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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Walking Dead Tries To Kill Us With This Week's "Claimed"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/23/2014 11:34 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Walking Dead Tries To Kill Us With This Week's
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Dani Strehle

Senior Manager


Sometimes I wonder if watching shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad is good for my health. My blood pressure was sky-high and I could feel my heart rate speeding up to a rapid pace on several occasions. And I loved every minute of it. THIS is The Walking Dead that swept me off my feet and wooed me into this tumultuous love affair originally. THIS is why I keep coming back to this show that I sometimes loathe as much as I love. The gut-wrenching horror that plagues you, while simultaneously enchanting you, for forty glorious minutes a week. My only gripe about this episode is that, once again, we are robbed of time with more than half of the group. This week, we were not offered even a glimpse of Daryl, Beth, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tyrese,  Carol, Mika, Lizzie or Judith. Instead, the episode focused solely on the threesome of Michonne, Rick and Carl; and the suspicious road warriors Abraham Ford, Eugene and Rosita (played by Twilight's Christian Serratos, her debut), coupled with Tara and Glenn.
Courtesy of YouTube Courtesy of YouTube
Michonne and Carl leave the still ailing Rick at their temporary save haven to go and pillage for supplies. Obviously, we know as soon as they leave that bad shit is about to happen. Michonne and Carl have a heart-to-heart in which she reveals a small slice of her past; he is the first person that she tells about her son. We learn that his name was Andre Anthony, and that when he died he was three years old. Other than that, there's wasn't much of import going on with them, save some bonding. Rick, on the other hand, is in a bad way. After Michonne and Carl left, he stumbled upstairs and fell asleep in a bed reading. When we visit him again, he is mid-nap, and awakens to the sound of fisticuffs downstairs. Obviously, this throws him into immediate action, albeit a little slowly. He grabs his book and his water to try and minimize suspicion and scoots his injured ass under the bed, which conveniently has enough crap in front of it to adequately disguise his presence. Some thug passes out on the bed, and Rick decides to try and move before a different thug comes in and demands that the other one get up. The resulting scuffle lands the first sleeping beauty to fall to the floor, face-to-face with Rick. However, the fact that he's being strangled prevents him from crying out. Honestly, the entire scene in the house just had me on edge. There were literally times when I was shielding my eyes with a blanket. Not my proudest moment, but it happened nonetheless. Rick is ALMOST seen so many times that I thought I would stroke out. Then he sneaks into the bathroom only to find one of the interlopers already occupying it and the fight that ensues is so obnoxiously loud that is literally impossible that nobody else heard. Except no one did. Okay, whatever. But Rick kills the interloper in the bathroom and escapes out the window. He creeps around the house and sees Michonne and Carl coming toward it. He is about to take out the goon on the porch when the dead guy in the bathroom (we assume) comes back to life and pulls everyone's attention back into the house. And so Rick, Michonne and Carl escape unnoticed and dash down the street. They eventually stumble upon the same sign for sanctuary that Tyrese, Carol and the Warrior Children found; so we assume that the next we see them, a reunion will be inevitable.
Courtesy of helenakapsel Courtesy of helenakapsel
Meanwhile, Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are trucking right along when Glenn finally comes to from last week's coma. Tara informs him that they passed the infamous bus at least three hours ago, and Glenn starts beating on the back window of the truck demanding that it be stopped. He hops out of the truck and starts making his way back (with Tara in tow, who's brilliant and recorded every single turn made since they were picked up on her hands) to the bus to start searching for Maggie. Abraham tells Glenn that he must insist he stay and tries to stop him, which prompts Glenn to punch him in the face. Before all of this, though, we learned something incredibly important about Eugene and his glorious mullet: He knows what started zombie apocalypse, and he's the only one who knows how to stop it. And so Abraham's point in trying to force Glenn to go with him (because, obviously the more able-bodied people, the better) is that the mission to get Eugene to Washington is of far greater significance (because saving the world) than Glenn finding his wife. And, like, okayyyy; I get where Abraham's coming from, but I would totally be with Glenn. I'd save Maggie, too. [gallery ids="35616,35617,35618"] But then it doesn't even matter, because a herd of walkers emerges from the surrounding cornfields and, not wanting to interrupt the tussle, Eugene decides to try and take care of the dead on his own. Instead, he sprays his machine gun into the air (and later, we find out into the truck as well), because the more experienced marksmen make their way over and really take care of business. During Eugene's adrenaline-induced firestorm, we find that he shot the gas line in the truck, effectively rendering it useless. And so they're stranded. Which, of course, gives Glenn the perfect opportunity to make a break for it and make his way back to Maggie. For lack of a better option, Eugene, Rosita and Abraham follow. And that's pretty much that. An extended preview on Talking Dead confirms that next week's will be a Daryl-centric episode, thank God. Though it doesn't appear that it cut us any slack where the thrills and scares are concerned. To which I say: Bring. It. On. See you next week, Deadheads!

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