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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Walls [Almost] Come Tumbling Down On The Walking Dead, 'Infected'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/21/2013 12:15 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Walls [Almost] Come Tumbling Down On The Walking Dead, 'Infected'
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Dani Strehle

Content Editor

Before season 4 of The Walking Dead began Greg Nicotero and Robert Kirkland promised us that they were bringing it back its essence: horror. They promised scares, blood, guts and gore. And with only the second episode of the season airing so far, they have made good on those promises. Let’s hop right in to “Infected,” and see what these twisted masterminds have in store for us this week. Rats have found a new purpose in this zombie apocalypse. The days of rats being known as pests or vermin are gone. Instead, they are now zombie bait. Why? Because if you stick a couple of live rats up to a fence barring walkers from entering your prison, you end up corralling a nice little herd. And when that herd’s numbers amass, you may just have a downed fence. But I’m getting ahead of myself… Let’s forget about the rats for now and start off with Tyrese and Karen. What could be better than finding love during zombie apocalypse? It’s worked out pretty darn well for Glenn and Maggie, right? Tyrese and Karen are part of a burgeoning love affair, complete with snuggles and necking in the dark, as well as Frank Sinatra serenades. But instead of turning their little love-fest into a sleepover, Karen gives Tyrese the boot and heads off to prepare for bed. She splashes some water on her face when she hears a rustling in the background. Of course, I’m ready for Patrick to jump out at her and get to nibbling, but a search of the washroom yields nothing. Obviously, she didn’t search very well. Karen plops down on her prison bed and promptly falls asleep. And in comes Patrick. Karen must have woken him up in the shower, and he followed her back into the cell block. He hears snores coming from a cell, and promptly tears out a dude’s throat while he sleeps. He never even saw it coming. Patrick makes himself a nice little meal out of the snoring guy. Rick is up moving around, alarms are going off, and he doesn’t pull himself away from his all-you-can-eat buffet. That is…until he hears someone coughing. He heads toward the noise, and dream walker wakes up, gets out of bed, spills his ABC organs on the floor, and heads out to join his maker. So now there are at least two walkers loose in the cell block. We flash to Maggie and Glenn. And they’re being adorable, cuz they’re Maggie and Glenn. Glenn wakes Maggie by taking her polaroid. I mean, yeah. So precious... Rick and Carl are bidding Michonne goodbye, as she is heading out again. It seems like she really just hangs out at the prison in between searching for The Governor. But she promises to be careful and to bring Carl back some books or comics. Rick and Carl are doing their farming chores; getting slop for the pigs, checking the crops, etc. They notice the walkers piling up on the fence. Carl tells Rick that they’re going to have to get more people on trying to get rid of them, and Rick tells him that he’s got bigger fish to fry. Like dirt and cucumbers. Carl says he could do it if Rick didn’t want to, but Rick needs him to be farmer Carl. Carl then asks Rick when he can have his gun back; which Rick just completely ignores, because then we hear thumping and gun shots coming from the prison. What ensues next is an absolute melee of blood, guts and death. The people of the prison are in a panic, as people they were eating and laughing with just yesterday have either been eaten or have died from this killer virus that’s going around. A virus that the group discovers when they find one of their friends (who locks himself in his cell at night because he sleep walks) has turned into a walker. After they kill him, again, a search of his body shows that he has no wounds. He was perfectly fine, and then he wasn’t. This strain of influenza has an incubation period of less than 24 hours. On the recap show, The Talking Dead, executive producer Greg Nicotero said that they mimicked this flu strain off of a strain that struck in 1918 that hit people quick, killed them quicker, and targeted healthy individuals in their prime, rather than the normal flu that usually claimed children and the elderly as their victims. Whatever the sickness is, the resulting zombie attack has brought Rick back to his roots of walker-slaying badassness. Many of the group believes that this sickness could be originating in the pigs, as Hershel states that “birds and hogs” are how things like this have spread in the past. Carole is staying with a guy that is about to bite it. He begs her to watch out for