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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Walking Dead's David Morrissey Talks About The Governor's Future

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/17/2013 7:28 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Walking Dead's David Morrissey Talks About The Governor's Future
Media Courtesy of AMC

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

So things on last week’s Walking Dead got a little intense and in the last scene viewers saw the return of the eye patch wearing Governor! The last time we saw the Governor was in the season 3 finale when he planned to lead his army into the prison to attack Rick and his group to exact his revenge. But that didn’t go too well when Rick and the others were ready for them. The Governor and two of his henchmen fled and since then their whereabouts were unknown. But last week the final scene of “Internment” showed the villain staring at the prison from afar. He’s back and I’m assuming he wants to continue his journey to revenge. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, David Morrissey, who plays the Woodbury baddie that you’ve missed, had a lot to say about the return of his character on this season of The Walking Dead. When asked about that final scene in last week’s episode, Morrissey explained why The Governor was staring at the prison and what his motives may be. “He’s looking for safety, and the main thing for the prison is it’s the safe place to be,” he said. “The prison is a place of protection, not a place of incarceration, so that’s why he’s looking at it.” It’s all about the building he says. “He’s looking at the building, I would suggest, rather than the people in it. Although the people in it are an inconvenience, because they’re in his way of getting safety. But it’s more about the building than the people.” But something is telling me that there is a priority list of specific people he is looking to get rid of, considering the circumstances. What can we expect from the Governor this season? Well, Morrissey claims that his character is a changed man. “I think what we’ll see in the coming episodes is someone who is coming to terms with that new person that we saw at the end of season 3 — whether he’s embracing that person or fighting that person,” he explained referring to the fact that he turned on his own. “He is man aware of himself now…He’s a man who recognizes his own capabilities.” Maybe he’s changed for the good after everything that’s happened? I doubt it, but we’ll see where his internal battle takes him this season. Check out the full interview of what Morrissey had to say about his troubled character and don’t forget to tune in to the rest of season 4 of The Walking Dead!


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