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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Walking Dead's Governor To Have Pivotal Role In Season Four

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/15/2013 9:45 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Walking Dead's Governor To Have Pivotal Role In Season Four

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

The Walking Dead fans will be more than upset to see that the Governor will be getting a pretty big storyline this season. He may be a character that you all actively love to hate, but this storyline could really go either way. At the beginning of August, David Morrissey told Digital Spy that he was surprised to see the evil Governor survive everything that happened with Rick’s crew at the end of last season. He also didn’t hesitate to tease fans that the Governor could be killed off at any point. Don’t get the fans’ hopes up, that’s just plain mean! Now Robert Kirkman, writer for The Walking Dead, has recently done an interview with The AP giving fans some hints about what role the Governor will be playing this time around and his continued presence in season four. He said: "We're doing some very new and interesting things with The Governor in Season Four, as you'll see," Kirkman commented. He went on to say: "The new season is about the continuing progression of these characters and their lives, so while we're still in the prison, it is a very different prison than what we've known thus far, and they have kind of built a little pocket of civilization within those fences." Kirkman also writes the comics for the beloved zombie series. He had no problem talking about giving his approval for AMC to not follow the story according to the books. In regards to that, Kirkman replied: "I sometimes am the loudest when it comes to let's change things up and let's make things different. We're all of the mind that the television show is a different animal, so while we're adapting these stories, we do want to keep things fresh and new for the television audience just like it was fresh and new with the comic book audience the first time they read it. So, I feel like those changes are important." Michael Rooker also told Digital Spy recently that he does not plan to return as Merle Dixon in any possible future flashback scenes. The Walking Dead returned with its fourth season premiere on October 13. Sadly for you folks in the U.K, you’ll have to hang tight until October 18.


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