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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Whispers: 01x03, Collision

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

06/19/2015 11:30 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Whispers: 01x03, Collision | the whispers
Media Courtesy of StL Today

Henry is enjoying his new found ability to hear again, playing with a plane that resembles the one his father Sean flew. Claire sits up in her bedroom, reflecting on the day that Sean left. We flashback to 3 months ago, with a very upset Sean packing his flight bags to leave for a random mission, Claire visibly upset after getting caught cheating. He asks her, "Do you love him?" and she hesitates, only making the scar in their marriage deeper.

In the present day Claire tells her mother that Sean is alive and that he ran from her. Apparently what happened to Henry was partially Sean's fault, and he always let it bother him. Claire is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he's not only alive, but out there causing chaos.

Director Myers and Rollins are talking about Sean and discuss the fact that Claire's involvement is not a good idea.

Wes is listening to the black box recording from Sean's plane and just as he starts to say he's ejecting from the plane, an eerie electronic noise swells and then cuts off. Hello, Drill, is that you? Wes heads into a meeting to watch the video from the boy who set off the bomb, which was a place Sean was spotted a month ago. The footage is hard to watch, as a child walks into a room that immediately explodes. You can't help but see that the child keeps looking back and talking, without audio. The video has interference, presumably Drill telling him what to do. He stares at something at the end of the hall, as if he was waiting for someone to turn the corner. They figure out the boy is staring at the office of Agent Miller, one of the bombing victims. He was waiting.

Dr. Benavidez and Sean are on the road to the next place Drill says to go, regarding the new tattoo Sean has put on his arm.

A child psychologist is talking to Minx, who slowly spills the details about her parent's marriage problems. She gets defensive about Drill and she comes to 'admit and face' that Drill isn't real. I don't believe this for one moment.

Claire is going through Sean's possessions and comes upon a receipt with a number on the back. Roadtrip!

Wes goes over a confidential email, one that was sent to the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission... someone who just so happens to be Harper's dad, Harrison.

The child psychiatrist talks with Lena about Minx, citing that part of the problem may be the turmoil at home. He thinks that Minx is getting past her dependence of Drill, it will just take time. Meanwhile, Minx sits in the car waiting for her mother and the radio makes a funky noise. "I can't do it. The doctor says you're not real, Drill. He won't let me play with you anymore." The radio turns on to a song called "Play Nice" and if that isn't the creepiest shit ever, I don't know what is. It's an upbeat kids song but in this context it's so malicious.

The doctor and Sean are in a gas station getting some supplies so Sean can shave and cut his hair. Benavidez pays for the supplies, and slips the cashier a card with Claire's # on it. The doctor and Sean head to the bathroom so he can clean up as the cashier finds the card and wonders who those two people are.

Claire is spying outside of a bakery, seeing people walk in, get manila packages and walk out. That isn't suspicious at all!

Sean explains to Benavidez that he really doesn't know where they're headed. He never knows until they're there... all the while, the cashier at the gas station calls Claire's number. She isn't at the office so it rings on and on. Just before he hangs up, Rollins picks - "We got him."

Wes is speaking to Harrison and shows him a classified photo - "Do you know what this is!?", with little Harper watching in the background. I have no doubt that Drill is lingering nearby.

Claire walks into the bakery, asking if the owner has seen Sean. He plays dumb once she shows him the number on the back of the receipt, but his wife gives him away in the background. Claire pulls out her FBI badge and the man keeps on playing dumb, which nobody believes. Claire walks out.

Benavidez is trying to talk Sean into seeing a psychiatrist, and she starts to panic for her life. The lights suddenly flicker and Sean listens; it's a message in Morse code. "Run." Rollins pulls up outside the gas station with a few SWAT guys - Sean and Benavidez are gone.

Claire sneaks around behind the bakery and carefully corners the wife. She's scared half to death, not because of Claire but of her husband. Claire explains that she knows illegal things are going on in the bakery but just wants answers about Sean, saying that he's her husband and trying to get a sympathy vote. The numbers on the receipt lead to an account and Sean has been there a couple times for payments. The bakers wife helps her feel better saying, "We do not always get to choose who our husbands become."

Benavidez and Sean basically steal a car, and how nobody notices them I'll  never know. He tells  her that his tattoos can represent either places or people, but nothing good ever comes from them.

Claire arrives home and sees Henry, who is still faking his ability to hear once again. Wes is at the house and you can slice through the awkward feels with a butter knife. Henry listens from the door to hear that his father is alive and Wes knows what he's up to. He shows Claire the confidential photo and explains that it's of a cooling pipe from the nuclear plant. They deduce that Sean is trying to cause a nuclear meltdown, but no idea where. They tie it up, and Claire suggests that Sean is actually Drill... which causes Wes to go all wide-eyed, telling her that Minx ALSO has a friend  named Drill. Piece it together, guys!

Sean and Benavidez are driving through the night and he's basing their turns off of his feelings of deja vu. He has her take a left, then a right very rapidly. Sean can sense it. He asks the doctor why she had a gun in her house to which she snarkily replies, "The only person I'm scared of right now is holding a gun at me." She speeds up the car and drives it wildly into a ditch.

Minx and Claire have a talk, "I know who you are, you're the one who makes my mommy cry." Shit. Ouch. Lena is absolutely pissed that the woman her husband cheated on her with is in her household, but it's for the best, to find Sean. Minx says that no, Drill isn't real and it's because the child psychologist says so. Minx says that Drill is mad and stopped talking to her. The psychologist is out for a late-night bike ride, which of course, is BOUND to go wrong. Minx gets upset, telling Claire and Wes she hates them both, asking Lena to make them leave. Her mother gets her to open back up about the game. Drill wanted the 'treasure' on daddy's computer, photos that looked like a maze... one of those photos looks exactly like Sean's new tattoo. The psychologist sees a kid in the road and misses him... but doesn't miss the truck he runs into. Hot damn, Drill, that's cold.

Benavidez climbs out of the car, and finds Sean passed out inside of it.

Wes and Claire go over the photos and figure out that Sean is headed to the Harper Point Nuclear Power plant. Harper Point... Harper. Seriously, is everything completely connected??

The doctor comes up to an electrical fence, crying out for help. Sean strolls up behind her and the fence starts to electrify more. "Told you we're here." He grabs the fence... and the power goes out. Well that can't be good.

Inside the power plant, sensors start to go off. They brush it off as a sensor malfunction but call it into their superior nonetheless.

And who would pick that VERY important phone call up but.... Harper. While her nuclear power plant guru father is in the hospital hall talking to a doctor, Harper gets clear instructions from Drill to send a text back, "Aware of situation. Will handle."


She dumps the phone and stares at the lights, "Drill... I did what you said!"

Her mother suddenly wakes up. What the...

What CAN'T Drill control??

Henry is talking into a flashlight, begging Drill to bring his daddy home. A light in the corner flickers in acknowledgement.

Okay, I'm not kidding around anymore... Who or what is Drill? Tell me!!


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