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The Walking Dead: 06x12, Not Tomorrow Yet

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/28/2016 12:06 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 06x12, Not Tomorrow Yet | Dead
Media Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Last week's episode introduced us to The Hilltop crowd, and showed us our first glimpse of Maggie as a real leader. She makes a deal with The Hilltop's leader, Gregory, that will find the group making its way directly toward Negan and his Saviors. 

Carol is baaaaaaaack! There are no words to adequately express how much I've missed her. She took out Wolfman in the mid-season premiere and we haven't heard a peep from her since. I need Carol in my life, I just do.

She's foraging in the forest and being all domestic again when a walker comes upon her. She swiftly takes it down and looks completely downtrodden. Is she starting to feel a little bored with apocalypse life? I can't say I blame her, but I feel like if maybe she found herself some nookie she'd be better off.

Anyway, she makes cookies for all the Alexandrians and hand-delivers them. She gives a tupperware to Tobin and there is some serious flirting happening here. Maybe Carol will find someone to get dirty with after all. 

Rick and company find their way back to Alexandria, and they've got quite a bit of information to go over with the crew. The sky is ominous and Morgan creeps up behind Carol being all sneaky like. 

He wants to talk about what they talked about weeks ago, and he wants to know why no one told Rick about Morgan letting the Wolfman go (and thereby starting the entire messy takeover to begin with), and she just tells him to go. She leaves the last cookie on Sam's grave, and goes to ready herself for the fight that lies ahead against Negan. 

Rick is explaining the situation with The Hilltop. They have fresh supplies, but only because of the deal Maggie has hashed out with Gregory. Rick is explaining why they need to take out Negan and his people, and Morgan looks squeamish. 

Rick asks if anyone has objections, and of course Morgan is the first one to stand. He wants to know if he's sure they can beat Negan and his people. Rick assures him that, yes, they can, so Morgan insists they tell them that. Rick tells him that it's not possible, these people have to die. Morgan continues to argue his case, but Rick leaves it up to a vote between the people. He wants to know what everyone else thinks. Aaron votes with Rick and it's decided that they'll kill them all. 

Rick says, "We don't all have to kill, but if people are going to stay here, they do have to accept it." Morgan knows he was talking to him.

Carol is suffering from a bout of insomnia and is writing some things down in her journal. She's using shorthand, but I imagine the number "18" she just circled may be the number of the dead in her life. It seems a bit low, if I'm being honest.

She's walking the street smoking a cig when she comes upon Tobin again. He expresses concern that she'll be going with Rick on his kill mission, and tells her that there are things that she can do that just terrify him.

Dead Gene Page/AMC

She asks how he thinks she does those things, and he tells her it's because she's a mom. She corrects him and tells him she was a mom, but he insists that she still is, because of the hard things she can endure. She asks if he thinks of her as a mom and he says, no, she is something else to him, and now I'm certain they're going to, oh yep. There's the kiss!

Rosita comes in to find Abraham packing, and he tells her that he's leaving. She is upset and demands he tell her how he could just walk out on her, and his response is the worst: "Why are dingleberries brown? That's just the way shit is." Seriously? Awful.

Then she keeps pushing and he tells her that, when he first met her, he thought she was the last woman on Earth. She's not.

JESUS! Abraham, you're the worst. I hope you and Sasha bounce for good.

The group is planning out their attack plan and the dude from The Hilltop is sketching out some plans of the buildings on Negan's compound. He knows where the guards are stationed. He tells them they can't just bust through without waking everyone, but Rick tells him that they're going to walk right in, because they're going to offer up the head of Gregory.

The caravan reaches its destination and we find that Father Gabriel has come along on the kill mission. I feel that this was a bad leadership decision on Rick's part. Then Gabe says he wants to help and that it'll be harder to see him in the dark. Okay then.

Rosita asks Carol why they haven't told Rick about Morgan, especially after he got up and tried to talk them out of this mission, but she decides it's still the right things to do.

The group's honking rouses the area walkers and Glenn and Heath take them down quickly. I think maybe they're wondering if they can pass off one of the dead walkers as Gregory, and Heath can't really decide what to do with himself because the prospect of killing humans isn't something he has come to terms with. Glenn expresses similar sentiments, because remember, he's the only member of the original group that has not yet killed a living human. Because he's Glenn, and he's the best.

