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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Walking Dead: 06x15, East

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/23/2016 6:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 06x15, East | East
Media Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Carol left us. Doctor Denise took an arrow straight through the eyeball. Daryl was reunited with Dwight, the man who took his crossbow and bike, but, since he has recovered said crossbow and bike, it ALMOST cancels out Carol's absence. Almost. Morgan built a cell to give Rick options, and Rosita is banging Spencer to kill the pang of loneliness left by Abraham. I think that about sums it up. God only knows that awaits us this week, but, based on the rest of this season, I don't anticipate a slow installment.

We pick up with ... actually, I don't know what. There are voices and blood and a rosary, so I assume we are with Carol but can't actually say for sure at this point.

We catch a glimpse of the last few moments of Carol's stay in Alexandria. She is stuffing a knapsack with supplies when Tobin comes looking for her. He is clearly smitten with her and spills his sadness about the death of Denise. We see that Carol is having a hard time focusing, though. Death is deafening, and Carol has seen so much of it.

Tobin tries to tell her that everything is going to be okay, but we know that her mind is already made up. Such a shame; he really is a nice man. But he was TOO nice for Carol. I can't imagine any man actually being able to handle her at this point. She is not cookie cutter and never will be. No matter how many actual cookies she bakes.

Johnny Cash is the perfect tortured soul to serenade us during Carol's departure.

The opening montage is adorable and normal and gives us a glimpse of Glenn and Maggie in the shower together. They are seriously the cutest post apocalyptic couple of all time.

Daryl is on his bike with Denise's "Dennis keychain," and Abraham and Sasha have a little moment, which is witnessed by Rosita and thereby supes awkward.

Rick and Michonne are snuggly, though, and that is still amazing. I feel like we got such a short amount of time to enjoy the revelation of this relationship before shit hit the fan.

They're being all domestic and sexy, and Rick tells her that Maggie shouldn't worry about an attack because they are basically untouchable. The world is theirs, and no one will ever take it from them again. Which OF COURSE means there is going to be a massacre in which half of the core group dies.

Daryl has decided that he is going out, so he zooms away on his bike. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita hop in the van to follow him, and they make a show of having Glenn look at Maggie as he leaves in the rear view, so obviously one of them is going to die either this week or next time.

Tobin comes up to inform Rick about Carol, and he immediately goes into action mode. He is unhappy to find out that Daryl has bailed with Rosita, Glenn and Michonne on his tail, but he jumps in the car with Morgan to go after Carol anyway.

That's SEVEN members of the group out of the town. This is just irresponsible leadership that lies on all of their shoulders. How are you going to leave your vulnerable populace halved with an angry mob of saviors already on your tail? Rookie mistake.

Carol is driving down the road in a car with spikes coming out of all sides of it. As she is driving, she comes upon a truck coming down the other side of the road, and, when she passes it, the passengers shoot out her tires and all around her.

She is still holding onto her rosary, but she gets out of the car after the man with a gun on her tells her to.

She tries to play it off like she's Susie Homemaker again, all Godly and alone. He isn't buying her story about "not being from anywhere," and he thinks that she is from Alexandria. He suspects that she is a clueless, stupid woman with no protection and tells her that they were actually planning on heading to Alexandria anyway, and, maybe, if she's with them, they'll let them in.

She does her crying/hyperventilation thing again, but really she's just begging him not to make her kill them. She doesn't WANT to kill, but she's got a fucking machine gun up her sleeve, and she is not afraid to use it. She kills all the men on and around the truck, but she missed the driver but quickly stakes him, so, you know, no worries.

She sees the mouth is still alive but makes quick work of him, too. Bye bye, bitches.

Poor Carol, she can't keep herself out of trouble, but she always manages to get out of it, and, in the end, that's what really matters.

Maggie comes in the storage area to find Enid. Enid insists that she is going to help Maggie with her shift so that Maggie can put up her feet and enjoy some pickles like a normal pregnant person.

Rick and Morgan are road tripping and looking for Carol. I find this ironic, but I imagine that was intentional. Morgan and Carol don't particularly see eye-to-eye.

Rick seems to be super annoyed with Morgan these days, just totally over all of his bullshit. He is preaching again, and Rick's "nope" face is so unabashedly bitchy it's hard not to laugh.

We find that one of the passengers in the truck is still alive, as well as the mouthpiece that Carol shot earlier. He's an inch from death on the ground, though, and passenger seat dude is up walking around. That is bad news bears for sure.

Morgan and Rick come upon the accident scene and have no idea that there is a Savior just lying in wait. We don't know where he went off to, but he's got to be near by.

