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Television PopWrapped | Television

PW Vault: Thirsty Thursday: Stars Of The Walking Dead We Want To Fight Zombies With

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/24/2016 11:01 am
PopWrapped | Television
PW Vault: Thirsty Thursday: Stars Of The Walking Dead We Want To Fight Zombies With | Walking Dead
Media Courtesy of Pinterest
Ahoy, lovely PopWrappers! Are you feeling Thirsty today? I bet you are downright parched after screaming your face offwatching American Horror Story: Freak Show last night. October is definitely the time for fright, and, on Sunday, the anxiety will really set in, as The Walking Dead returns to our screens (FINALLY!!!!).

So, in honor of the return of the undead and the intrepid group of survivors who constantly fend them off, this week's Thirsty Thursday is dedicated to the rugged, tough-as-nails crew of The Walking Dead that we'd most like to fight walkers with.

Walking Dead Broadwayworld

Chad L Coleman, Tyreese:

Tyreese didn't start out with the group; he was a late addition. He was traveling with his sister Sasha (who is also still around), and a family consisting of a father, son and a bitten mother. They stumbled upon the prison and were brought in (if not right away). The mom died, and the other two went to hang with the Governor in Woodbury, but Tyreese and Sasha stuck around and have been an integral part of the group ever since. Also, he's smoking hot. Which is really what matters for the purpose of this post, yes?

UPDATE: Sadly, Tyreese is no longer with us. RIP, you sweet, beautiful man. 

Walking Dead Buzzfeed

Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes:

I don't know about you, but I find it kind of hilariously awesome that half of the people in this show are British, despite the fact that they all have thick southern accents, including Andrew Lincoln. Lincoln is the undisputed star of this show. He's the leader of the group and carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Does he make questionable decisions? Yes. Is he going to be named father of the year? No way in hell. Would he do anything for the safety of his friends and family? Yep. Does he look really, really, really, really hot doing all of these things? Undoubtedly. Also, he was in Love Actually. SCORE!

Walking Dead Fanpop

Steven Yeun, Glenn Rhee:

Glenn's character started out kind of slow. Sure, he saved Rick from certain death in that tank, but his character, in general, was just kind of a joke among the group to start with -- especially in the eyes of Daryl. But, dammit, Glenn rallied, and now he's one of the show's biggest badasses. To be honest, you really kind of have to turn into a badass if you're going to survive the zombie apocalypse. Not only that, but he and Maggie are TV's cutest couple, period, and I'll go to the bank with that one. He's definitely a hottie I'd like to have in my corner. I swear to every deity in existence that if Robert Kirkman kills of Glenn OR Maggie after they spent an entire season searching for each other before finally reuniting, I will be the hunter, and you, sir, will be the hunted! #Terminus.

Walking Dead Maxim

Lauren Cohan, Maggie Greene:

I love Lauren Cohan. I loved her in Supernatural, and I love her as the blunt, honest and incredibly resilient Maggie Green. I love that sometimes her British accent comes through when she's really agitated. I love that she's brave and determined and won't take no for an answer. I love that she knows how to wield a gun. I love that Hershel was her dad and that, when the Governor half way decapitated him, she went into a blind, machine-gun rage. Basically, I just love her. And she's stunningly beautiful. That doesn't hurt.

Walking Dead GQ

Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon:

Nobody is really surprised by this one, right? I think I've made it pretty clear where I stand on the whole Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon argument. While some people think he's just too scruffy and dirty-looking and are convinced he's got squirrel breath, some of us tend to think that he's the sexiest non-walker around. What makes him so sexy? That's the burning question, isn't it? I can't really pinpoint it, other than his growth on the show has been the most rewarding to witness. He went from a racist douche bag, to a leader and man who would do anything for this group. He knows how to use a crossbow and stay alive, thereby keeping you alive, too. What's not to love?

Honorable Mention:

Walking Dead PopTower

David Morrissey, The Governor:

David Morrissey gets an honorable mention for playing one of the all-time greatest villains on TV. He killed Hershel, which is unforgivable; but, damn, he was sinister.

So what say you, Deadheads? Who would you most like fighting zombies with? Be sure to vote in the poll below and let us know!

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