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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Whispers: 01x04, Meltdown

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

06/28/2015 6:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Whispers: 01x04, Meltdown | The Whispers
Media Courtesy of ABC

Better late than never, right? Work has been chaotic (as per usual) so I absolutely apologize for being a slow poke with this week's recap! But it was one HELL of an episode, amirite?!

Minx is chilling out in the room, receiving yet another message from Drill; she's like his personal secretary  now, jotting down a to-do list. And what do we see at the end of that list? "X marks the spot." OF COURSE IT DOES.

Henry, who still hasn't come clean about being able to hear is hanging out with his grandmother. He heads to the front door, to see it's cracked open. Minx is standing in the living room all creeper-like, telling Henry that Drill said she could come over to play. She also knows his secret about being able to hear because lo and behold Drill told her. She explains that Henry can get what he wants, his father back home, if he helps Drill. All he has to do is play a game.

Courtesy of ABC These two are clearly up to no good...

Courtesy of ABC

These two are clearly up to no good...

Claire and Wes show up at the nuclear plant, which is locked down. Rollins is there with his thinly veiled sarcasm, which is starting to get annoying. He's upset with Claire that she isn't sharing information with him, but is willing to do so with Wes. She shuts him down but there's no way this rocky relationship is about to get better. Rollins gets a call - the car Sean and Benavidez was in has been found.

The people at the station assume that the call they placed (that Harper previously hid from her dad) is being attended to and that the problem will be solved. They're about to be wrong.

Minx and Henry are discussing nefarious Drill things when his grandmother walks in. She's a little taken back, seeing Minx just randomly in the house hanging out. Henry isn't sure about the plan, but he takes the list from Minx, "Okay, I'll play." Minx isn't helping Henry with it though, as it isn't her game to play... but also because she needs to distract grandma. Yeah. That's good.

The reactor workers, Claire, Wes and Rollins are discussing options on how to handle a possible melt down. An evacuation signal goes up just as one of the plant workers explains that it's going to be impossible for Sean to get in. HA. Workers stream out of the plant, allowing the window for Sean and Benavidez to 'sneak' in.

Minx is slinking around the Bennigan house, as grandma tries to find her because she made them some snacks. Minx grabs a knife and comes upstairs like one half of the twins from The Shining. She scares the bejesus out of Henry's grandmother (AND ME) by waiting at the top of the stairs with her hand behind her back... She reveals that she simply has a cut. Where did the knife go?

Henry is out on his mission and finds the first clue/step to the plan on board a ferry. He moves onto the next one: "One step closer to your answer, look out for the yellow dancer."

Everyone at the plant watches videos, seeing if Sean shows up, when one of the cameras goes out. Sean strolls by with Benavidez, as the security guards go to call for help... and the phone dies... they try to get out the door... and it automatically locks. Drill and Sean are bffs, working together. The plant workers send in a team to figure out what Sean is up to. Claire gets a phone call from her mom, who is asking for the phone number to Minx's mother. Immediately seeing a connection, Claire panics a bit and asks her mother to find Henry, just as Minx squeezes out the front door. Wes asks what's up - um, your daughter and Claire's son were hanging and that's NOT GOOD - just as a few more of the pieces of the Drill puzzle fall into place.

Henry finds "the yellow dancer" which happens to be one of those annoying inflatable men displays. His next clue: "The treasure that you're here to seek is further down along the creek." Away he goes on his bike, taking direction from another little girl, who simply just turns around and points on where to go. Yeah, that's not eerie.

The Whispers

Courtesy of ABC

Claire is losing her shit, heading off to look for Henry. Wes  heads  back into the base camp outside of the nuclear plant and sees Sean and Benavidez on the cameras. They head into a large room and Sean pulls out the gun... only to give it to Benavidez. "If I do something bad, I want you to shoot me. You're a good person, Maria... in case I'm not."


The Whispers

Courtesy of ABC

All of a sudden, there's a weird electrical noise and Sean collapses to the ground, having a seizure. The FBI breaks in and captures Sean and Benavidez. Wes calls Claire as she pulls up in her car to find Henry's bike.... he's headed to the power plant.

Lena is at home watching the power plant saga on TV as Wes calls her, explaining that apparently Minx has been over at the Bennigan's. Lena doesn't believe it and why would she, since Minx strolls up behind her saying she's been making daddy a phone case since he's always on it. Clever... but I'll bet Drill told her to do that. Lena tells Minx not to worry about the power plant and daddy and Minx fires back about grownups not always knowing what's really going on.

Benavidez and Sean are in custody as there is a huge power surge... enough to shut the facility down. The emergency cooling system has failed and Wes is convinced that Sean is behind it.