They're going over the plan, and Rick lays it out all simple like: "This is how we eat." Yeah, he recognizes that this isn't something anyone revels in, but they've got to do it.

Carol asks him why Maggie is here, and he tells her that they need someone to guard the perimeter. Carol tells him that she's staying out there with Maggie, but Rick tells her that they need as many people inside as they can get. She insists, though, and tells him that Maggie shouldn't be out there alone, she shouldn't be here AT ALL. Rick finally acquiesces, seeing that Carol won't budge.

Night has fallen and Andy from The Hilltop arrives at the main guard post which is actually a huge satellite station. He is there to present the "head of Gregory" to Negan's people and they buy the pawned off walker as Gregory. The douche bag guard goes to fetch Andy's man that started this whole thing to begin with, and Daryl comes up quickly behind his partner and slices his throat. The other guard comes out, and they make quick work of him, too.

It's so smooth and professionally done that it legitimately gives me a thrill. I fear for myself after I watch this show. I so appreciate a well-executed murder that I must be morphing into a serial killer.

The group basically has full run of the place, or so we think, at this point. Rick takes out a man that is asleep in his bed in one of the most cold-blooded things I've ever witnessed on this show. Rick feels it too.

Heath and Glenn find more slumbering henchmen and Glenn pops his murder cherry and kills an innocent, sleeping person. Heath goes to take his own kill, but Glenn spares him and stains his own soul one more for him.

Heath is appreciative.

Some gruesome and grotesque photos on the walls, however, let Glenn know that he's done the right thing. These are not good men. They needed to be taken down.

Tarra asks if Father Gabe is still a priest, and he tells her that he is. She takes that as an opening for a confession, and tells him that she lied to her girlfriend when she told her that she loved her this morning. Not because it wasn't true, but because she was thinking of the last time she did this, when she went with the Woodbridge people to take out the prisoners under the Governor.

Dead Gene Page/AMC

One of the men in the barracks comes out to find Abraham creeping about and manages to pull the fire alarm, successfully alerting every Savior and walker around.

Carol runs to help and Maggie tries to follow her, but Carol demands she stay back. Maggie is supposed to be someone else. Also, she's pregnant. Carol wins.

Tarra, Gabe and Jesus  go to help and send Andy and the released prisoner back to The Hilltop, but Jesus insists on helping. He tells Tarra they won't be caught and he will survive. Jesus is a ninja after all.

The group is armed to the gills but so are the Saviors. It's a major gun fight, but Glenn and Heath manage to find their way into the armory. They shoot through the door at the oncoming attackers, and when they open it up, there is a pile of bodies awaiting them. One of them men is not dead, and raises his gun to shoot them when Jesus puts a bullet through his brain.

Gabriel comes upon a Savior in the grass and prays for his soul before also putting a bullet through his brain.

The group has come through unscathed (seemingly) and when they emerge the best Hozier song ever comes on, "Arsonist's Lullaby," and it pumps me up so hard.

Heath and Tarra separate from the group to go on their supply run for meds.

Throughout this scene, Morgan is building something and using a blowtorch. That seems dangerous. He's crying his little face off right now.

Okay, but clearly they haven't eliminated all of the Saviors yet. We still haven't met Negan! Michonne even wonders which one of them was Negan, but we the viewers know that he hasn't shown his face yet.

There was still a dude in the barracks and he comes zooming out on a bike. Daryl shoots him, and we hear a woman on his walkie talkie tell Rick to put his gun down. He tells them to come out so they can talk, but she won't be coming out. They can talk, though...

They have a Carol and a Maggie with them, and she has a feeling that's something they'll be interested in.

And that's where it ends.

Seriously!? How you going to leave us like that, Kirkman!? And STILL with no glimpse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan!? No faaaaaiiiirrrrr.

Do you think next week will finally see the infamous villain come to life? He's been mentioned numerous times, so right now he's basically just a mythical unicorn.

Next week's previews do not paint a positive picture for Carol and

Dead Gene Page/AMC

Maggie's fate; but we all know that Rick and Glenn won't let anything happen to them. If anyone can figure out how to turn this ship around, it's them.

Stick with me Deadheads, I'll be here for the rest of this ridiculously awesome sixth season.

Until next week!


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