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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Walking Dead: 5X09, What Happened And What's Going On?

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/22/2015 5:38 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 5X09, What Happened And What's Going On? | The Walking Dead
Media Courtesy of AMC
Annnnnnnd we're back! Okay, I have to admit; after my vocal disappointment with the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, my expectations were pretty low for the midseason premier tonight. Was it the best episode we've ever seen? No. But it was certainly more interesting that the last time we were with Rick, Maggie, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and all the rest of 'em. Let's dive right in. Sanctuary. The eternal search for a place to call your own is the vicious cycle of zombie apocalypse. The group is following in Beth's footsteps and decide to journey to Richmond, Virginia where Noah is from. He claims that, when he left, it was a secure location with 20 people, walls and general protection. Oh Kirkman's sticking with the whole monologuing thing. Interesting, and also disappointing. Rick tells Tyreese to head into the woods after Noah tells them that they're two miles out. Rick wants them to go on foot the rest of the way, despite Noah's insistence that it's unnecessary. After all the shit Rick's been through, there is no way he will chance it. The (intact!!!!!!!) group starts their trek through the forest when they come upon a rope course that is actually a brilliant walker deterrent. Rick asks if there are watchers or snipers, and Noah tells him that, at one point, there was a perch on a truck, and nothing more. They proceed with their journey, which brings them to a random abandoned clock in the middle of the road. Like, a miniature Grandfather Clock. Is there a special name for those? I don't know, but I have a feeling it's going to be significant later. They come to a locked barricade that Glenn is able to scale. He looks inside and it's clear from his face that it's not the bustling community it was when Noah departed. He is understandably devastated, and they let him have a moment to wallow in his grief. They discuss heading back and Michonne asks, "And then what?" before making quick work of some walkers. They decide to sweep the area before abandoning the mission. Rick and Glenn are having a heart-to-heart and Rick basically admits to murdering Dawn in cold blood, saying it had nothing to do with Beth. He said he doesn't know if he believed the community would still be intact when Glenn has a moment of cynicism, but that he made the journey for Beth. It was what she wanted, and that's why they're there. Tyreese is giving Noah another fucking speech. Like, honestly, dude. Shut. Up. Now Noah is running away, and, honestly, who can blame him? I would run away from Tyreese waxing philosophical, too. Okay so Noah ran to his old house, and Tyreese follows him so that he can make sure it's safe. They do their knocking thing to attract any free-moving walkers and proceed into the house when nothing appears. Oh and they run straight into a grisly scene, right now out of a horror movie. A badly-mutilated body is decaying on the floor. But as Noah covers up the body, something catches Tyreese's ear. He heads down a dark and scary hallway where there is a walker locked behind a bedroom door. He also finds another dead body decaying on the bed, very likely Noah's brother. Oh, now Tyreese is focusing too closely on a photo and a baby brother walker comes from nowhere and takes a hefty chunk out of Tyreese's forearm. Will they chop it, like they did for Hershel? Or will Tyreese be this dystopia's latest victim? Okay so we're having a flashback now? The radio is on. Oh, nope. Tyreese is bleeding from the arm. Oop, no he's hallucinating. The guy that almost killed Judith is there now. Garreth's henchman. Now he's telling Tyreese that he told him he was going to be the next to die. Oh and here's Bob. Legless and also dead. Oh. Holy. Fuck. The Governor! Yesssssssssssssssssss. Lizzie and Mika are here, too. Oh shit the Governor just morphed into a zombie ready to eat T's face. He realizes it just in time to not have his face eaten off but this walker is hungry and relentless, and Tyreese is weak. He is able to fend the walker off by offering up his already infected arm and impaling it with a chachki from Noah's childhood bookcase. We're back from commercial and Michonne's wheels are turning, trying to find a way to stay. She is clearly in nesting mode and seems to yearn for, more than anyone else at this point, a place to settle down for a while. They stumble upon a field full of charred body parts, which means this place won't be where they settle, but it fuels her general argument even further. They NEED to be able to sleep at night, try and practice some semblance of normalcy. Rick agrees and they decide to head to Washington DC, despite the fact that Eugene was lying about everything. They hear calls of distress and quickly come upon Noah, cornered by some walkers and managing to fend them off with a little bit of porch rail. Rick, Michonne and Glenn save Noah and run off to find Tyreese after he tells them what happened. Okay so now Tyreese is hallucinating about Beth and Judith and train tracks and is clearly very close to making the change into a walker. Oh and here are Bob, Mika and Lizzie and the gum-chomping Garreth minion. Oh, except he actually says something quite profound: "You didn't want to be part of it, but being part of it is BEING now." I mean, you have to admit that's on point. The Governor is taunting him about breaking his promise to "earn his keep" (which he made like, 3 seasons ago when they first met). But still, the fact that David Morrissey is on my screen right now is the best thing to happen to me in days. Tyreese, in his fevered and frenzied state, is talking to the dead and pointing fingers. Seems a little futile to me, in one's last moments to be affected by the guilt of ghosts. But, he insists he's not giving up, so I feel like maybe he's about to chop his arm off? Oop, yeah, there it is. Rick, Michonne and Glenn show up and chop that arm right off. But, unlike with Hershel, when they were able to get to it almost immediately, Tyreese has been sitting here with this shit festering in his limb for what, at least 20 minutes by now, right? Or is it just some weird time loop where, like, 100 things happen in 5 minutes? I suppose we'll find out after the commercial. The group is running toward the exit, where, of course, there is a herd of walkers awaiting them. Tyreese is laying helplessly on the ground and is still having flashes of his ghosts. Oh shit. Okay so they flash back again to Garreth's minion and he ominously says, "If you really think that, it's definitely going to be you AND the kid. And then it shoots to the Governor, saying that "He HAD to pay the bill." Oh and now Bob saying, "It went the way it had to. The way it was always going to." And all the while, Beth is singing in the background. They get through the rope or wire trap and get him into the car. I honestly think it's probably too late. He's still hallucinating and feverish. Rick ends up crashing into a literal truck bed full of live, biting walker top halves. As in, just talking torsos. Mkay. They're going somewhere to attempt to cauterize T's wound, and we see that he's still hallucinating. Beth, Bob, Lizzie and Mika are in the car with him, assuring him that it's okay, and that everything will be better just as soon as he's dead, basically. Except him being dead means him also waking up and turning into a zombie in a car filled with Noah, Rick, Michonne and Glenn. Oh and now they're stopping. They pull Tyreese from the back of the car and cover with him a sheet. Michonne unsheathes her sword and awaits his transition from alive, to undead. Now we're in a picturesque little field where I assume they're burying Tyreese, and I discover that Father fucking Gabe is still alive and somehow with the group. Seriously, Kirkman? You're going to keep that little weasel alive and kill Tyreese? Just, no. Also, I hereby apologize for all of the bad things I said about Tyreese earlier in this recap. I hereby retract all annoyance with his incessant monol...okay, no I don't. That shit was annoying, but I do feel bad about Tyreese. I did like him, despite how it may seem. So what did you think, Deadheads? I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. It had more action than I expected, but I'm seriously SO SICK of all this subgroup bullshit. It's the first episode back and you're going to leave Daryl, Carol, Sasha and Maggie on the sidelines completely? That is just wrong. Stick with me, I'll be recapping The Walking Dead for the rest of the season!

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