Rick finishes off the dying one on the ground, and they start to explore the area. They find one of the men has turned and wonder if maybe the blood on Carol's car could be hers. They decide to follow a trail of blood to find out, but it's probably just the Savior's, because that's how this show goes.

Oop, no, there's the lone Savior. He hid in the woods while Morgan and Rick explored. Now he's following them.

Glenn, Rosita and Michonne find Daryl's bike hidden in the spot where Denise died. They follow the path they think Daryl took and go after their friend.

Daryl is lurking through some brush when he hears a rustling in the leaves. He shoots his crossbow and just narrowly misses Rosita's face. They all try and talk him off the ledge, but Daryl is about as stubborn as it gets. He had a horribly fucked up childhood and has problems coping with shit. When he feels guilty, he can't seem to shake it without making it right -- or at least what he feels is right. Rosita goes to follow him, leaving Glenn and Michonne, because they just cannot let it go. Not after what they saw happen to Denise.

I have a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper bad feeling about this right now. I never, ever like the idea of the group separating, and I certainly don't like them doing it in the woods. Glenn and Michonne seem to have really let their guard down at this point, and that's when terrible things start happening.

God damnit, honestly, sometimes I hate how accurate my guesses actually are. As soon as Glenn starts to monologue, they hear a whistle from the woods, and Dwight and his cronies emerge from behind some trees.

I imagine Daryl and Rosita will ultimately save the day, but some trailers I've seen for the finale suggest that things do not go well for Glenn.

We're back with Rick and Morgan, still searching for Carol. They're worried about the amount of blood they're finding, thinking she's been bleeding for a while.

Morgan wants to know why Rick is going after her because he heard what happened at the prison. Rick tells him that, if it had happened today, he would have thanked her; it needed to be done, and he knows that now.

They see a walker lumbering around and are scared that it's Carol, but closer inspection shows them that it's just a stranger. They come upon a farm with many bodies scattered in the yard and a man killing some walkers. They pull a gun and tell the man to drop his weapon, but he tells them he can't do that because they're coming. He tells them to run, but they get overtaken, and the man escapes. Rick tries to shoot him, but Morgan shoves him, and he misses his shot.

After the scuffle with the walkers, Morgan tells him that the man could have been an innocent, but Rick tells him he doesn't take chances anymore. Then, Morgan spills the beans about the Wolves and how he didn't kill the main Wolf because all life is precious. Rick is pissed to find that he held one of them alive within their sanctuary, but Morgan tells him that, in the end, that killer saved Denise's life. Everyone can change. And, because he let the Wolf live, Denise was able to save Carl's life. It's all a circle.

He tells Rick to take the car and go back to his family. Rick tells Morgan that he can't leave Carol out there, but Morgan assures him that he will find her. Rick asks him if he's coming back, and Morgan tells him, yes but, if he doesn't, not to come looking for him.

Of course, now we also know that one of the saviors had been following them, so I imagine he'll pop up on Rick now that he's unarmed.

Orrrrr maybe not because now Rick is back in Alexandria. He finds that Michonne hasn't returned yet, though, and that is certainly troublesome.

Abraham asks Rick if he's afraid to go back to it, to let somebody close. Rick tells him he is because, honestly, who wouldn't be? And Rick lost his wife in the most gruesome way, so, of course, he is. Abraham expresses similar sentiments but also tells him that he is ready to tear the world a brand new asshole.

They stand at the gates, and Abraham tells him that they'll be back any second. Think again...

Enid comes knocking on Maggie's door, and Maggie tells her that she needs some more help. She needed a haircut.

Enid asks her why she decided to cut it, and Maggie tells her that she needs to keep going and can't let anything get in her way. Just then, Maggie experiences gut-wrenching pain in her abdomen, definitely making us all assume that she's about to miscarry.

Daryl and Rosita find Glenn and Michonne tied up and are going sneak around to try and free them, but Glenn attempts to warn them to stop. Dwight and his buddy have come up behind them and have weapons trained on their backs. Dwight says, "Hi Daryl," and he turns around to meet his face, and Dwight's gun goes off right at Daryl, and blood splatters the lens, and WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK DID HE JUST KILL DARYL!?


Dwight DID say, "You'll be alright," so does that mean he just shot off an appendage? I choose to believe that is true. And, since Kirkman is a vague douche bag, it's not a terribly unreasonable pipe dream.

Next week brings us to the end of this absolutely stunning sixth season. I cannot believe the end is upon us already, but this season has been so spectacularly satisfying that it doesn't make me as sad as it normally does.

Until next week, Deadheads! We finally get to meet Negan!


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