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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Walking Dead: 5X15, Try

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/27/2015 4:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 5X15, Try | Try
Media Courtesy of Tumblr
I do so love it when we start the week off with a random walker stumbling through dark woods. Since we immediately flash to Deanna and her family in their living room, I assume this means it's a walker headed to Alexandria. Do they know about their son, Aiden, dying? They're looking very melancholy so my money is on "yes." Carol is getting her Suzie-Homemaker on. Is she going to poison Pete? I kind a hope so. She spies someone peeking into her window and I'm pretty sure it's that creepy little kid. They're playing (what I believe is) Nine Inch Nails and it's terrifying. The music in this world at any point would be disconcerting. But during a night-time montage with a walker stalking the streets leaves a powerful punch. The music is cut and Deanna goes to her stoop to investigate a sound. She finds Carol's casserole and gets the note (which reads, "I am truly sorry for your loss"). She leaves the food on her porch and brings the note into her home to burn it. Me thinks maybe she blames the group for her son's death. Me also thinks she may be taking Father Gabe's warning just a bit more seriously now. Daryl and Aaron are trolling the fields and Aaron points out that there are more walkers around than normal. He starts to say something but Daryl cuts him off and points out a light of some sort in "The Distance," and they know a person, or a group, is close by. Okay so the douchebag friend that left Aiden to die on the run is now being interrogated. He's telling his story, well, one that is obviously going to be riddled with lies). In fact, he tells them that Glenn distracted Aiden and that he didn't want to leave him. He also says that they were trying to kill him and that Glenn was doing everything he could to work against him. Glenn is telling Rick the ACTUAL story, while doucheboy is still claiming that Glenn was the villain. He wants their group gone, says that they are not like them. Oh! Doucheboy's name is Nicholas. Yeah, that sounds about right. Glenn is now talking to Rick about how this community has no idea what they're doing. Rick says they don't answer to their rules and that they need to do what they can to take it over. Glenn implores him to figure out a way to make it work because Noah believed in it. Which, while I commend Glenn's unceasing compassion, trying to fulfill the wishes of dead loved ones seems like an exercise in futility at this point. Carol asks Rick if he thought about what she said, about killing Pete. Sam told Carol more about him, and that his mom put a bolt on his closet so that he could lock himself in when Pete started hitting her. He said he can hear his dad screaming, and his mom crying through the door, and that his dad nearly killed his mom last month. Carol is clearly flashing back to her days of marital hell to Ed, when she was a very different woman. Rick is out in the dark now. Why does everything have to take place in the dark? It's hard for these old eyes to see! Anyway, I CAN see that Rick has a gun in his hand when Pete joins him in the street or alley or something. Pete asks if he's okay, and Rick tells him (creepily) to keep walking. Pete is confused at first, but finally somewhat catches Rick's vibe and moves along. Michonne is sleeping, but like not under any covers, but when she spots a laundry basket she gets all weird. She goes and grabs her cop uniform to put on when Rosita comes in and tells Michonne that nobody knows where Sasha is. Now those two are are tromping through the woods talking about Sasha when they hear a sound. But no? Their imagination? Nah, something bad'll happen soon enough. They're monologuing again. It's boring. Michonne is having problems adjusting to life in Alexandria, even though she was the one rallying for a place to call their own the loudest. Deanna and Rick meet up and hopefully shit is about to get good. Deanna is, understandably, devastated. Rick tells her that they have a problem. Deanna already knew about what was happening but just let is slide because Pete is a fucking surgeon. Deanna asks what happens when they separate him if he doesn't want it. Rick tells her that they kill him, and she freaks out. Says they would exile him, they don't kill people. Rick tries to point out that that would make them vulnerable, but Deanna does not yield. Carl is out in the woods, following the girl again, and she calls him out. They're having a Twilight movie moment, frolicking through the woods in slow-mo, it's