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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Lines Are "Crossed" On This Week's The Walking Dead

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

11/23/2014 10:53 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Lines Are
Media Courtesy of AMC
The gang's all here this week on The Walking Dead! This is the last episode before next week's winter finale. Do you think some of our questions will be answered? Better read on to find out! We start with the group at the church (along with Daryl!) and Sasha is using the demolition of the church for her catharsis. Rick and Michonne are talking about who's going to get Carol in Atlanta and Rick claims that he owes Carol more than anyone; so he's leaving his kids again to go on another rescue mission. Carl, Michonne, Judith and Father Gabe are left in the church and he's eyeing the crying Judith was some serious shade-face. He's also really upset about all the blood on the floor of the church, apparently, and starts scratching at it with his hands which makes a nails-on-a-chalkboard type sound. Stop that, you crazy Padre. Now Sasha, Rick, Daryl, Tyreese and Noah are en route to the hospital in Atlanta. Tyreese and Sasha are having a sibling heart-to-heart and Sasha is in no mood to here Tyreese's words of wisdom and experience. We head back to the hospital and see Beth push a mop bucket into Carol's room. The doc is checking on her and we get to see that they're both alive and (moderately) well. Quickly we flash to Glenn, Tara, Eugene, Maggie, Abe and Rosita. We still have no idea what happened to Eugene after Abraham put his ass on the ground after his confession of feigned brilliance and zombie-apocalypse-reversing abilities. Abe is clearly having serious issues coming to terms with the fact that his mission has been for nothing from the start. And, to be honest, who can blame him? Abe hasn't always been my favorite character but his inability to cope seems reasonable to me. But when he looks like he may hurt Rosita, Maggie goes all badass and pulls her gun on him. "Sit down or I'll put you down." God I love that woman. Rick and crew are planning their course of attack. Quick in, quick out and as quietly as possible, obviously. Tyreese tells him they  need a plan B. Rick basically tells him that his plan WILL work and Daryl goes against the grain and actually sides with Tyreese. Apparently everyone is all about less bloodshed right now. Except Rick. Symbolic? Probably. This is Robert Kirkman, after all. We're back at the church now and Father Gabe is still hell bent on scrubbing the blood from the floor boards. Carl tries to get him to take a gun and the Father declines. Now Carl and Father are having a discussion about desperation. Carl tells him it's time to learn how to fight and protect himself, and Michonne is looking on like a proud mama. Her and Rick are going to start boning soon, I just know it. Then she'll be like his official stepmother and shit! Anyway, the Father picks up a huge sword/knife thing and when Carl tries to tell him how to hold it, he says he needs to go lie down. This dude is bad news bears, I can feel it. Now we're back at the hospital and the cop is talking about the patient in exam room 2 (Carol) and how she's not doing any better why are they wasting the resources? Officer Dawn does not agree with Beth and basically writes Carol's walking papers so that it doesn't seem like she's going against the men. Dawn tells Beth that she no longer thinks she is weak and trusts her with the keys to the drug locker. They're going to try and save Carol on the sly. Maggie and Glenn are separating again so that he can go on a supply hunt and Maggie can stay with Eugene and Abe. I DO NOT like it when Maggie and Glenn separate. Maggie is just the best, seriously. One dude knocked out on the ground and another in a catatonic state, moaning and groaning and throwing himself a pity party while she sets up a way to shield Eugene from the sweltering Georgia sun. Maggie tells Abe to get over it; they all lost something today. Good for you, Maggie. He needs to just suck it the fuck up. Like, has he not learned by now that EVERYTHING about this life sucks? I mean, literally; everything. You have to pack up and just move on for the next sack of suck. Otherwise, you're walker-food. Beth goes to speak to the doctor in his office. She wants to know what medication he would give a woman who had the injuries that Carol sustained. Doc tells Beth that even if Dawn gave her the drug locker key, it wasn't out of the goodness of her heart. But he gives in and tells her what she needs to know. Rosita shows her wilderness skills by building a makeshift water filter based on a design from Eugene. She explains how she met up with Abe and Eugene and I dunno it's kind of boring. I am not really invested in their backstory at all at this point. The cops end up finding Noah and I assume he's bait. Yep, bait! Now the rest of the group is there with guns pointed at them. Rick tells them to put down their weapons and kneel so that they can be handcuffed. Always the hospitable captor, Rick offers his prisoners water and food. Now they've got a car that has sped up and taken them all by surprise. Sasha is able to blow out the tire and they come into a yard of skinned walkers melted writhing on the ground. It's honestly quite foul. They see the cops running through the yard and take up the chase after them while Daryl searches for