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The Walking Dead: 06x07, Heads Up

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

11/24/2015 7:35 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 06x07, Heads Up | Dead
Media Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Okay. We still know nothing about Glenn. We've been promised information, but so far, they've given us absolutely nothing. We know Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are headed back to Alexandria, and that's something I guess. But, really. Just tell us one way or another about Glenn, okay?

HOLY SHIT. The first scene is the scene where Glenn falls. It WAS Nicholas' body the walkers were chomping on. Glenn wiggled his way under the dumpster! Oh my God. The day we've been waiting for is here, finally!!!

So yeah, he's under the dumpster, but that by no means implies that he is safe. He's still in reach of some walkers, and he makes fairly quick work of them before what looks like passing out. Luckily, though, something distracts the walkers and they start filing out of the alley way where he rests with the glazed eyes of Nicholas staring back at him. 

He waits until dawn to emerge from under the dumpster. The coast appears to be clear, but we know nothing is really ever as it seems. He is badly dehydrated and in a generally bad state. Enid is on a rooftop and throws down a bottle of water for him. He climbs into a window in the building where she was. He asks what she's doing here and a disembodied voice tells him to collect the other water bottle she stashed and go. He quenches his thirst and continues to press her for information. She is being less than cooperative. 

She won't give him any information, not even when he begs her to tell him whether or not Maggie is okay. Then Enid is gone, fled the coop like the diabolical little bird she is. Glenn decides to pursue her, and I gotta wonder why he doesn't just head back to Alexandria and see what's up for himself. And in that instant, it looks like he'll do just that. 

Rick is checking out the walls for damage and weak spots while Morgan practices his Aikito. Rick spots the bleeding wall that we noticed last week and the sounds of walkers are audible behind it. He sees Maggie perched in the tower and goes to see why she's spending so much time there. She tells him that this is the direction Glenn will come when he returns. Rick gives her an uncharacteristic pep talk. He seems suspiciously reasonable. He's got all sorts of plans and ideas and really wants to take this opportunity of safety and apparent peace to work through everything and set them up right. Almost like he's going soft. 

Glenn is trying to make his way out of this godforsaken town he's in, and we remember from when Michonne and company fled, that that involves scaling a rather large gate. Glenn finds the note that one of the dude's left for his wife. We saw him die in that episode, too.

Something about the note really gets under Glenn's skin and he stomps off in the other direction. 

Father Gabe is hanging flyers for a prayer circle and Rick rudely tears one down right in front of him. Apparently the frosty feelings haven't thawed yet. 

Rick is teaching Ron how to handle a gun, now. The last time we heard about all this, Jesse didn't want Rick around her kids at all, and now he's giving lessons in firearms. I mean, yeah, people need to be armed here. I get that. Just seems like a weird situation. 

Ron is getting a little trigger happy and wants to have actual target practice. Rick tells him that it's never a good idea to shoot unnecessarily, since it attracts walkers. I forget sometimes what idiots these people are. 

Morgan approaches the doctor's door and she spots him. He goes to leave and she asks why he came, but he is evasive. Rick spots him and asks if they can talk. 

Rick tells Morgan that five people with the "Ws" on their forehead attacked him and that Carol said she saw him with them on that day they attacked. They're clearly distressed by the fact that Morgan let them go, and he said he didn't want to kill five people he didn't have to. This enrages me. I don't care a lick about any of his explanation. No one knows what's right anymore; but when you see what those people are capable of, you're doing more harm by allowing them to live than if you would have just taken them out. 

Rick asks if Morgan thinks he can really stay alive in this world without getting blood on his hands. Morgan's answer? "I don't know." No. You DO know. The answer is "definitely not."

We see that there are still a very good number of walkers on the other side of one of the Alexandria walls. Rick thinks they need to try and get back to their cars and lure them away. He doesn't want the original Alexandrians involved, just his group. But Michonne isn't buying that. If it's going to work, they're going to have to be equals. 