disgustingly adorable. Carl and his girlfriend come upon a walker and hide behind some trees. Oh, no that's all. Okay onto Glenn and Nicholas (Doucheboy). Glenn tells him in no uncertain terms that there are five deaths that rest solely on his shoulders. He tells him that he's a person that should be dead, but that these walls went up just in time for him to be able to live. Glenn tells him that he'll never leave those walls again, and DB asks if Glenn is threatening him. Glenn chortles and says, "No, I'm saving you." We find out that Carl's mysterious girlfriend likes the feeling of being outside of the walls. She doesn't want to forget what it's like to be free. Ahhh, young love. Carl wants to know what happened to her before she came to Alexandria, and she insists that it doesn't matter. Carl disagrees, but then they hear a herd of walkers coming and they hide in a hallowed out tree. They're all close in a tight space and for a minute I'm thinking Carl is about to get his first kiss, but girl points out that he's afraid of her too. We see another walker coming through with the "W" carved into his forehead. Perhaps that has something to do with the people Daryl saw? I'm calling it now, whoever those people are are aiming walkers toward Alexandria to try and overtake the community and flush the residents out. Oh, now DB is digging up his gun buried in the ground. Oh and Sasha is just killing walkers all over the place and says she's just going to take on all of them. Then she starts doing just that and we find out that they carry guns that magically never run out of ammo. Oh, but then Sasha's does and she gets overtaken and pissed off at Michonne for, you know, saving her life. Girl has got serious problems. She is beyond messed up. She's feeling guilt over the deaths of Bob, Noah, Tyreese and God only knows who else. I get it, that's heavy shit. And no convenient shrinks around so, yeah. Daryl and Aaron come upon a person in pieces. Like, literally pieces. Daryl tells Aaron that whoever did it, they took the rest of the... pieces... with them, and that it just happened. So now they're on the hunt. Next they come upon a woman who was tied to a tree, basically like an edible scarecrow. Daryl confirms that this too just happened. He raises her head and there is a "W" carved onto her forehead. She's also turned into a walker so they kill her... again. Rick comes upon Jessie smoking a cig, she looks pained and apologizes for the death of Noah. Rick cuts the bullshit and says, "He's hitting you, he's hurting you." She tells Rick that she'll figure out a way to help him and fix it, and Rick tells her no. He tells her that he can fix it. She tells him no, that he'll only make things worse and Rick tells her that "worse" is Pete killing her. She wants to know why this is so important to him, and Rick says he's trying to help. She tells him that she will take care of herself and stomps off. Rick is walking the streets and sees some old ladies clucking on the stoop and then he decides to barge back into Jessie's house. He tells her that Sam asked for a gun to be able to protect himself and her. He tries to convince her to fight back against Pete because he doesn't want her to die. He promises to protect her and her kids and looks like he just wants to bone her, honestly. She asks if he would do this for someone else and he tells her that, no, he would not. Oh and then there's Pete. He does not look happy. He asks Rick to leave, and Jessie tells him no. Pete is stalking toward her now, looking ready to kill her. Instead, he goes to Rick and actually kind of starts beating his ass. Rick firmly gets the upperhand and throws Pete out a window. Go Rick! We're in the tower with Sasha now, and she sees something happening in the woods. Turns out it's people running, not WALKING. Then we quickly flash to Rick and Pete fighting in the street. Jessie and Carl both take quick jabs after trying to break it up. Then Rick has Pete in a stranglehold and Deanna is ordering him to stop. Rick hops up, gun drawn and asks, "Or what? You gonna kick me out?" He tells them that they have no idea what they're doing and starts to really just melt down. All the while, Sasha is killing walker after walker with the mysterious "W" carvings. Deanna is ready to kick them out and Rick is continuing his ramblings when Michonne comes over and knocks him out. Annnnnd, end episode. Woooo, weee. Not a TON of action, but still really freaking good. Rick's tactics are... lacking, but his motivations are legit. Deanna needs to wake the eff up and bring it on in for the real thing. Stick with me, Deadheads! Next week's 90-minute Season 5 finale is sure to be a doozey!

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