Henry gets to clue #4: "If you want to win the game, there's somewhere you must go. Down the  metal rabbit hole into the dark below." He sees a manhole cover and peers down into a deep metal shaft, like the hatch in Lost... which I'll remind you also did not lead to good things.

Sean hears that creepy freakin' noise again, signaling that Drill is 'talking'. He takes his handcuffs and draws an image on the wall.

The Whispers

Courtesy of ABC

Wes talks to Sean over an intercom. "Sean... is that my name?" Wes wants to know who is helping him, which Sean clearly can't explain. He explains that he's going to jail and needs to comply and Sean freaks out explaining that this whole this is not HIS plan. But Sean has seen "the one who makes this happen." Is he talking about Drill?

Claire gets back to base camp and sees Henry in an access pipe that leads into the cooling towers. Claire begs Sean to stop the  madness and suddenly the camera and power cuts out - a guard is lying on the floor and Sean is missing. The power is completely cut off to everyone, only backup generators are working. The power plant, however, is about to boil over. A meltdown is imminent and Wes calls it in to evacuate the local town. There is one way to fix this - flood the reactor. If you flood the reactor though, Henry dies.

Claire takes off to go after Henry, she won't let  her son be killed. It's either her son or an entire town, but a mother's instinct doesn't give two shits about anyone but her son.

"Henry...He's all I have left."

"...Not all."

Wes clearly is still in love with Claire. Yikes. He lets her go, handing her a walkie-talkie and watches her dart into the about-to-erupt power plant.

Lena is trying to get information from Minx about Drill, to help Wes figure out what is going on. She asks Minx what happens when the game ends... "Everybody gets what they want." Not ominous at all.

Rollins lays into Wes about letting Claire go into the tunnel after Henry. Why are they willing to risk hundreds of thousands of lives for one kid? I get that, Rollins, but damn... if it was your kid, you'd go in too!

Sean is wandering around the plant, getting clues from Drill on where to go and eventually breaking into a restricted area. Inside he sees tv monitors that observe over the cooling tunnel. Sean sees Henry emerge, "He's here."

Henry reads his final clue: "Now you aren't just warm, you're hot. Wait here where X marks the spot." The light above a door with "Exit" on it flickers out so only the X remains. I see what you did there.

Wes is guiding Claire through the power plant by looking at blue prints. The cooling system is getting to a critical point, almost to the point of no return. The evacuation of the nearby towns is done and all they need is the cue to flood the reactor, killing Henry. Rollins stalls them a bit, giving a very thankful Wes time to get Claire where she needs to go. She makes it into the interior of the building to a staircase that Sean was just on. He went down, she went up.

She hits a dead end, but finds a window that peers into the reactor tunnel. Inside, Henry waits and Claire bangs on the window relentlessly, trying to get her son's attention. Time is up... "I won't leave him, Wes. I won't let him die alone." The walkie-talkie is starting to break up. She takes a moment...

"I don't know if you can hear me. But I am... I am sorry. I am sorry for everything."

"I don't want to lose you Claire."

Oh my god, why am I crying? What is happening?!

Sean rushes in just as the flood waters come and he seals them off with a manual pulley system. In the window, Claire looks on to see her formerly dead husband be reunited with her formerly deaf child. The ground control outside of the power plant see that the water was stopped and that the pressure in the reactor is rising - a meltdown is about to happen. They figure out that it was Sean who stopped the flood... That's no good.

Claire rushes in to be with Henry. She and Sean have the most awkward moment, as she knows exactly who he is, but he is clueless of everything around him.

The Whispers

Courtesy of ABC

Outside, Wes, Rollins and the power plant team watch two plumes of smoke rise up from the towers. Suddenly the smoke is seemingly sucked up and condensed into a small electrical charge before disappearing. What. The. Hell. Just. Happened.

Rollins interrogates Benavidez, accusing her of being his accomplice for being so complacent about the hostage situation. She is without answers, as expected.

A team of suited-up workers go in with radioactive reading devices. They find Sean, Claire and Henry and check them out... they're clean. Claire is freaking out, she just wants to be with her son. The suited workers throw Sean to the ground while Claire loses her mind some more, prompting Henry to scream, "Stop hurting him!"

Well, the jig is up, kid.

"Henry. Henry, can you hear me?!"

Yes he can. "It was supposed to be a secret."

"Whose secret?"

"Between me and Drill."

The panic in Claire's eyes is palpable, and she damn well should be panicked.

Lena tells Minx that her father is fine. "I knew he would be. Drill said that if everyone did what they were supposed to that no-one would get hurt... and he'd win the game."

UH... Drill is winning the game now? Wasn't a kid supposed to win?

Lena explains that no, Drill didn't win, he was caught. Minx is all like, "Yeah, so... that dude with the awesome hair... that's not Drill."

The intrigue on this show keeps building and for the love of everything that is good in this world... please tell me who Drill is!!


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