Deanna comes up excitedly with plans for an expansion. Rick condescendingly tells her that expansion isn't really high on their priority list, but her optimism rather shuts him down. 

Rosita is trying to teach some self-defense and survival skills. Eugene continues to be a worthless sack of goo. Rosita is having some survivor's guilt about Abraham, I think. I wonder what she's going to think when he pulls up in Daryl's fuel truck with plans for the future blossoming with Sasha. Awakwaaaard. 

We are back with Enid, and Glenn comes up behind her and tells her that he's taking her home. He tells her that Maggie would not leave her behind, and that she wouldn't want him to leave her behind, either. He tries to get her to agree but she pulls a gun on him. Jesus.

Glenn is fairly accustomed to this scenario, though, and doesn't lose his cool. He tells her to give him the gun, but instead she tells him to turn around and walk away. He disarms her and tells her to lead the way, and this makes me incredibly nervous. She's treacherous enough to lead him astray, I'm sure of it. 

They've made their way out of the town and are on a wooded path headed for Alexandria. They find some balloons on the side of the road, and this seems somehow significant? 

Rick is bonding over one of the Alexandrians while they reinforce the wall. He's boring. 

Enid and Glenn are blowing up more balloons with the random helium tank and extra balloons and string that just happen to be hidden in the woods. Wtf?

Glenn and Enid are monologuing and all I really want them to do is just get the fuck back to Alexandria already! Maggie is pregnant and doesn't need to be stressing out over his whereabouts. 

Ron breaks into the weapons locker and steals some bullets; and it is in this moment that I become certain that he is the next to die. 

Glenn and Enid finally reach Alexandria and they see that the hoard outside is no small grouping. Enid turns around, deciding that there's no point in going back there because the world is trying to die, and they are just supposed to let it. Glenn tells her that he doesn't buy it, and that before they make any snap judgments, they need to see what's going on BEHIND those walls. 

Rick hears a strange noise and looks up to see Spencer scaling a wire over all the walkers. His hook is not holding up, though, and he falls into the pit of the dead. Tara tries to give him some breathing room while Rick attempts to pull him up from the melee. He's got all kinds of walkers grabbing at him, though, so I can't imagine that he didn't get a scratch or something along the way.

Rick is pissed and asks what the fuck he was thinking. Spencer said he wanted to help, to try and get to a car to lure them away, and Rick tells him that he's an idiot. He's not wrong. 

Morgan is back at the doctor's and tells her that he needs to dress a wound, but that he doesn't want to waste medicine if he doesn't need to. He tells her that he DIDN'T tell her earlier because he didn't want to get her involved in something she may not want to be a part of. But that, if she's willing to follow him, he'll show her. It's not his wound that needs dressing...

Carol spots the pair leaving the office and follows them with Judith on her hip. She sees Jesse and unloads Judith on her so that she fully investigate without the burden of a baby on her hip. Sam is calling to Carol from the perch on his stairs. He doesn't appear to have left the upstairs for quite some time. She gives him a very Scarol-like pep talk and then heads directly to where she left Morgan and Jesse. She unlocks the door and Morgan is awaiting her at the door. "Who the hell do you have in that cell?", Carol asks. 

Then suddenly we see that Ron is following Carl through town with the loaded gun in his back pocket. He's definitely about to start some shit. 

Deanna thanks Rick for saving Spencer and he tells her that Spencer is stupid. Compassionate Rick has fled the coop. 

Someone points to the sky and everyone spots the helium balloons soaring through the clouds. Maggie recognizes the signal and knows it's from Glenn. But right in the moment, the tower collapses, and obviously all shit is about to break loose. Walkers will most certainly be able to breach Alexandria's sanctuary now. 

Next week is the midseason finale, so you know it's going to be crazy. 

But WHO CARES?! GLENN IS ALIVE AND ALL IS RIGHT IN ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! However, it wouldn't surprise me if Kirkman gave us Glenn back just to snatch him away once more. He's just that evil.

Until next time, Deadheads!  


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