediate need, and Rick having his people work for their share of the bargain in Hilltop is not an option. Jesus implores them to stick around and give him a few days to try and talk to Gregory and make him see reason.

A stranger comes barging in and tells Gregory that "they're back." A group of three is coming toward him, and Gregory asks where the rest of them are. We find out that they're dead, at the hands of Negan. 

Negan said that the load was light, and killed his people to set an example. Then the bearded WWE looking dude tells Gregory that he's supposed to give him a message, and then he stabs him in the gut. This of course turns the situation into bedlam, and Rick kills a dude, and Daryl snaps an arm, and Michonee pushes a bitch to the ground and just says, "Don't." Of course, our group comes out on top. This community may be "thriving," but like the Alexandrians, they're soft from living the sweet life for so long. 

Dead Gene Page/AMC

Jesus informs the group that the good doctor was able to patch Gregory up. Rick tells Jesus that they heard the name Negan, and asked who he was, having heard it before, since his henchman are the ones that Daryl blew to smithereens. We find out that he's the leader of a group called "The Saviors." He beat one of their people to death to prove how serious they were, which is why they give Negan and his people half of everything. Daryl and Rick tell Jesus that they'll kill Negan and all his boys for food, medicine and a cow. Jesus tells them that he'll take it to Gregory. 

Rick explains that they don't have enough of anything to trade, except themselves, and what they can do. Which is not something the people of this community can do. Jesus comes back and tells them that Gregory wants to talk, but only to Maggie. She obliges. 

Gregory wants to know what makes her think that they can handle Negan, but Maggie tells him that they've handled people like Negan before. When he asks her to clarify, she tells him that those people are now dead. They finally come to an agreement, and Gregory tells Maggie that he'll have Jesus gather the supplies. Maggie tells him that she'll take up the deal Gregory holds with Negan. They'll take half of everything they have, right now, or the deal's off. She gets what she wants, because of course she does. As Rick said earlier, "Deanna was right about you."

Rick talks one of the residents into coming with them, seeing as how he's been dropping supplies to Negan's compound from the start. They need his knowledge. Michonne is worried, but Rick tells her that it's all good. They'll win, because they have to. 

Maggie told Gregory that there was one thing that she wanted, and the next thing we know, she and Glenn are in the doctor's office seeing their baby on a sonogram for the first time. They get a picture of the tiny nugget, and you can just kind of feel the hope spreading throughout the whole group. 

New life is the ultimate reward in this unstable new world. 

Abraham looks at the ultrasound photo and gets all gooshy and gooey. His baby fever is off the charts. 

Ugh, that's it for this week. I am really fascinated by the discovery of new communities, and am incredibly relieved that it wasn't a bloodbath again, but GAH I want to see Negan! 

The previews for next week make it seem like we may not even meet him then. Kirkman does love to torture us and string us along. 

Oh, and one last question... WHERE IS CAROL!? Have we even glimpsed her since we've been back? I need my fix!

Stick with me, Deadheads, I'll be here for the rest of 


he Walking Dead's sixth season. 

Until next week! 


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