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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Walking Dead: 06x13, The Same Boat

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/28/2016 12:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 06x13, The Same Boat | Walking
Media Courtesy of AMC

Last week's episode ended in blood and uncertainty as some of the Saviors got the jump on Maggie and Carol. The savagery inside the barracks went off pretty well, but they did not count on ANYONE taking Carol and Maggie by surprise. 

The soulless redhead is telling Rick that they've got them by the balls, but Rick offers to trade Maggie and Carol for one of the Saviors; though they aren't sure this is actually a fair trade, two for one and all. Red tells Rick she'll get back to him re: the trade, and her posse of infidels cover Carol and Maggie's heads and we shoot to commercial. 

Red has loaded Carol and Maggie into a truck and is moving them to an as yet unknown location. They get them down into some sort of basement dungeon and tie them up so that they can't run. As soon as Red runs out to try and stave off a walker attack, Maggie and Carol burst into action looking for a possible escape. They hear their soulless attacker coming back and Carol falls into a state of panic. 

She is freaking out under her gag and I can't help but wonder if maybe this is just a rouse to try and get someone to remove it. 

The bitchy old lady comes over to relieve Carol and she finds the rosary Carol just stuffed in her pocket from the walker and hands it to her. Carol calms down at once, making them believes that she is a Jesus freak, but really all they've done is give her a weapon. 

Carol tells Red that, it doesn't matter what happens to her, as long as Maggie and the baby are safe. Red can't believe someone would actually get knocked up during a time like this, but Maggie tells her that she's choosing something, to do more than just stay standing. That's what walkers do. 

Red's dude that Carol maimed is not doing well. Maggie assures her that, if they wait 30 minutes until medical help arrives, he will surely die. She encourages Red to talk to Rick and make the trade, because the guy that Rick holds captive could be the one to help him. He is getting feistier by the minute and demands that they do to Carol what she has done to him. Red refuses, though, so he backhands her and goes to attack Maggie instead. Carol takes him down and they end up pistol whipping him and knocking him out.

Walking AMC

Red's brunette friend takes Maggie to question her and see what she knows. Brownie tells Maggie that she needs to cooperate so she can get out of here, and tells her that, if she really thinks they're the good guys, they're wrong. 

Carol thanks Red for saving her life and that she appreciates the help, since her husband used to beat her. Red tells her that she doesn't care if her husband used to ring her bell. She's pathetic, and she can't believe she has survived this long. We all know, however, that Carol has survived this long BECAUSE she is able to make idiots like Red believes that she's actually pathetic. 

Maggie and Brownie are conversing now, and we find out that Brownie miscarried, too. Maggie expresses sorrow, but Brownie doesn't believe it. Neither she or Maggie have any plans to die today, but Brownie has a gun, and she wants to know where Maggie is camped. She's jealous of her nice clothes and all the sexy time she has. She wants a piece of that. 

We hear Rick on the walkie asking Red if she has though about it or not, and if she has made a decision. Rick tells her he thinks she'll end up making the trade, and wants to know where to meet her. She tells him to hold his horses, and ends the conversation.

Carol tells them that they only attacked their people because they were defending themselves. When Red asks for clarification, Carol tells her that they thought they were with Negan, and they were told he had to be stopped, because he was a maniac. Old lady tells her that they're all Negan, but falls into a coughing fit before she can explain. 

Red is still trying to figure Carol out and thinks she's especially pathetic, now. But all I'm doing is sitting here waiting to to see exactly what she's got up her sleeve. We do find out, however, some of Red's past, and that she had four daughters. Also that she murdered her boss. And that she doesn't feel bad about any of the humans she has killed, which is well into the double digits. See? Soulless.

Carol tells Red that's is HER who is afraid to die. She also tells her that if she doesn't give them back to Rick, she WILL be the one to die. Red asks if Carol is going to be the one to kill her, and Carol just says, "I hope not." Oh Carol.

Red walkies Rick back and tells him that they do want to make the trade, but I gotta think Rick has something else going on here. Red thinks so, too, because there was no static on Rick's walkie, meaning he was close. Carol tries to tell Red that Rick is a man of his word and won't go back on his promise, but she isn't buying it. Red is smart, I'll give her that. 

Red walkies their people and find that they are ten minutes away, and leave Carol alone with her rosary; which, of course, she uses to get out of her bindings. How's that for pathetic, bitch? 

Walking Gene Page/AMC

Carol finds Maggie and they start working out their escape together. Carol just wants to go but Maggie tells her that they absolutely, 100% cannot leave these people alive. They make their way back to the dude and find that he had already died, and was actually getting ready to turn into a walker. Carol wants them to bounce but Maggie tells her they need a gun first. 

They leave old boy in the room to turn into a walker so when old lady comes in, he takes quite a chunk out of her arm. They bludgeon her until she's down and then GTFO, leaving the bodies for Red to find on her own. 

Carol and Maggie are now moving through the slaughterhouse and are being hunted by Red. They come upon a hallway full of walkers. Red finds them and starts shooting at them, but she runs out of ammo and Carol gets the gun on her. Maggie begs Carol just to shoot her, but Carol keeps telling Red to run. A walker grabs at Carol, though, and her gun goes off. She ends up shooting Red and Brownie comes running. Brownie slashes at Maggie's stomach and Carol is not about that life, so she shoots her in the head. 

Paula (Red) finally sees Carol for what she is and they get into a skirmish which ends with Red staked and getting eaten by walkers. Red's people walkie her and Carol imitates her voice and tells them where to meet so that they can ambush them and end this once and for all. 

They lure the unsuspecting men into a room with a floor covered in gas, lock them in and then ignite the room. Maggie and Carol then leave the kill floor relatively unscathed. 

They make it to the front and open the door to find Glenn and the rest of their people waiting for them. Daryl gives Carol a huge adorable hug and asks if she's okay. She tells him she is not.

Rick asks Primo if Negan was in that building or if he was there today, and Primo says, "Both. I'm Negan bitch." Sooooo Rick shoots him point blank in the head. 

Buuuuuuut, again, we know that Negan has not actually shown his face yet. Jeffrey Dean Morgan or it didn't happen. 

Seriously, though, what do you guys think is happening with Carol? Has Morgan infected her? Is his naivety communicable? I REALLY hope not. Carol's evolution has been so spectacularly grand throughout the series, I would hate to see her start questioning herself now. 

Since I haven't been in the zombie apocalypse myself, it's hard for me to say, but I feel like all Carol has ever done is lookout for the welfare of everyone else. The fact that she's having a conscience thing is clearly understandable, but I hope she'll really take a minute to consider if there's anything else she really could have done in this situations and made it this far. Have her people make it this far. Hopefully she'll get to the point where she'll understand that it was either them, or her. As it so often is in dystopian societies. It's a wonder anyone is able to live with themselves, honestly. But what is the other option, death? Perhaps some think it's worth it to die so that their souls make remain unstained; but when you have people counting on you, all bets are off. 

Stick with me, Deadheads. I'll be here for the last three episodes of the season. Yes. Only three left. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?

Until next week!


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