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The Walking Dead Finally Answers Some Of Our Questions In This Week's "Inmates"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/17/2014 9:40 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Walking Dead Finally Answers Some Of Our Questions In This Week's
Media Courtesy of kendaspntwd

Dani Strehle

Senior Manager


Holy. Mother. Of. God. I cannot even wrap my head around what just happened on The Walking Dead. Where last Sunday's episode left me wanting and disappointed, this one made my head spin with all of the revelations and action. First of all, we know that pretty much everyone (save Hershel, which still stings) made it out alive, albeit separate. Daryl and Beth are trouncing in the woods together, and Daryl is being especially dickish, which was a bit annoying, but what are you gonna do? They've all been through hell; but telling Beth that her unwavering faith didn't do a damn bit of good for her father was just a low blow. After they successfully take down a couple walkers, we leave that pair not to see them again for the duration of the episode.
Courtesy of abbrre Courtesy of abbrre
  Instead, we shoot over to Lizzie and Mika also trouncing through the woods. Then we see Tyrese up ahead of them, and before he even shows his face, somehow I KNOW that Judith is in his arms. And sure enough, there she is. The relief I felt in that moment was so great, truly. I should not be this invested in fictional characters. They are seriously struggling with the fitful baby, and her cries of distress are attracting walkers left and right. Tyrese makes the seriously regrettable decision to leave Judith with Lizzie and Mika in the woods while he attends to screams in the distance, hoping he may stumble upon some of the prison crew. Instead he stumbles upon the same grizzly scene that Daryl and Beth had passed by moments before. Unfortunately, they don't cross paths, but he does take out some walkers, but not before they take out two random people.
Courtesy of Ricktatorship-twd Courtesy of Ricktatorship-twd
Remember how Tyrese left Judith with Mika and Lizzie? Yeah, Lizzie is whack. I mean, seriously; this kid would give Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son a serious run for his money. Because Judith's cries are attracting more walkers, and Mika is pleading with Lizzie to hush the baby, Lizzie decides the best way to do that is to smother her. Right there, in the woods, with her sister at her back and walkers on their scent. The gunshot Tyrese hears in Mika's failed attempt to stave off the stampeding walkers. While he is killing the last of the walkers by the train tracks, he hears his name, and turns to find CAROL! I knew she'd be back, and thankfully she saved Judith from an early death and the hands of a miniature psychopath and serial-killer-in-training. Carol discovers that Tyrese has no idea that she killed Tyrese's woman nor that she was banished by Rick. She makes no effort to correct him. Instead one of the people that was bitten tells them to follow the tracks to a sanctuary where they will all be safe. And so onward they march. We shoot next to Bob, Maggie and Sasha where Bob's wounds are being tended to. Maggie tells them she is going to hunt for Glenn and they reluctantly follow her to avoid further separation. They find the bus that Maggie still thinks Glenn escaped on (but we saw that he left the bus to try and help Maggie, something she was unaware of). Maggie clears all of the walkers on the bus and ensures that not one of them is Glenn, and then we leave that group, too.
Courtesy of TheWalkingDeaad Courtesy of TheWalkingDeaad
We see Glenn coming to on a destroyed platform at the prison. He gets himself back to the cell block to see if anyone is still there, and stock up on supplies. He gets his badass Kevlar suit and everything he can stuff into his pack and gets on his way. Before he goes, he finds Tara and talks her into going with him. After they  escape the prison, Tara confesses that she believed in the Governor and that it was partly her fault all of this happened. Glenn tells her that at this point, all he cares about is that he needs help finding Maggie. And so now they are somewhat reluctant allies. After they take out a few walkers, and Glenn passes out from some of his existing injuries, Tara realizes that the army truck at the scene is actually occupied. When she asks if the assholes "enjoyed the show," three incredibly bulky men hop out and basically tell them to go with them or die. Glenn really doesn't have a choice, being that he's unconscious and all, so I'm going to assume that they went with ginger GI Joe.
Courtesy of abbrre Courtesy of abbrre
And that's that. I mean, WOW! This episode was what I have come to expect from this show: fast-paced, action-packed, thrilling and suspenseful drama. Questions were answered and people were reunited. The cutest zombie apocalypse couple are looking for each other and Judith the baby is safe. Carol is back and Daryl is alive. I mean, what more could a Deadhead ask for? Stay with me, peeps. I'm here allllll season and I want to know what YOU think! Next week promises to be filled to the brim with action again, and I have a feeling Robert Kirkman has way more suspense and drama in store for us.

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