survivors only to be tackled by one of the cops. Now the cop has Daryl's head mighty fucking close to one of those walkers and has him pinned on the ground strangling him. Daryl rips the head off of a walker and hits the cop over the head with it and Rick comes up with a gun to his head. The cop gets up and everyone knows, including Daryl, that Rick is about to shoot him point blank. Nope, Daryl talks him down; he's good like that. The cops tell Sasha that Dawn won't trade for them; Dawn won't give up people for the ones they've got captive. One cop says that he knows Dawn and that his only interest here is peaceful resolution. He is allegedly one of the good guys and a voice of reason. He says he will help make it better and that they need to listen to him. Glenn, Rosita and Tara are goin' fishing. Oh, that's all. Okay onto Michonne and Father Gabe now. She's checking on him and I think she may know that something is up with him. But she tells him that the things that they do are worth it. It's for survival. He's not interested and is honestly not very Priestly in his treatment of our girl. Now we get a look at his personal chambers and he's using the machete (that's what it's called!) to tear up the floorboards. What do you have down there, Gabe?! Oh, we don't find out because now we're back in the hospital and Beth's giving a dude some strawberries so that he'll feign sickness and she can the drugs she needs to save Carol. Her mission is accomplished and now she's on her way to Miss C's room to administer some epinephrin and hopefully save Carol's life. Which, I mean, if Carol dies; that's it for me. Back with Rick and crew and Sasha snags Bob's jacket on the car and gets irrational upset. Tyreese tells her that she's got to get over it. Harsh, but I mean, it's the same thing with Abe. YOU MUST MOVE ON IF YOU WANT TO LIVE. This is not him being overdramatic. It is just the way of the world now, period. Father Gabe is now climbing into the bowels of his church and scurrying through a crawl space to get out. He steps on a nail that has apparently punctured his foot and so now he's truly walker-bait. Where is he going, though? That is truly the question. The cop is now telling Rick about how he needs to go about talking Dawn and that, in the end, she'll always make a deal. We find out that his name is Bob and you can see that it's a knife straight through Sasha's heart. We shoot back to Father Gabe trouncing very loudly through the woods when he hears the crackling of sticks under the lumbering feet of a walker. He gets her off of him and hooks her on a protruding tree root on the ground but, once he sees the golden cross draped on her neck, he can't bring himself to kill her. So instead he lets her writhe there while her guts literally spill on the forest floor. Sasha and Officer Bob are talking about boring shit and I don't really care. Honestly, at this point I just want some action. Enough with the philosophizing and monologuing. I want something to happen, damnit! Maggie tries to get Abe to drink some water again and he's still kneeling in shock on the asphalt. I imagine his knees hurt real bad. Maggie asks if he wanted her to shoot him; to which he replies that, "Thought I did, but I didn't." Eugene starts to stir and Maggie goes to tend to him while Abraham finally takes a drink. Glenn, Rosita and Tara are on their way back with a bag full of fish to the rest of the group. Their bellies are gonna be full tonight! There is some seriously serene music happening right now while Sasha is getting ready to kill Officer Bob's friend and I knew knew knew knew this was going to happen! Jesus fucking Christ. Sasha is trying to kill this guy for him and he knocks her out and runs off. UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I get so frustrated with this show sometimes! Like, there's only one more episode left until the mother effing winter finale and I NEED MORE! I was glad that we got to see all of the groups tonight, but it almost feels like BECAUSE they were all featured, we were robbed of some serious story building and character development. Questions I need answered: -Where is the eff is Father Gabe going? Does he have a secret rendezvous, or is he getting somebody that will come back and hurt the group? TELL ME! -Is Father Gabe going to kill Judith? -Eugene didn't wake up as a walker, right? It didn't seem like it by Maggie's reaction, but he was making walker noises and they never showed him. -So Tara found a yoyo? Like, that was the big fucking surprise in that mud-caked backpack? LAME! -Is Officer Bob actually bad, and pretending to be good? Or is he good and just doesn't want his friends to get hurt? -Was Daryl duped? Has he gone TOO soft? Like, is he the new Dale? Ooooo, that's an interesting "full-circle" type thing. -Will these people ever get baths? Norman Reedus has said that he was "devastated" by the winter finale; and Melissa McBride has gotten really emotional talking about it and Carol on panels lately. If Carol dies I just don't even know. I cannot imagine this show without her and, more than that; I can't imagine this show continuing without the adorable coupling that is Daryl and Carol. She has come too far to be killed off now. Do you hear me Kirkman?! LET. CAROL. LIVE. Until next week, Deadheads! I imagine we really need to prepare ourselves for an earth-shattering winter finale. These guys really like to start off long hiatuses with a bang!

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