his daughters, Lizzie and Mika, like they were her own; and she promises him that she will do so. She goes to get the kids so that they can say goodbye to their Daddy. His last and only words to his children are “take care of your sister.” Carole shoos them away so that she can do what “we’re always supposed to do.” Lizzie comes back in and says that “we should be the ones.” Carole gives her the blade to let her kill her own father, when she freaks out and drops the knife. Mika starts trying to calm her down before we shoot back to Michonne, Carl and Maggie. All of whom who missed the entire prison ordeal out in the yard. Carl is apologizing to Rick for shooting a walker and protecting Michonne. This is really starting to piss me off. I’m all for retaining your humanity, but you sure as shit can’t be humane if you’re dead. So yeah. Please, Rick. Give people guns! He lets them know what happened and tells them not to get in close proximity of the others as they all may be infected. Which is what the counsel is discussing when we flash back to the prison. Carole, Hershell, Glenn, Sacha and Daryl are discussing their next course of action when they hear someone coughing. They go out into the hallway to find Karen and Tyrese heading back to his cell so she can rest. The counsel tells them they can’t allow it because Judith is in that cell block. They decide to sequester Karen and David from the other group, as he’s been coughing too. Foreshadowing? Yes. Carole finds Lizzie and Mika out by the fence. She tells Lizzie that they have to talk about what happened when she dropped the knife. Carole straight up tells her that she’s weak. Lizzie is crying, presumably over her dead father, but then we find out that it’s over the “special” zombie, Nick. Mika tells her that “she’s so stupid” before Lizzie runs off. Mika, who we find that, while she’s younger, is definitely the more stable sister, tells Carole that “She’s messed up. She’s not weak,” before running after Lizzie. We shoot back over to Rick and Daryl grave-digging and having a heart-to-heart. Rick says that he can’t be the leader again because he was afraid of what leading the group was doing to Carl. Daryl says he understands and that Rick has earned this reprieve, but that they really need him back to figure out this whole air-borne, murderous bug thing. Rick politely declines before Maggie gives them a holler and tells them to come running. The fence is about to collapse from the angry walker mob. No matter how many they take down, the sheer force of the walkers is too much for the few group members to handle. They try to stave off the worst of it before Rick tells Daryl to get the truck. They take the infected hogs and use them as bait to draw the walkers away. All of the delicious pork ends up as bacon sushi for the walkers. What a damn shame. Beth and Michonne are having a nice little discussion when Judith starts crying. Michonne has an extremely adverse reaction to Judith’s distress, and gives off an air of aloofness and indifference to the little cutie pie. We find out a little later, while she is holding the baby and sobbing, that her aversion to Judith is not for lack of love, but for self-preservation. If I were a betting woman, I’d wager that Michonne probably had a baby that died during zombie apocalypse. We keep finding out more and more about this mystery woman. Carole has asked Carl not to tell his dad about the secret Defense Against the Dark Arts classes she has been orchestrating for the children. And what does Carl do? Runs right back to Rick and finks. Rick is deconstructing the pig-pen (painful memories, and whatnot), and tells Carl that he’s not going to tell their parents and will allow these lessons to continue. That’s right, folks. Rick is back! Gone is the soft, hippie, let love live Rick and back is the sexy, ass-kicking Sherriff Grimes that we’ve all grown to love. He makes such a flourish of putting his holster back on and filling it with his gun that I got a little pang of nostalgia. I’m so glad the sheriff is back to kicking ass and taking names. Finally, we see Tyrese heading to Karen’s cell with a bouquet of flowers. His sweet little sentiment is moot, however, when he arrives at her cell and finds it empty…save a few puddles of blood. When he follows the trail, it leads him to the outdoor area of the prison complex; where he finds Karen’s charred body smoldering next to that of another group member who met the same fate. We get no more details than that; until next week, that is. So what do you think, Deadheads? Who is baiting the fence walkers with rats? Who has burned their neighbors under a cloak of secrecy? Personally, my money is on Bob. There is just something not right about that guy. Check back with PopWrapped next week and for the rest of the season as I recap The Walking Dead!


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